Life’s Word – Week 3

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Third Mystery:  Healing

The body is My habitation.  Does it suffer worries, pains or disappointments?

Yeah, the answer is yes.  They didn’t put it in here; but obviously it is.  And it’s always going to, if I may be so bold as to say so.  And consequently, if we could (and I’ll throw this in on the side) end today our effort to improve things so that that wouldn’t happen, we would probably be relieved of most misery.  Now pain and disappointments and worries and so forth, maybe are kind of natural, but misery is unnecessary.  Period.  Pain is going to be an aspect of living as long as we breathe and I hope we do it all for thousands of years yet.  So we’ll have pains now and then, but an average person makes themselves very, very miserable by trying to improve themselves.  So they have a little pain, or you feel weary, or you feel tired and immediately wonder, “What have I done?  I’ve done somethin’ wrong!” and here they take off.  Well, if you just let it alone – so I feel kind of blah, “blahdoms”, you know, some mornins’?  Well, so what? I feel blah; I’m content to feel blah.  What’s wrong with it?  In a few minutes it’s gone.  You don’t know where it went, nor why, or could care less. 

But if you set out to go straighten that up and find out what you did wrong, and you’ve got to improve yourself, I’ll guarantee you can keep it going on for years – a lifetime, if that’s what a lifetime is – 60 years or something?  You can keep it going that way.  But if you cease trying to improve yourself…  You see, you don’t even know how to make one cell in a human body, do you Mack?  You don’t know how to make one hair grow or not grow, huh?  And then you’re gonna improve yourself.  That is the height of audacity, hmm?  How are you going to improve somethin’ when you don’t even know how to make the first simple cell in it?  Now it has, the body is an ever-changing, dynamic mechanism which is the home of whatever’s called Life.  It keeps it goin’.  And at times it needs a little discomfort here and there to make things go.  We call it normal adaptation.  Sometimes it feels kind of blah.  You know it takes a few minutes to get up going in the morning.  I’ve had five cups of coffee and a half pack of cigarettes, and Clyde went and got me the right variety and everything.  I got my usual toxicity level up to functionin’ right now and I feel wonderful. (laughter)  You know, to start off with here this mornin’?  Who wants to go to work, “Bluhhhh.”   But you’re gonna to improve yourself?  Forget it.  Now I would say, if everbody here said, “Well, I’m content with things like they are.” 

You know, there was a great writer–I think his name was Paul or at least whoever wrote it attributed it to him.  You know today people steal stuff from each other and put their name on the literature.  In the old days you put the other guy’s name on it so it would look good.  I like that routine better.  But, at least it was attributed to the great salesman named Paul,  that he said he had learned one thing, and only one thing had he learned in all his years of delving into Teaching material.  He had learned that whatever state he found himself at that moment to be content there.  Now that doesn’t look like any great big earth-shaking discovery, does it?  But it is probably the greatest thing towards transforming an individual into a conscious being that you could come up with.  So at this moment we all have certain feelings.  Some’s kind of blah, some’s delighted, some is this, some is that.  But that’s just fine for this moment.  And if we let it alone, the next moment’s gonna to be another whole new experience and the next moment’s gonna be another one; but we hang it up by trying to improve ourselves.

One time I was working over in New Mexico on the banks of the Rio Grande River.  The Rio Grande is dry most of the year and they turn water down through it in the spring, usually as the snows melts up in the mountains.  We were standing out there and there was a dead horse come floating down the thing.  Died probably in the sandbank during the winter; and when the spring waters come down, why he was floatin’ downstream.  And somebody said, “We gotta pull that thing out of the water because it’s terrible to have a dead horse in the Rio Grande River.”  I said,  “You pull that dead horse out, and you’re stuck with a smelly, dead horse.  You let it alone, ten minutes it’s gone.”  So you see, that’s the way we do with all these things.  (Laughter.)  Well, isn’t that right? Let it alone and it’ll go on.  Everything that happens to you, you hang it up.  You pull dead horses outa streams and you’re stuck with ‘em all the time.  If you let it alone, it goes on downstream and that’s the end of the show.

