“What do we take for granted that we already have?”

After the hurricane Ian resulted in a flood in my community, I lived in a 16 ft. camper in my driveway with the bare necessities.

After 9 months of renovations, with the kitchen finally workable, I was able to get a plate (not paper) from the cabinet, heat a frozen chicken sandwich in the microwave (without the breaker going off), get a knife (not plastic) to cut the sandwich, get a true glass from the cabinet (no flimsy plastic) and finally pour fresh milk from a half gallon container and carry these to a real desk and continue my work – all the while realizing that these simple things had been denied me for the preceding months.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us appreciate the more complete picture and being without for a long period of time can make us realize all the daily activities and conveniences we take for granted.

So for a while we’ll be filled with gratitude and then we’ll forget. 

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