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Seventh Mystery: Humiliation

Now, this one that’s comin’ up sounds kinda peculiar, but I will give a little preliminary if I may.  It is the Mystery of Humiliation.  Now, the only thing that ever needs to be humiliated or can be humiliated is the “self” which is all these little things – the complainer, the blamer, the pleaser, the sticker-up-for rights, the quoter of authority, and the self-improver.  Now we can either humiliate it by ignoring it… you know, that’s the biggest humiliation you can give, is ignore somebody on the street or whatever.  You become a “no person.”  So we can either do that now, or we can let it go on and on until it’s forcibly done.  I choose to humiliate the not-I’s right away.  Ignore them, act like they’re “no-people.”  That really humiliates them.  Now if you don’t, they will take you through a lot of humiliations.  If you want to do it the hard way, more power to you.  If you want to do it the easy way, that’s wonderful, too.  But one way or the other it will happen if you continue along attempting to be a conscious person.  One way or the other the humiliation will come along.  The easy way is to ignore the not-I’s which humiliates them – cause, that’s the only thing that’s gonna be humiliated is the not- I’s.  But you see, most of us identify with them and so we wind up with lots of humiliations, right, Mary?  Hmm?

(Getting better.)

Getting’ better?  (laughs)  Might as well stop it, then it’s not getting any better – it’s gone, okay?  So we will go through this one with that little preliminary that the only thing that ever is humiliated is the not-I’s.  If you identify with them – with the complainer, and the sticker-up-for-rights, and the blamer and the pleaser, the quoter of authorities and the self-improver – then the whole thing will experience humiliation.  

The Seventh Mystery is the Mystery of Humiliation.  Before I make you conscious of Myself, I cause you to struggle with a sense of separate existence.

You see, the not-I’s are separate.  They feel “I” and “I” have a mind, “I have a body and God’s off in Heaven somewheres, wearin’ a purple throne and got a yellow pad, makin’ marks on me.”  But… you know, one, two, three, four, psssst.  [He makes like he’s checking things off a list.]  You pray to something off into the blue yonder and you wonder if it heard you.  Really, Life is so here that it can’t be not here.  It does everything you say you wanna do.  

So before I make you conscious of Myself, I cause you to struggle with the sense of separate existence.  When the sense of separate existence is overcome, then you can be conscious of Me.

So when you realize that there is nothing that can say “I” that is real (not-I’s), that the only thing that can really say I is the Awareness Function of X, and the function is not a separate thing – it’s only a function of something that really exists.  So you could be over it right now if you choose to look at it.  So when all this sense of separate existence is gone, “then you can be conscious of Me.”

And that struggle will have developed the organ of the mind so that consciousness will be a great joy unto you.

Now if there was consciousness probably without anything, it wouldn’t be a joy. But if you been through all this struggle, then it is a tremendous joy.

Now, to overcome the sense of separate existence, you must be humbled.

That’s that which identifies with the not-I’s.  

That individuality which seems to you to be yours exclusively, is really Mine, not yours.  That sense of deserving which you have, applies only to Me, not to you.


You know, you really feel you deserve to be treated a lot better than you are.  And you deserve to feel better, have more things, be treated nicer, right?  You deserve that?  How come, I don’t know.  You not only “deserve” it, you’re “entitled to it” cause you were born, huh?

Who are you, apart from Me?

In other words, what would be left if Life departed from one of these bodies here today?  What’s left?  Nothing – a corpse, a stinky mess you got to get rid of somewhere.  It’s very expensive to dispose of ‘em these days, too.  So what are you other than that Life which dwells in this body?  What are you?  Nothin’.  Maybe that’d be easy to get through our heads.  Just imagine if X says, “pluup” and takes a ride this afternoon.  Fires up its helicopter and takes a run.  What’s left?  Hmm?  Nothin’, okay?  

Learn that there is no such person as the “self”.  Learn that I, and I alone, exist and animate the body; that I, and I alone, do all things that the body does.

X does it all.  It digests the food, walks, talks, eats, sleeps – the whole schmeer.  We don’t know how to do it.  Did you ever try to force yourself to sleep at night?  Didn’t work, did it?   

(You’re talking about last night.)

Learn too, that I take the responsibility upon Myself for all that the body has done, is doing or will ever do.

So you don’t have anything to worry about, ok?  

To another age I gave this Mystery of My responsibility for all things by the symbol of the cross;  teaching them that I took their sense of guilt upon Myself, and purged it upon the cross.

The Christ said He took the sins of the world on; He’s responsible for all of it.  So He got rid of ‘em.  So He left you and me scot-free.  So if you will take it, you don’t have anything to be guilty about now.  Life said it took it all that everybody has done, is doing, or will ever do, okay?  So you don’t have anything to fret about.  

