Life’s Word – Week 4

During our Mushkil Gusha experiment, Friend, Bonnie Bernhard (, was inspired to bring the tale to life through her artwork.  She painted three pictures about the story – of the beginning, the middle and the ending.  She took photos of each one so that we could all share in her interpretation.  Thank you, Bonnie! 

You can download the photos (and the Story) at .


Fourth Mystery:  Healing Others 

Not blessed above the rest are you unto whom I give the Fourth Mystery.

So just because you hear it, don’t mean you’re better off than anybody else.

Through your bodies I radiate My glory and send vitality to other bodies.

I don’t know whether everybody is well aware or not, but you can give a lot of vitality and energy to anybody else that’s in your area; or you can take a lot from them.  If I come in all, “uhhh”, I can drag everybody in here down.  I can sap your energy out like you had a pump on you.  Or I can come in full of vim, vigor, vitality, enthusiasm, the fire of the gods,  everybody will feel pretty good.  Now I have on the average of 10 people a day call up and say they’re pooped out and they need some energy.  So I talk to them one minute on the phone, and they do have a lot of energy.  So it will travel over the microwaves over the telephone system.  They don’t have wires in them anymore; they just go by microwaves.  But you can transmit energy to other people – vitality.  And I think that’s probably what allows me to have more vitality than most people.  And I think I really do—cause I can wear any of you out—is that I give out a lot of it.  So that’s kind of a form of exercise.  If I dish out a lot of vitality, why, of necessity, I have to generate a lot.  So you might as well find out.  And Mack, that is a very interesting thing to do is to radiate a lot of energy out for other folks.  Be like a tower that sends it out.  That might even be interesting!  Even to you! 

Through your mind I quicken the minds and nerves of other bodies,

And you really do.  Were you ever around somebody who was very enthusiastic and didn’t you feel a lot better?   And when you’re around somebody who is, “Woe is poor me.  All my life when it was my time to do something I did it; when it’s somebody’s time to help me, they’re never there.”  That will drag you down so fast, you don’t know what hit you, you know.  Boom, out it goes.  You just dissipate energy all over the place.  So…

Through your mind I quicken the minds and nerves of other bodies, acting upon them according to My will, that I might ripen them to great destinies.

“Great destiny” is just to be alive and feel enthusiastic, and fix things around, and don’t load other people down with things.  That’s a “Great Destiny.”  Don’t have to get your name in headlines or neons or any of that kind of stuff.

You who have this Fourth Mystery, the gift of healing others,

are no better than those others… 

So don’t get the idea that if because you can heal somebody or you know somebody could, that they’re any great shakes.  They are just folks who throw out a little of energy, that’s all, and see that everything’s all right just like it is.  So if you’re a healer, don’t let it go to your head. 

You who have this Fourth Mystery, the gift of healing others, are no better than those others that you heal.  And if you are happier than they are,
yet your happiness is not more profitable than their unhappiness.

It just doesn’t do any good—not because you can heal.  You know, don’t go around pattin’ yourself on the back cause if you do, you’ll break your arm.  And that’s all you’ll get out of it. 

Other bodies have I prepared for the ministrations,

There’s a lot of sick ones around for you to practice on.  There’s a lot of those been prepared for you to minister. 

O holder of the key of the Fourth Mystery!  Others, less ripened than you, are awaiting the help that you can give.

They’re out there waitin’ for it because they haven’t found a way to be out of their conflict and struggle, and they dissipate energy all over the place with boredom and helplessness and self-pity and all this.  So there’s plenty of them out there.  So throw ‘em out a little bit.  They’ll use it.  They won’t keep it, but they’ll use it for a while anyway.  But it’s kind of like buyin’ somebody’s dinner, you know.  Hungry person, you get their dinner then they’re not hungry now.  But in a few hours they will be.  So somebody’s all down, you give ‘em a big charge of energy.  It’s like giving ‘em a meal; they feel fine now, but in a few hours they’ll be hungry again.  So in the process you have plenty to practice on.  That’s what they’re there for.  And maybe they’ll catch on some day that they can do likewise and look after their own.  All they gotta do is to kind of like things in the world like they are.  So there’s plenty out there for us to work on, okay?

O holder of the key of the Fourth Mystery!  Others, less ripened than you, are awaiting the help you can give!  But until you have accepted from Me the power to heal and the sure knowledge that I am in you and you in Me,

That’s all one.

and until you can say “I love,”

and really know what you’re saying, not just popping words off,

knowing that it is I in the body which saith it,

even until then you are only an imitator of My healing power.

