Contemplating Thankfulness

Sometime when you want to drive yourself up the wall, sit down and try to figure this out.  Who all did the thing. What was the product made out of—we’ll say steel.  So somebody had to mine iron.  Somebody had to mine coal or coke.  Somebody had to mine other things, and they had to put a big furnace together.  The people that ran the furnace had to eat as well as all those other people doing the other things.  Somebody had to produce food.  Somebody had to produce shelter; and so we look … it seems that everybody is involved in the simplest things we have from a loaf of bread to the watch on your wrist to a piece of furniture or anything else that we may have or use.

I sat down and thought about a Vladimir Horowitz cassette tape I had.  I thought about his mother and father, his lessons, his teacher, his piano, the recording studio and all those people who did the recording.  Then it came to the items to make the tape and the travel to the store.  The store that sold it and the clerks.  The tape player I bought so I could hear it.  And I paid next to nothing to have the enjoyment of his playing.  What an exercise!

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