So let’s stop this super self-improving.  If I can get that across, it was worth my trip down here.  You’re all right like you are.  (That was what we went through that for.)  You’re fine just like you are, and you’re gonna have 1,000 different sensations today, and if it’s one you don’t happen to like, you say, “Oh, what have I done wrong now?”  When you go digging in your head, you’ve pulled a dead horse out.  You’re stuck with it then.  Let it alone and it’ll go on in a few minutes.  Okay?  Can you do that, Mack?  If you feel all pooped out some night, just feel pooped out – so what?  It’ll go away in a few minutes.  But if you pull it out, you’re stuck with that pooped out dead horse all day. 

Herein is the Third Mystery, that as inspiration is higher than conscience,   

Conscience is that stuff that tells you what you should do and should not do and inspiration says, “I’m going to do it.  That’s it.”

and love is higher than desire,  so is My perfect will higher than aught that

seems to harm any one of My bodies.

You might read that again.

…My perfect will is higher than anything that seems to harm any one of My bodies.

Now all this thing we think of as harm, we see as normal adaptation to something you’ve run into in the last few hours.  And you know nothing stays in perfect balance all the time.  But the activity of Life is balancing. It’s always balancing things.  It never is in perfect balance because if it did, then everything would become static.  So we do something and we’re fatigued.  Ok, there’s no reason to get all excited – the world hasn’t come to an end.  Just get horizontal a while and it all straightens out.  But you feel fatigued.  So the first thing most of us do is run get us an upper and get ourselves stimulated so we won’t feel so pooped, is that right?  You work on that a few years, Mack? 

(Yes, sure did.) 

You found lots of things that would do it, hmm?  But then that gave side effects, and then you had to get something for that.  That gives you fuzzies and this and that; so then you have to get something for that, huh?  What’s wrong with bein’ tired now and then?  Now, Life (we refer to it as X), it just simply says here I – that it goes to work to balance that situation, okay?  Now when it balances, it doesn’t get it to a perfect balance because by that time we’ve done something else.  So the ‘action’ direction of Life is always balancing and that balancing does give us sensation.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I kinda like sensations.  I would hate to be devoid of them.  I don’t spend any of my money goin’ in sensory deprivation tanks.  I might spend some money to get a new sensation once in a while, but not to get rid of ‘em.  I like ‘em.  I think they’re fantastic and they’re marvelous and I don’t think they all have to be pleasant, but they’re nice anyway.  If it hurts, it reminds me I’m alive.  Do you ever think of that?  If you got a pain, it’s still telling you you’re alive, and that X still thinks that this body is worth savin’, so it’s adapting it.

I used to practice the healing art and when a person got so they didn’t adapt anymore, which they usually do just shortly before they depart this world, those of you that have been in the health service and nursing and etc. knows that a person can be in all kinds of agony, right Tina?  And all of a sudden they quit.  They just feel fine.  They come out of a coma and get up and talk to all the relatives, and they want somethin’ to eat, and the relatives say, “Oh, they’re getting well.”   Those of us “in the know” knows they gonna be dead in a few minutes because they quit adapting.  X says this body isn’t worth fiddling with anymore and we’ll just let it go – not worth bothering with, anymore.  And they just feel wonderful for a few minutes, and die.  So when you see somebody that’s been in a horrible state of affairs in health, and all of a sudden they’re doin’ fine, call the relatives.  It’s about over.  Now we’ll all stand around and “view the remains” because that’s all’s gonna be left in a few minutes.  So as long as you’re hurtin’ and you have a discomfort, X says, “Well, I can still use this body,” hmm?

So thank goodness when you have a little discomfort now and then.  It’ll be all right, you don’t have to do anything about it.  It’ll go away in a while.  It may take it six months, but it’ll go away.  It may go away in a few minutes.  But the point is you don’t know how to improve it and certainly every time you have a discomfort, doesn’t mean you had some horrible thought.  You know certain areas of people I run into, that everything happens they look for something to blame it on.  If you’ve had a headache, it must have been because you had a bad thought or you did this.  So what?  You’re just alive, that’s all that’s wrong with you.  That’s all that’s wrong – you’re alive.  And you don’t have to stop and improve yourself. 

