An Introduction

After many years, the website has finally had a facelift.  With the suggestion of having a blog, I was faced with the challenge of what I could do with this opportunity.

Ah, the first question could be:  “What is my purpose?”

As I have been transcribing even more of the tapes I have been blessed with, I oftentimes feel that much of what I hear has been covered adequately on the website; but there have been short excerpts that I find interesting and worthy of more discussion.

Though the teachings are for self study and stand on their own, and I have kept most personal reflections out of the website as much as possible, I see this as an opportunity for discussion.  As has been said, it can be a lonely path, particularly when there are no fellow students nearby.

So my purpose is to share those little gems that pass from the teachings into my inner being.  I also enjoy hearing other students talk about their applications of the teaching and what occurred—the result.  We all have little parables we can relate from our daily experiences, and some of the events and applications of the teachings have been big parables bringing forth major changes in our lives.

I hope to keep the entries short as, now, being legally blind, it is difficult for me to read long narratives.  I look forward to this new opportunity for expression, discussion, and of keeping the teachings vital and alive.

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