When you know that X does all the healing, generates all the energy – the only source of energy in living beings in this world is X.  And you can use it or dissipate it; block it off, but it’s there.  And everybody has X in ‘em, so there’s nobody deficient of energy; there’s an awful lot of people who don’t take advantage of it.  You know, it’s like we’re in this room and I see that none of the lights are on.  That doesn’t mean light’s not available; all we got to do is go over there and push a button.

[a few words were lost as tape was turned over]

Now demanding don’t mean in the usual sense get with it and do it. It just means just push the button, you know.  That’s making the demand.  Very simple.

Until you know me, it is well if you can imitate what you think I am.

If so, well – and if not, well.

Fine, you can go through all those states; you can do the imitation.  If so well, and if not, well.  It’s all right either way.  As I said, you don’t have to change anything. 

For I am working My will in the body now, and you shall see My glory

when your eyes grow strong enough to endure such a light.

You gotta get your eyes so you can stand to see that, really, Life is doing everything we see around here constantly.  It is makin’ you breathe, smile, stand up, sit down, move, eat, get hungry, sleepy, wake up, whatever.  You don’t know how to do any of those things.  So what’s goin’ on? 

Shall you say to Me, “Does God do it all and there is nothing for me to do?”  Yes, I do it all.  You have but to Be, and to Grow, as I see fit to develop you.

And so you are the living expression of Life and can you think of anything greater to be?  Just rattle that one by your ivories for a minute.  Is there anything greater than to be a conscious expression of Life, love, truth, God – whatever word you want to use?  A livin’ expression of X.  Now, otherwise we’re a dying expression of the not-I’s.  Now either way, you have your choice and I’d much prefer the former.  Hmm?  Now, you can walk on a street in a city or a small town, or anywheres you wanna be, and you look around, if you see a person, you see a person either dying as an expression of the not-I’s or you see a person living, growing, being an expression of truth, God, love – if you will.  You see one or the other all the time; and unfortunately you see an awful lot more as an expression of dying, the expression of the not-I’s.  You see it all over…it’s really about all you see.

When you can no longer hold the self up as a separate person from Me,

you will surrender to Me…

When you see, “Look, we’re all one.  So I’m gonna do the “Awareness Function” of this partnership, or this household; and my partner or my other aspect, Life, is gonna take care of all the “how’s”.  So I see what to do and get with it.”  It’ll take care of the other part of it and you won’t have to fret about it.  And you’re not a separate person.  So, if Life left any one of these bodies here, you know what would happen to the body?  Blap!  Hits the floor, no longer a living expression, right?  It’s gone.  Right now. 

When you can no longer hold yourself up as a separate person from Me, you will surrender to Me, and I will use the body to radiate My love to others.

And that’s a pretty good activity.  And I don’t know anything greater to say I exist for – that this body can be used to radiate Life, radiate love, radiate peace and radiate power, energy to other people.  Can you think of anything any better to do today? 

(That’s good.)

That’s all right, ok? 

To exercise my healing power,

you must tenderly love, without desire, the body you would heal.

No matter where it is. You are sincerely interested in it. 

Unto many I reveal a tender love with desire. Such a revelation of Myself comes to the maiden or youth with a power of gladness which is a foretaste of My joy.

Not the real thing, but it definitely is an aspect of it. 

But unto you shall be revealed a more tender love, without desire and

even without desire for a return of affection.

You don’t expect a return.  That the person says, “Now look at all I’ve done for them and how little they’ve done for me.”  You know…did you ever feel that way?  “I’ve done so much for people and, man, nobody’s ever done anything for me except step on me.”                                     

Unto many I reveal the tender love with desire.

That’s around and it’s wonderful, and it’s beautiful, and it’s a foretaste.

Such a revelation of Myself comes to the maiden or youth

with the power of gladness which is a foretaste of My joy.

And it’s very worthwhile havin’ around.

(Would you talk about the different ways you have desire?)

Yeah, I’ll get there in a minute, okay?

But unto you shall be revealed a more tender love without desire for the return of affection.  Now if that degree of tenderness that I reveal unto many causes a supreme gladness of the heart, to what height of bliss shall they rise unto whom I give the power of radiating My perfect love?

Now, that is what’s called bliss and etcetera.  Now, I was asked to talk about desire.  Now, don’t think that because you want a drink of water, that that’s called desire.  Now, in the ordinary terms, it is somewhat, I guess; but you’re gonna have that.  