It is well that everything shall come to the body which can come;   

That’s the next line here and that’s pretty good.  You wanna read that again, Mack?

It is well [they use the word “meat” here but we eat that stuff] that everything shall come to the body which can come; in order that when the word of inspiration is spoken and the body is healed, you shall be strong to express My perfect health.

Now perfect health doesn’t mean I run around la-de-da, feelin’ good all the time.  It means that I adapt to every challenge – that’s perfect health.  It’s you adapt to every stress and challenge that comes to the body.  Now, let’s all think for a moment that suppose we wanted to be strong—bodybuilding is “in” these days in certain areas of the country.  Everbody wants a strong body.  So you wanted a big set of muscles and you could win Mr. Universe or Miss Universe contests in bodybuilding.  Would you do it by sitting around thinking positive, resting a lot so the body would not use your energy up doing something else, or would you go out and start pumping iron, lifting weights, running – heavy exercise?  Which one would you do?  Tell me. 


Right.  And do you think you’d get strong by stayin’ in the sack and restin’ so you wouldn’t dissipate your energy at worthless things?  Or do you think you could sit and think and think and think about how strong you were and your muscles would grow big?  Do you think they would?  Your belly would, but your head won’t.  That’s the only thing that would grow is down here, is that right?  So, you see that perfect health is not always feelin’ just so.  So these people that are wanting to build these big bodies fatigue themselves and after they’re totally fatigued, then they push some more.  And it hurts.  Every muscle in your body will burn and sting, but that’s the way it says you made a demand for it to get stronger, is that right?  Now most of us when we feel fatigued, we don’t think that the way to get energy is to go out and fatigue it some more.

You know, boredom is the biggest fatigue there is, hmm?  That means disinterest.  And then we hope to get strong by resting a while.  So perfect health is not always feelin’ la-de-dah.  Perfect health is that you adapt to every stress, challenge that comes your way and you know something?  Every one of us are doing that.  The only thing that we continue to adapt to is our effort to improve ourselves.  That’s the never-ending one.  Well, let’s just be content and everything adapts quite well.  So perfect health – so it says, “that the body is to be strong to express my perfect health” and it’s gotta be strong to always stand all the adaptations without running and grabbing all the uppers and downers and so forth that can be available, and there is lots of ‘em available anywheres you wanna find ‘em, huh?

By generation after generation have I formed the body, giving it a formation and constitution and character whereby it can be affected only by that which is for it.

You’re not affected by something that’s happened to somebody else over there.  You know your mother probably told you to be sure and clean up your plate so the starving Singhs in India wouldn’t be so hungry, is that right?  But it don’t help them a bit.  I can eat all day for you.  I can eat a big steak for you, but it don’t relieve your hunger, does it?  You can be very thirsty and I say, “Well, don’t fret about it, I’ll happily drink a couple of glasses of water for you.”  It won’t do you a bit of good, is that right?  Not a bit.  So, it can only feel something that is for the growth of its own strength.

Say you, “Can this be true of dying?”  Yes, it is true even of the dying, and you shall see it.  But you are not dying and this message is unto you.

So you aren’t dying; quit hypothecating around that it’s gonna do something about dying people.   

Seek to evade it if you will by thinking how it would be unto others, but know that I have so far given you just wisdom enough for your own life,

That’s all you need. You don’t need anything to know all the answers to every “why” question you can formulate.  You know, that’s one of the things I see people torment themselves.  They want an answer to every “why” question they can come up with.  “Why did this happen?  Why did that happen?  Why are there so many people in India?  Why are they so hungry, and why does the good Lord let all those poor souls survive over there and not this and not that?”  So you only need enough for you and you only need enough of it for today.  Now wisdom is seeing “what is” clearly.  It isn’t having a lot of education; that’s information.  Wisdom is having enough to handle the present situation.