But unto you I give the Mystery of Humiliation, teaching you that you are nobody at all,

Period. “I” is a “no thing”, not a “nothing”, a “no thing”.  That’s what the word nothing means, isn’t it?  A “no thing”.  Now you’re a nobody at all; and

and that it is I who live in the body.

X is the one lives there and that sense of separate existence is only a dream.  Like a grasshopper dreaming he’s a man, or man dreaming he’s a grasshopper, you know.  

You can have no guilt, and you can have no merit.

So don’t pat yourself on the back or feel how terrible you are; you’re neither.  Period.

Now, that in you which thinks it is a person shall suffer humiliation after humiliation until it dies, leaving the body free to enjoy Me.

Now we might as well let that not-I clan die today cause I am not separate.  I am nothing, I am a no – thing.  Only X lives in this body and this idea of personality that I’m separate from Life, and I can tell it what to do.  You know, did you ever go to church and the preacher gets up and prays, “Lord, have it rain, and Lord, get the floods out of the way, and Lord, cure all the sick, and Lord do this and Lord do that,” like you didn’t know enough to get in out of the rain, so you have to tell him.   Can you imagine that?  That really takes audacity.  Humiliation – you can see the necessity of it in cases like that.  

Many pray, “Lord, make us humble”, yet when I visit them with humiliation, they recognize not My hand.

You know it’s like the guy that prayed, “Oh Lord, give me patience and do it now!”  

Humiliation is the most painful thing the pride can suffer; yet must it suffer before it can die.

….because as long as it gets all of it’s way and everything goes on, so it seems that it would be to our advantage to give it the suffering, you know, and just say, “You’re a no – being. You’re a nothing, you’re a not-I and you don’t belong to me and you don’t have anything.”  I know people say “my not-I’s” do this, do that.  They even claim the damn things!  

Has the pride hopes that it shall save the personality?

Oh yeah, everybody wants the personality.  That’s why, you know, a lot of folks believe in reincarnation.  That means, “You ain’t gonna get rid of me all that easy.  I’m gonna come back and haunt you next time around.”  And so forth…  It’s inconceivable to many people that the personality, which is nothing but the not-I’s, could ever cease to exist.  And it is going to cease to exist.  You can do it the hard way or the easy way.

That it shall find favor or gain power?  Has it hopes that it shall be judged “good”, or that it will live forever?  Learn this – that there is no hope.

…for the not-I’s.  

In deep humiliation it [the “self”] shall die and pass away, and I alone shall live.

So let’s get that kinda straight.  There’s none of us is gonna hang in here as the personality.  Now if we get rid of the personality, all sorts of possibilities are open, but as long as it sits there, it’s a bunch of foolishness.  

Yet has the imagining of the personality been good for the body, for it has developed the organ of the brain which shall hereafter become conscious of Me, the One Infinite Personality.  You think that the personality dwells in the body, and is more important than the body.  But I will hereafter reveal unto you that I am caring for the body and have provided it with the proud sense of personality to develop it, and that when the body is developed so that it shall have no further need of that proud sense, I will send thee deep humiliations.

So let’s get rid of it now so we don’t have to put up with the deep part of it.  But the whole bit is that personality is only education, pure conditioning, and has absolutely nothing you need.  Now Life says it has used it to strengthen the body because of all the turmoils and it made you stronger by having it.  And you appreciate getting along without it.  But it has purely bits of conditioning.  Had we grown up in a country where it was wonderful to eat, uh, that we had to hide away in a little private room when we eat, and that we could do all the bodily functions out in public, we’d be very humiliated if somebody saw us eating, is that right?  Now it would have been just as easy to have put on you as anything else.  Right?

Now in certain areas in this world, you know in medical school, why the boys could take their shirts off; the girls only could expose their back and the girls could let it all hang out, that woulda been all right.  [Bob notices a butterfly that came in through an open window.]  One of the little butterflies come in.  That’s what Lake Whitney’s known for – its butterflies.  It would be just as easy if you stop to think about it.  You could have been conditioned any way there was.  You were conditioned to speak English when you were born.  It coulda been just as easily you’d a been conditioned to talk Chinese or Japanese or something.  And you would have thought that English sounded real weird.  Even your name sounds weird sometimes, don’t it, Tina?  

(Well, if the personality didn’t exist.…)

Oh, it exists, as an illusion.  

(Okay, if it exists as an illusion, then what makes us all so different?  Why is it that she’s different from me and….)

We’ve been through that all the time here.  Everybody’s built different, but the conditioning is about the same in everybody.  Thank goodness there is an “Infinite Personality”.  “Infinite” means without end, doesn’t it?  So this body will express one way, that body expresses another way, that body expresses another way, this one another way, and that one over there another, cause all these bodies are different and they will express differently when only Life runs it – Infinite Personality.