Desire is a psychological – as it’s used here – is a psychological aspect that says, “I’ve gotta have that in order to be happy.”  Now, that’s the kind of desire it says it’s talkin’ about here.  That says when it can disappear – that “I gotta have this or that.  I’ve gotta have your attention or your approval in order to be happy.  I have to have this set of circumstances in order to be happy.  I’ve gotta be approved of by everybody to be happy.”  That is desire as used here.  Now please don’t think because you want a new house or a new car or somethin’ – if you want those for whatever purpose you want ‘em, knowing that they’re not gonna make you important.  Now, I know if we run out and get us a power-bob to run around in, it is a good attention getting’ device, isn’t it, huh?  I drove a car to work the other morning.  It looks a little rugged and it’s a great big monster.  Some guy come barging in tellin’ me that it looked like a pile of junk.  You know, he was trying to put it down, put me down for driving the thing.  So he drives a 280-ZX.  So I said, “Well, I know that this big Bentley looks pretty terrible, but it did get down here; and that’s more than I can say for that Japanese beer can you got out there.”  All of a sudden, he was very upset, you know.  All of a sudden, cause I had said his car was a Japanese beer can.  Now it didn’t change the 280-Z one iota, but just cause I said something, he got all rattled, you know.  I’m fairly well known for being fast on the uptake, you know… I usually put out what I put out.  

… to what height of bliss shall the person rise unto

whom I give the power of radiating My perfect love?

Now that is perfect love… is love without need or a demand or a desire for return.

“I love you and you better damn well love me or stuff is rough.”  If I love you simply because you are an expression of X, and I’m an expression of X, there’s nothing I need in return – at all, and I don’t desire any.  It is a radiation and a radiation is not a drawing unto.  No doubt there will be a lot of other radiations start out there, but that’s not the purpose of it, okay?   

Each radiation of My love is a healing power

which pierces unto the uttermost, giving forth a new and sweet vitality.

In other words, the greatest source of vitality for ourselves is to truly radiate love, if you want to use that word.  It’s been used, so beat around, I hardly ever use it.  It’s been to relate to everything and it gets to be almost a cliché at times.  But let’s say that I am truly interested in your wellbeing, hmm?  Without any desire to get anything in return – you don’t owe me any return of being interested in me or anything else.  Then that radiation is probably one of the most healing things in the world, and it gives forth a sweet vitality. 

I am only waiting to use the body to radiate forth My love and Life, waiting until you shall give up this so called “knowledge of good and evil”

and surrender unto Me.

You see, the reason we don’t surrender, we think we know what’s good and what’s bad and what’s right and what’s wrong.  And so we demand that we better watch things cause Life don’t seem to have that.  It really don’t seem to care about what’s good and what’s bad and what’s right and what’s wrong.  Hmm?  Because that all comes from conditioning over there.  And that’s what our great riches is that we’re afraid to give up because if we’re not looking after what’s good and what’s bad, who is?  You know?  Somethin’ terrible liable to happen if I haven’t got my finger on it every minute, is that right?  Huh?  I don’t know what’s good, and I don’t know what’s bad.  Now that may sound like, well, I’m some kinda reprobate, and I probably am.  But do you know the outcome of a given event today – say two weeks from now?  Hmm?  Two months from now?  Now, if you don’t know that, could you judge it as being good or bad today?  Huh?  Could you, Mack?  Now let’s say one of your gas wells blew out and went dry today – pooph!  You know the outcome?  But you don’t know the outcome of that two weeks from now.  It may push the others out to where they really produce, you see?  So you better wait a couple of months or three months ‘fore you see whether it’s good or bad.

You know, there’s a story they tell about a man who had his major wealth consisted (in fact his only wealth consisted) of a very beautiful horse, a lovely mare that he had—a great Arabian mare.  I agree.  And he and his son struggled away to make a livin’ and could barely exist; but they had this beautiful horse.  So they knew no trouble could come to them because they could always sell this lovely mare for a fortune.

One mornin’ they got up and the mare had broken out of her corral and gone.  The guy said,  “Well, the mare’s gone.”  All the neighbors come and said, “You sure are unfortunate.”  He said,  “I don’t know; I know the mare’s gone, that’s all I know.”  “Well,” they said, “that’s terrible.”  He said,  “Ok, it’s terrible.  But I don’t know that.”

So about a week later they get up one morning and the mare’s back in the corral with seven beautiful wild stallions.  All the neighbors come and said, “You sure are fortunate.”   The man said,  “Well, I don’t know.  I got eight horses now and I only had one before.  But I got eight now, so I know that.”  And they all said that they knew that it was wonderful that he had the eight horses now.  Was pretty good, wasn’t it?