You can see what’s going on.  So the body’s adapting; let’s don’t get all screwed up now.  We need enough wisdom for me and for today.  I can’t have wisdom for you, ok?   I just need enough for today.  And one bit of wisdom is not to be asking “why” about everything that you can conceive of.  I see people read the newspaper, “Oh, I don’t see why that’s allowed to happen.”  In the first place readin’ the newspaper other than the classified ads is a waste of time.  Classified lets you know what’s going on in town; the rest of it’s a waste of time.  But you can find out everything about a city by reading the classified section.  The rest of it, throw it away.  I only read a newspaper once in a while, but I never read anything beyond the classified.  I drop the rest of it.  A little lady is always wanting to know why I read all the classified, but I learn everything going on in town that way.  It’s the best information source you can get.

You only need enough wisdom for your own – that is, you’re able to understand the self.  Now the self is those things we put up last night, like the complainer, the sticker up for rights, the blamer, the pleaser, the quoter of authority and the self-improver above all.  He’s really a potent cat.  And so if you understand the self, then you know to let all that stuff alone because that’s all the source of destruction, and you just let it be.  You can’t keep it from yakkin’, but you don’t have to pay any attention to it, ok?

and that if you are able to understand the self,  you will do well, leaving those others to me.

So will you let everybody else’s troubles, problems, and anxieties and miseries – let them take care of their own, would you please, Miss Bekki?  You really don’t have to worry about all those other folks.  They’ll do they’re own worryin’.  And you can’t do it for them.  And you know it’s so easy to say, “Oh, that poor soul.  I feel so sorry for them,” which is a nice way of saying, “I feel sorry for me,” you know.  You look over there and you see somebody considered to be unfortunate and you get all upset about it.  You really are just having a new excuse to feel sorry for yourself.  There’s somebody else around over in South America or somewhere, and you don’t know about them, and you don’t feel bad about them.  But if you did, man, you could feel sorry for yourself over that.

I have developed the constitution to the point where the body has become wholly operated by nerve force, and I have developed that nerve force in the body to the end that it might obey My will. 

In other words it’s strong enough, but we usually let it obey the will of the “self” which is the conditioning, the not-I’s as we refer to them as.

Whether you do submit the self to My will or not, be sure that My will is worked out in the body;

In other words, it’s gonna balance things whether you like it or not, regardless of how many uppers and downers you take or anything else, it’s still gonna work out. 

…My will is worked out in the body; but when you do submit the self and do surrender to Me,

Let’s let X run the body.  I don’t know how to make a cell.  I don’t know how to convert a ham sandwich into flesh and blood.  I don’t know how fast my ticker should be running this minute.  I don’t know how many pounds I should weigh exactly this minute, and all these things.  So let’s just leave that to X.  It’s its house, and it’s running it.  And I hear it needs a glass of water, well I’ll look around for the water source, ok?  And I hear it needs some groceries, I’ll look around for groceries.  But I’m not going into tizzies as to what kind it gets.  Ok?  X will take care of that.

…when you do submit the self and do surrender to Me,

Let X run the body.

the war in the nervous forces shall cease,

The war in the nervous system is conflict, anxiety, worry, etc.  I think everybody knows about it – when you wanna do the right thing – boy, that is when you get busy, isn’t it?  Cause you got two little guys telling you what the right thing is.  One of ‘em says stick up for your rights and all this stuff.  So you got this little party over here – complainer, sticker up for rights, and blamer.  And you got this little party over here – the pleaser, the quoter of authorities, and the self-improver.  Now there’s a war between those all the time and that’s what we call “anxiety”.  The self-improver says you got to improve yourself and the other one says, “I’m tired, I’ll do it tomorrow.  I don’t have the energy to start on it today,” and soon.  So here it says how to end the war or conflict.

…the war of the nervous force shall cease, and the body become a harmonious instrument for expressing My inspiration and love.

Now that doesn’t mean it’s gonna feel like a bed of rose petals all the time, but it will express the inspiration of X.  Cause it does inspire us if the not-I’s don’t get the lick in and overpower it and we listen to the not-Is instead of that.

We’re very familiar, the voices of the not-I’s are very familiar to us.  The voice of inspiration is rather strange.  We never heard it before.  We been so busy in this fight between the two  of ‘em.  And so then

the body becomes a harmonious instrument for expressing My inspiration and love. 

