Non-disturbance vs Peace

It has come up in conversation that the two words sound like the same thing, and it sure seems that way.  What can help is finding the definitions for the words.

The teaching speaks of wanting non-disturbance.  We do and say things to GET non-disturbance.

So we have from “Illustrations” on the web site the 4 dual basic urges which are stated, basically, as:

On a Physical level to gain comfort and pleasure and escape pain or discomfort.

On a Mental level to gain attention and escape being ignored and rejected.

On an Emotional level to gain approval and escape disapproval.

And sometimes called Spiritual, sometimes Transcendental and sometimes “urge to power”,  to gain being needed or a feeling importance and escaping a feeling of inferiority or insignificance.

In “The Place of Language” peace is defined as an absence of competition.  I’ve also heard it defined as “not wanting to change anything”.  So if I’m peaceful it seems it is a “state of being” rather than trying to GET something.

I AM peaceful, but sometimes I go to sleep to seek non-disturbance.

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