Week 8 – Life’s Word

Below, please find Week 8 of the Life’s Word Experiment.  

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Eighth Mystery:  Regeneration

Ok, we will start then with the Eighth Mystery which is the Mystery of Regeneration.  Now, regeneration means a rebuilding, or renewing, or a new Life, or being born anew, etc.


You cannot obtain this mystery by striving, nor by study, nor by belief.


Believe all you want to, study all you want to, it won’t be there.


It shall be a growth of the character of the body.

That’s the only way it comes about.  

Unless you have suffered the seven first mysteries in the body, and have left the body free to be controlled by Me, you cannot feel in the body this Eighth Mystery.

So these others are essential for this one to happen, or as I told you, I believe, when we started, you would really recognize one of them because they carry all the aspects of the others with them.  So regeneration can happen.  You can’t say, “Well, I’m going out and regenerate myself,” because all you’ll do is screw it up.

In past times, I revealed unto my people the mystery of generation…

Not ‘regeneration’.  

…generation and marriage, and sanctified the bodily union of the married unto generation, that by generation after generation I might develop a body capable of regeneration.

It seems to be that Life has a purpose to finally build, create, develop, do R & D on or whatever, until it has a body that can fully express Life immortal – an immortal being.  An immortal being with immortality.  It seems that is its purpose.  And it says so here, that in times past, it seems to generation which was to keep on developing bodies after bodies, generation after generation while it experimented on ‘em and worked on ‘em, and used the things it’s been telling us about here until that the end result was to build a body that would directly regenerate.  You know, we old wrecks would all of a sudden go back the other way – you know, reverse the procedure until it would be regenerated.  And in that case, then we would have come up with the body who can be immortal – a living being, Life, expressed through a body consciously with immortality.

Now if we try to get that, I guarantee you, you won’t.  But it says it could happen, ok?  Let’s see if we can allow it to happen, but not try to make it happen.  

(Bob, does that mean that, say, a thousand years ago that couldn’t have been?)  

I would imagine that’s probably about right.  They’s all sick then.  There wasn’t any of them built up capable of regeneration; but that only given time, maybe they coulda been. I don’t know, but it’s only been a few people, apparently, that could be regenerated.  But at least, you and I are lucky enough to live in a time when it could happen.

If you have not developed the Seven First Mysteries in the body,

this Mystery of Regeneration is not for you.

Don’t even bother with it.  

Then it is well for you to cling steadfastly to the ancient mystery of marriage and generation, rearing children in love and tenderness,

in the sacred, true, and faithful marriage relation.

In other words generation is necessary as well as regeneration.  

But when you are inspired by Me and have cast aside, as no longer part of your nature, all desire and fear and all striving after your own pleasure, then the marriage will reveal unto you the Holy Mystery of Regeneration.  Herein is this mystery that the body will not act the same when inspired wholly by love as it did aforetime when governed by desire.


That, I think, you can observe without any big hassle.  

When it is inspired by love, it will strive only for the pleasure of the mate

and no longer for its own pleasure.

It might be as a by-product, but it won’t be the striving.

Then the sacred distillation of the strength will not spend,

but will be redistilled unto the renewing of youth.

Now that’s something I don’t think too many people have seen, have you?  That you’ve seen somebody that was an old wreck and they turned around and regenerated into a youthful looking person.  I have had the occasion to see that in some degree; and so I know what it’s talking about.  And that it is within the realm of possibility, and is not some fantasy.

You will not suddenly enter the life of Regeneration.

That says you won’t do that suddenly.  

The body will not change completely when the first inspiration of unselfish love comes unto you.  Many times shall the old feeling of desire come back to you, but ever will I aspire you more and more with the sweet patience of My pure love, and you will more and more realize the Life that I am living within you.

It is beginning to realize that Life lives in this body, not the not-I’s.  That it is doing everything.  That becomes more and more certain; and as it does, more and more regeneration takes part.  Regeneration is very much like generation.  It starts very little and grows into a full being.  It doesn’t just say, “blap!” – you go to bed looking like an old wreck and wake up the next morning lookin’ cutie. It won’t quite do it that way.  It grows.

Do you say, “The mate which I have taken is not now my ideal”?  Yet shall you see that the mate is the best one for you, and that I, Myself, have provided such a mate for you that I might teach you unselfish love.  For I will inspire the heart with love that you will ask for no return, no faithfulness, no kindness, no support.  And I will give you such joy in that love that the body will be glorified and rejuvenated.

That seems a little strange, but only in some sort of relationship where there is love without desire, does it say that regeneration takes place.  When there is love radiating, not being sought for.  Being sought for and trying to get it seems to be degenerating.  

As long as the heart is not ready for the inspiration of My love,

Well, you know, “That sounds all right, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be with somebody who doesn’t do so and so, so . . . ”

you will seek to obtain love from others,

and will be dissatisfied with what you do obtain,


for you can only live in the love radiated from within your own body.

That’s the only love you really live in, is that which you radiate.  

But when the fullness of My life shall come unto you, you shall rejoice in the mate you have and shall love that one with a gladness that shall triumph over every fault.

In the first place, there wouldn’t be any faults.  If I see you as not having any faults, you haven’t got any, is that right?  That’s how I choose to see you.  

For a selfish mate gives you the opportunity to be unselfish.

And a lot of other people give you that, too.  

Also a cross mate gives you the opportunity to be sweet-tempered.

  You can be sweet tempered anyway, but only when you got somebody that’s kind of cross once in a while does it really help, is that right?  You like to be around cross people?   Because what happens to you when you’re around cross people?  Right.  They control you.  But if it was Life livin’ totally… that’s the false personality that get’s all crossed.  But if they are, so they get cross?  So you just be nice to ‘em.  So what?  It’s really not all that difficult to do.

Yet have patience and know that if you are not yet a radiant center of love

and unselfishness and sweet temper, still you shall become such.  

And to that end do I send you trials that you may learn to exercise those qualities which others seem to you to lack. So it is well for you to cling to the ancient sacrament of marriage in the days of desire, and in the days of inspiration, for it shall be unto you a trial and yet a joy, and out of it will grow the real strength. 

Yet I do not command you to heed these words,

Don’t pay any attention to them if you don’t want to.

for My message is only what you can receive, and if you do not believe these words to be My message, yet then, shall the disbelief have some affect upon you, and whatever the affect upon you may be, THAT is my message to you.

So somewhere it had some kind of message to you, didn’t it?  What?  It’s possible for the human being to regenerate.  Most useful people could regenerate a whole lot.  So we’ll just put as the eighth one – “Regeneration.”  And we’re going to run out of space, so we’re going to have to quit because we only got room for about one more here. So that will be nine.  So we’ll do that one.  

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