This is healing…

And that’s what healing is all about is when all the struggle in the nervous system ends, you’re gonna feel fine except you will naturally be adapting.  But the body will cease its deterioration and fallin’ apart at the seams and it will express inspiration of Life and it will express love.

This is Healing, the Third Mystery.

So we got the third one up.  Last night we said all was ok which was a healing idea.  Then nothing needs to be changed.  You don’t have to improve yourself and all this stuff.  That is submitting to the will.  So then Healing is the third one and that is the end of conflict… conflict, struggle, and resistance is what healing is all about.  Now if I’m not struggling with something inside in the nervous system – the mental apparatus – and I’m not in conflict and I’m not fightin’ to get something and make everything be different than the way Life really functions, I’m not sick, so I can heal, you see.  It’s really very nice.

Did you ever feel sick, Mary?  And when you just finally said it was quite all right to be that way, it didn’t last too long, is that right?  But you know, we think we know all these things and we know how it ought to be and man, we’re gonna get busy with it, aren’t we Mary and find a way to make this thing straighten up, hmm?  We’ll use all the facilities of the uppers, downers, the head shrinks, and other fine folks and everything else, and what do we do?  As long as we’re in conflict, struggle and resistance tryin’ to improve ourselves, we’re going to be rather sick.  Now when you get so you really don’t care, it’s all right.

If you don’t mind, I’ll tell you a little story.  I suppose in some circles it would be slightly risque, but here it wouldn’t be.  It’s just ordinary.  They told a story on me one time back in New Mexico.  I was invited to give a talk to the rotary club and a friend of mine came to me and was a member of the rotary and wanted me to give a talk.  I said fine, I’ll do that.  He introduced me at one of these new luncheon bits; and he said, “I really don’t know how to tell you what Dr. Bob does.  I can’t have a word for it, so I’ll give you a little story to illustrate.”

He said, “There was a man recently I met on the street and he was an old friend of mine.  He looked simply terrible.  He was walking down the street dragging; and I stopped him and said, “Hey, Bill, what in the world is the matter with you?  What’s happened to you?  Did your family die or business gone?” 

“No,” he said, “Nothing like that.  It’s just I wish I’d die.  I don’t want to talk about it.” 

I said, “Come on, tell me.  We’re old friends.  What’s wrong with you?”

The guy said, “Well, look, I lost control of my urine and I dribble in my pants all the time.” 

And I said, “Well, what have you done about it?” 

He said, “Well, I went over to Pritkin’s drug store and I got some stuff and it makes it worse I think.”  And then he said, “I went to another drug store here and they gave me some stuff and it just discolored my pants and nothing’s doing any good.” 

I said, “Well quit fiddling around with these darn home remedies and go to a professional man.  They can fix that up.”  I said, “Come on, get with it, go see a professional man, it will be all right.”

He said, “I didn’t see Bill for about three weeks and when I did, he was whistling and going down the street just laughing and jivin’ off, and I said, “How good to see you looking good.” 

He said “Yeah, I’ve been wanting to see you to thank you.”

I said “What for?” 

He said, “Well you know the last time we met, you told me to go see a professional man.” 

“Yeah,” I said, “Well, who’d you go see?” 

He said, “I went to see Dr. Bob Gibson over here.”

I said, “Well, all he does is talk to you, doesn’t he?”

He said, “Yeah, that’s all we did, we just talked.” 

I said, “You mean talking to you got rid of that dribbling?” 

He said, “Aw, hell no, I still dribble, I just don’t give a damn.”  (Laughter.)  So you see you’re healed as soon as you don’t give a damn.  The rest of it will go away in due time.  Okay?

Now you’ll leave here with the same thing you came in, but maybe you just won’t give a damn, ya know?  You’ll go along and it’ll be all right.  Ok, Mary?  One time Mary called me up and she was so depressed and so miserable, she just hated to get up and put on her face in the morning and go to work.  And I said, “Well, Mary, I thought everybody loved to perform miracles.  You get an old hag out of the bed and turn out a beauty on the streets – you’ve performed a miracle.”  She’s had fun ever since puttin’ on her face.  Now, she’s still having to put on her face every morning, but now she just don’t give a damn. Right Mary?  You know it’s nice to perform miracles every day, did you ever think about that?  You get up and perform a miracle every morning, don’t you?  So this is healing now, and healing is not all these wild things that suddenly you jump up and everything’s feelin’ fine.  It is that you’re just fine for it to be like it is and all of a sudden everything’s wonderful, ok?