So he and his son decided to break these eight wild stallions so they would be able to sell them and so forth and about the fourth or fifth day one of these wild stallions threw his son and broke his leg.  His leg broken riding horses instead of roller-skating, but it works the same way.

So all the neighbors come and said,  “How unfortunate, your son broke his leg.  Got a broken leg.”  The man said,  “I don’t know whether it’s fortunate or not, I just know the son’s got a broken leg.”

And about five days later, the king’s men came through, conscripting all able-bodied young men to take ‘em off to some war that they were raidin’ another country.  Of course, they couldn’t take his son because he had a broken leg.

So all the neighbor’s sons got taken but his wasn’t.  They all came over and said, “How fortunate for you, that your son had a broken leg.”  He said, “I don’t know, I just know he’s got a broken leg and he didn’t have to go to war.”

Now we could go on through that for the rest of the day, but I guess we’ll quit about there.  But do you see that everybody jumps to the conclusion you know what’s good and bad because it fits our little preconceived opinions of what’s good right now; but you don’t know the outcome four or five days later, a week later, so how could you tell whether it’s good or not?  Ok?

So is it possible we could just let good and evil alone?  You see, that was told in a story of the “Book of Genesis” – was the fall of man.  He eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  And he told ‘em when they eat of it, they’d die.  It’s a deadly stuff.  You just spit it out.  Throw the core away.  Do you know what’s good and bad? 


Then you don’t have anything to worry about, do you?  Everything’s just all right like it is. 

I am only awaiting to use the body to radiate forth My love and Life, waiting until you shall give up the so called “knowledge of good and evil” and surrender unto Me.

And say, “Look, Life knows what it’s doing, it’s doing fine.”  So I got an itch today and the itch will eventually heal up, I guess.  If it don’t, it’s fine to have the itch, is that right?  So what?  I don’t know what’s good and I don’t know what’s bad, and that is possibly the being reborn, because the fall of man, the death of man, was deciding long ago that he knew what was good, what was bad, and we’ve been passing it off from generation to generation.  Mama told me all the things that’s good and bad.  And they told me that on a certain day I was old enough to know good from evil.  Thank goodness I outgrew it.  Give me time, I’ll outgrow anything.  So let’s leave that one there.  Ok, is there any questions or comments?  Yes sir?

(You got that word ‘bliss’ in there.  What does that mean?) 

Well, you’re blissful when you don’t want to change anything, my friend.  There’s nothin’ I want to change, so I say I’m in a state of bliss right now.  Now, sometimes the bliss is greater degrees and lesser degrees.  When you wanna change anything, you’re not very blissful, is that right?  Now, I don’t know anything that I’m smart enough to say should be changed, so I’m quite pleased and delighted and wonderful with everything as it is and when you’re in a state of not having a thing in the world you want to remake, improve, fix it up, and say, “The good Lord sure screwed up.  He should have left me in charge of this thing,” huh?  He should have made me the general manager.  Then you might call that bliss.

(You went a little too fast for me.  I want to go back a little bit.)

Where do you want to go back to?  To the beginning?

(No, no, when you talk about eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.)

Was the fall of man, as the story goes – the great teaching story, the symbolic story.  Eve was enticed by the evil one, which is the Four Dual Basic Urges, to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  That right, huh?  And that was the fall of man from the truly spiritual state, seeing themselves separate from Life rather than as an expression of Life.  And Eve handed it on to Seth and Cane; and Cane raised cane with it and killed Able and they’ve been going on ever since with it.

(Then you said being reborn is when we give up. . .)

You can see that you don’t know what’s “good” and what’s “bad” and you could care less.  And you can allow Life to determine what’s going on and you can respond to it.  You now are a new creature.  You are not a creature that knows good and evil, right from wrong.  You now are an expression of Life, expressing spontaneously Life, love, truth, all those pretty words.  Ok?  That is being a new person, is it not?  Okay?  Anybody else got a word?  Yes, sir.

(Will you tell us what the six not-I’s are again?)

Ok, the first one is, of course, the very “Pappy” of all of them is that the whole purpose of living is to be non-disturbed. 

The first one that works on how to get it is “complaining”.  That’s the complainer. Things not like I know they ought to be, I complain, right, Mary?

(That’s on the right side, right?)

Well, that’s over there – I don’t know whether it’s right or left, or in the middle. 

Okay, the second one is “sticking up for my rights”; that’s the sticker up for rights.  Okay? 