All these personal ones… you know they’re so similar, it’s unbelievable.  I can make almost everybody fight at me by sayin’ the same group of words at ‘em with the same tone.  Now see, I can say a word with one tone and you purr, and I say the same word with another tone and your claws come out, Tina.  Hmm?  That part’s pretty standard, isn’t it?  That’s pretty standard.  But the real person will all be different and they’re spontaneous and totally unpredictable, ok?  Cause each one of us is different from anybody else.  Bodies are different and X expresses through those bodies as they are.

…I will send thee deep humiliations.  Then shall that proud sense be brought low and die.

In other words, the not-I’s will die.  

So when any humiliation comes to you, let the personality tremble, for its end is near; but let the body rejoice, for its freedom is at hand.

That’s nice isn’t it?  

You think you have an aspiration to do good or benefit mankind.

You know I run into all kinds of people that know they have a great mission if the Lord would just let ‘em in on it – what they can do for the world.  Tell ‘em the best thing they can do is shut up.  

But all desires, ambitions, and aspirations are of the personality and shall die with it.

When it dies, all these great aspirations to “do well” and to “cure the world of all of its ills” and “to really do a great mission” will all die with it, thank goodness.  We won’t have to be bothered with all the do-gooders then.

Many pray, “Lord if thou send wealth, I will use most of it to benefit others to Thy glory.”

That is, until I get it.  Then I’ll use it for myself.  That’s just a gimmick to try to get Him to give it to you.

Indeed, would you help Me to develop and benefit mankind?  Do you know better than I do what others need; and would you supply unto others that which I withhold from them?

You know, you’re gonna go straighten out and interfere in the work of Life to benefit and fix everybody.  You know, one of the greatest things to do is mind our own business.  

That wish is simply the personality trying to assert itself.  Yet let it try and let it fail, reaping humiliation from all of its efforts and bringing humiliation to others, for thus do I use it to develop the body, and also those other bodies.

So you see that all these people’s out savin’ the world.  Out in California, everybody’s in the “people savin’” business these days.  Are they here, too?  There’s one little magazine put out in San Diego called “Holistic Living” and everybody has an ad how they’re gonna save you.  I suppose there is at least 200 ads every paper comes out.  Everybody going to save you in their way.  Then, thank goodness, to balance it there’s a little magazine put out same day called “Wolf”.  Wolf.  And it pokes a little fun at all these holes, you know, kinda keeps the balance going.  It’s a little fun you can see what a joke all this crap is, you know.  I think every community should have a “Wolf.”  Have a “Wolf” Magazine.  They have ads in it that are fake-o ads, but they’re offerin’ all these great and wondrous things, you know, that everybody else is, only it is a little bit humiliating to the others.  So that is where I think Life is running “Wolf.”  It humiliates the others, the personality.

 This Seventh Mystery is very hard for the conceit to learn.  But when you shall have suffered the humiliation yet in store for you, it will be a season full of joy.  For behold you will be free of that conceit and the body will be an instrument of My joy alone.  If you cannot yet receive these words, it is well that you should reject them.  [Please.] The present pride is as much My work as the humiliation will be.

So we’re building you up for a sit down, you know.  

For the body it is well that pride rules with it’s ambitions and desire until it works its power on you.  When its work is perfected, thou shalt cast it off, and the body shall arise from the death of the pride, strong to express Me.

This is the story of the Phoenix, the bird that burned up and out of the ashes arises.  The false personality goes by the wayside and the real personality is born from the ashes of it.

So the only way the real I, or that Infinite Personality will arise (which is different in everybody but will be very, very much expressing, radiating life, love, truth, health, etc.) can only arise out of the ashes of the false personality, the not-I’s, being destroyed.  The only way they can be destroyed is humiliation.  Now, that’s the one thing they can’t stand is to be laughed at.  They get very upset.  Now as long as they can scare you, frighten you or you wanna fight with them they’re in pig heaven.  But if you laugh at them, they are in a mess.  So it is well to laugh at them – for yourself.  Now if you laugh at ‘em in somebody else, you may not live to get rid of yours.

So we will take another here without any further break: The 8th Mystery.  Now, the 7th one is Humiliation – the not-I’s must die.  Period.

(Dr. Bob, it’s like the man with the acorn in his pocket.  He said, “This acorn is going to be a mighty oak, but it’s not going to be unless it get’s out of your pocket.”)  

Right.  Leave it in the pocket so it won’t be any oak.  So it is humiliation.  Humiliation is the way we laugh at the not-I’s.  They can’t bite you, they just carry on and make a lot of fuss and frighten people and everything.  They’re really polished.

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