And to you who cannot yet surrender, 

You know some of you just flat can’t give it up, that’s all there is to it.  Because you’re afraid to leave that body alone, because you know good and well there’s no such thing as X; and obviously it couldn’t do anything – if it did exist, cause you gotta do it cause you know so much about bodies and cells and how they work, how to change food into flesh and blood, how to make some go to hair and some go to muscles and some to fingernails and some to this and some to that.  You know where to direct the food, Marcy?  Or you dump it in and forget about it?  But, you see, some can’t surrender.  Some people can’t just let it alone, can they Mack?

One time Mack and I talked and he let things alone for about three months.  He felt so good, he had to get back on the job and mess it up again.  That right, Mack?  That’s a fact, isn’t it?  See, he’d sit and talk to me out in California, and he felt wonderful.  One time he took me from here to the airport in Dallas, so I had a captive audience – he couldn’t get away, you know, he couldn’t run.  I had him in that little, old, dinky, Japanese beer can.  And he couldn’t get away, and he had to listen to me all the way to Dallas.  And he felt good for three months.  And then he got out of it and said, “Well, look, this is all right, but I can’t depend on this – this body’s liable to fall apart any day now.”  And he screwed it up.  And so, some of us just simply can’t surrender yet and let X run the body, is that right, Mack?  Cause it don’t know what it’s doing.  If you don’t watch out for it, it’s gonna mess up.

I have not yet developed your bodies and minds to that point.

Give us time, Mack.  We’ll get there. 

I give this message that all forces will yield unto the word of inspiration

spoken through the mouths of others.

Sometimes you can’t hear inspiration inside your own head; you’ll hear it from outside somewhere and it may be some comedian somewheres or whatever.  I heard a comedian say somethin’ made a little sense, the only thing he said that made any sense, incidentally, to me.  He was smokin’ a cigarette and said that somebody had given him a big fit about smokin’ was so terrible to your health and liable to kill you, all this.  And he said, “Well, what are you doing it for?”  He said, “Well, any joker can quit smokin’, but it takes a hero to face cancer.”  Oh, let’s don’t bother with it, you know.  You might as well be a hero, huh?  And go on about your business.

A friend of mine gives talks to groups called “Smoke-Enders.”  Don’t know if you’re acquainted with that little group, runnin’ around the country, you know about it?  He had fourteen in his last class and he called me Thursday afternoon and said, “All fourteen of ‘em quit.”  The funny thing was that he asked them all in this class why they started smokin’.  All of ‘em said, “Due to peer pressure.”  When they was growing up, you know – the other kids are all smokin’, so then they had to smoke to keep up.  You know about peer pressure.  Then he asked ‘em a week later why they were all there coming to “Smoke-Enders” to quit.  And you know what?  Peer pressure.  That really shows we’re really on the ball and our own man and woman, aren’t we?  Peer pressure made me start, peer pressure’s makin’ me quit.  When the hell am I gonna do something on my own, hmm?  Peer pressure didn’t start me smokin’, I was born wantin’ a cigarette.  Before I had any peers, really.

And unto you who can’t yet surrender [Mack]

because I have not yet developed your body and mind to that point,

Give us time, we’re workin’ on it. 

I give this message: that all forces will yield unto the word of inspiration spoken through the mouths of others.  So potent is the word of inspiration that even the form of words used is repeated by those who do not know Me to do many wonderful works.

You can hear yourself quoted every once in a while, believe that part or not, huh?  You can hear yourself quoted.  Wherever there is a bit of inspiration comes out, you’ll hear a lot of other people quotin’ it, even though you said it, Mary.  It wasn’t you; it was inspiration.

Am I unjust that I develop some bodies to fruitage sooner than others?

No, because some will let go and some won’t. 