Now, on the other side in the next thing, the ordinary sequence of chronology is that I gotta please everybody.  Mama put up enough with my complainin’ and stickin’ up for rights, okay?  [Big thunderclaps during a storm keep interrupting.]  Sounds like we’re at work, only I have military jets fly over all day, so I’m used to stoppin’ to get my breath between words.  So that would be that says it’s important to please them.  It’s not because I want to, but they’ll give me pain if I don’t, is that right. 

Then we make the one that says believe and do as I am told by my authorities.  My authorities, of course, are the ones that Mama told me was my authorities – the fuzz, the preachers, the Sunday school teachers, the word, the book – all that stuff, you know.  They don’t always agree as you’ve noticed.

The next one says, I “ought to improve myself. “  So that’s the self-improver which gets very powerful in a lot of folks.  It’s really a tyrant because no matter what you do, you ought to improve yourself. 

And then finally we get to one that really clears everything up: if they would straighten up.  So the blamer, “If all the rest of these folks would just straighten up and fly right, I would be so happy.”  So all we gotta do is start a war and straighten ‘em up; and if they don’t straighten up, we will straighten ‘em out.  That clear enough for you?

Now that’s the self and it says to know the self.  And it doesn’t say to improve it, straighten it up or eliminate it, it just says know it.  So you take into consideration when all that stuff runs through your head that that’s to be ignored because that’s the self runnin’, and wantin’ you to express the self rather than Life itself, okay?  That’s the competitor to Life.  In the scripture books and so forth, it’s called the devil, or the evil one, or the dark forces, or the opposition and so forth.  So it’s what wants to take over, and it is death to live by it, okay?  Does that answer your question?

(So when you get into that position as being some of these different deals, improvement or something like that, what are some of the steps I take to get away from that?)

Well, see that it’s a bunch of foolishness.  In other words, if somebody come along and told you that if you use these [holding up colored markers] to make a circle around you on the floor, that nothing could ever come disturb you anymore, and all you have to do is give them $8,000 for this thing so you can draw a green circles around you on the floor, would you buy it? 


Okay.  It don’t pay to improve yourself; same stuff.  In other words, I don’t think you’re a gullible man, so don’t listen to all that junk. 

(How about $10,000?) 

For $7,000 you can have an orange crayon.  (Laughter) I don’t know good and evil.  Life can, therefore, radiate from me.  So if I don’t know good and evil then Life has to radiate out here.  Now, Life is always the unexpected, the unconditioned and really you can’t very well predict an unconditioned person.  But a very conditioned person, I can predict.  I know I can say this to them and get this response.  If I say something, they cry.  I say somethin’ else and they laugh.  I say somethin’ else and they get very upset and depressed; and I say somethin’ else and they feel very wonderful and so forth.  So I can predict a conditioned person.  It makes it quite possible for all of us peddlers to make a good livin’.  But if you’re dealing with a person who is expressing Life, you never know what’s going to happen.  They’re totally unpredictable. That’s why all institutions don’t like ‘em.  Because if you have an institution, you gotta have it so that when you say something or give an order or what have you, it’s predictable as to be the outcome.  And, totally conscious people would eliminate the possibility of institutions havin’ power. So they don’t like ‘em, and they spend great time, effort – all institutions – seeing that you are thoroughly conditioned that you will respond as the proper button is pushed.  Okay? `

Any other question, comments?  Yes, ma’am.  Yes, Amelia.

(I go around quoting my authorities a lot.  How can I work on that so I don’t have to?)

Well, see that your authorities don’t know what they’re talkin’ about, so why would you quote those jerks?  Huh?  Let’s quote Life.  Then every now and then, you don’t quote it, you express it.  Quoting is always out of something else that says Amelia really don’t exist.  She’s a tape recording.  And so, somebody pushes it and it plays off “X 12” on the tape.  Somebody else pushes somethin’, you play “B 2”, and so on down the line.  So why not let Amelia express Life rather than that?  So if nothing else, just be quiet for a day or two and it’ll come out, ok?  So the best thing I would suggest if I could, Amelia, is that we don’t quote anybody for a while.  It might mean you’re very silent for a few days and everybody wonders what’s wrong with you, but then something will come out and it will be the expression of Life.  Ok?  Does that sound sensible to you?  And everybody will wonder what’s wrong with Amelia – she’s not yakkin’ all the time. 

(Me, too!)

Let it go for a day or two and something will come out as an expression of Life.  Just don’t let all that stuff express for a little bit, okay?  Next comment, question, what have you.  Okay, there’s a quick break in the violent downpours and the thunderstorms, so let’s take a break until 2:30, when we will start on time at 2:30.  There is a whole bunch of these little mysteries and we’ll try to cover ‘em all.  So we’ll start on time, okay?

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