Do I not bring forth the ripened berry early in the season

rather than the ripened peach?

So whose to say that you should get there first, Mack?  Just cause you’re a big guy doesn’t mean you’re gonna get there. 

Therefore, I say that My bodies that have surrendered unto Me and that are conscious of doing My will are likened unto the humble blackberry, while you who receive this message with scorn, or a sense of bondage, [and, “I just can’t do it, yet.”] are likened unto peaches which will hereafter ripen with a glorious fullness unknown to the more quickly ripened smaller fruit

See, you’ll get to be a bigger wheel!  Wonderful thing about Life’s Word – always lets you off the hook.  And thank goodness it does, because we – are – all – off – the – hook – if – we – would – but – allow it, ok?  So when you do ripen late in the season, just before the frost, it will be marvelous, Mack. 

Am I unable to answer all the questions which I Myself have planted in the mind?

Now not all the ones the not-I’s plant in there.  Because, really, the only question that X, Life, Spirit plants in the mind is, “What’s going on here?”  That’s really the only thing any of us need to know.  Not, “Why did Susie do that?” and, “Why were some people born with red hair and some of ‘em with pink hair and some of ‘em with black hair?”  And so on… And why are some people tall and some are short, why are some people smart and others are smarter, and so on down the line.  None of that is that.

The only question that Life ever plants in our head is, “What’s going on here?”  Now we have four questions that we sometimes put—they all say the same thing.  What am I?  Where am I?  What’s going on here? And what I can do?  Now that’s the four questions that Life puts in the head.  And then all the others are the ones that the “self” put in there.  We spend a lot of time on the others and very little on this one.  We’re gonna talk about that tomorrow.  I’ve already been requested that that be the subject of the sermonette tomorrow – is going to be, “What am I?  Where am I?  What’s Going On Here? and What I Can Do?”.  So we won’t talk about that anymore.  I gotta have somethin’ to talk about tomorrow.

Am I unable to answer all the questions…If you should ask, “What about bodies that have died?  Are they, too, ripened?”

What’s it any of your business?  (laughter)

should I not be able to answer?

Yes, I am able to answer all things, and shall unfold to thee all Mysteries.

And they’re all mysteries, is “What am I? Where am I? What’s going on here? And what I can do?”   

This third mystery concerns only yourself.  Others I will show to you in due season.

So this third one is “Healing”, is the end of anxiety, conflict, struggle and resistance by trying to improve yourself by thinking “I know what ought to be right now”, and you don’t and you don’t have the foggiest.  So you dreamed up some ideal. And it isn’t that way and you feel disappointed; and when you’re disappointed, you feel hurt, and you look for blame, and you get anger, guilt, fear, insecurity – the whole smear.  But when you say, “Well, it’s all right like it is.”  Life seems to have had things going on here for a long time before you got here, Mack, and you know something else – he’ll keep it going on long after you depart, okay?  So I think we can fairly well trust it to do things.  Okay?  Think you can do that now, or do I have to hold you in a car for a long time?

(I’m gonna give you a ride to the airport.)

Well, it’s in Houston this time. (laughing)  The airport’s in Houston this time.  I’ll hold you a little longer and it’ll last six months this time.  Twice as long!

Others I will show to you in due season.

So if you need anything else, it will be there.  Now that is the Third Mystery.  We will put up the fourth one.  It is 11:30.  I suggest we have a five, ten-minute break.  And how would be two o’clock to start?  Everybody agreed to that?  And I’m gonna start at two o’clock, you know.  You come in late that’s fine.  I’m very punctual.  And I like to start on time, so let’s all be here at two o’clock –

(It says here 2:30.  What if people weren’t here this morning?)

Oh, it says 2:30?  Wonderful!  (laughter) That suits me better.  Two-thirty we’ll start.  You must have arranged that.  He starts at 10:30.  Last time I was here, they had me start at nine o’clock in the mornin’, all this stuff.  Thank you – I’m glad.  Whoever did it, that’s fine.  So we start at 2:30 this afternoon.  I didn’t know that was already arranged, so that suits me just fine.  Two-thirty, but we will start exactly 2:30. 

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