Chicken Embryo Experiment

From “Have It All Workshop” 1980 CD 3

A man took a chicken embryo heart one time; and he wanted to find out how long this heart would last if it had the proper nutrition and was cleansed of the waste material every day.

So he put it in a little box – a glass box with the proper nutrient and every day he took it out and washed it all the way out to get all the waste products out of it, dropped it back in this little container. Well, the thing kept growin’ and growin’. He couldn’t get it in the container anymore so he clipped off a bunch of it, but he weighed how much he clipped off.

And he kept on and after some 60 or 70 years through three or four experimenters, the thing was still growing strong; and he had cut off almost a ton of tissue. Now that’s how much it had increased. It was growin’. And it wasn’t any older at the end of that time than it was the day they put it in there ‘cause he had kept the tissues clean every day, washed out the end product of the metabolism every day, and he fed it properly. Now it’s all he did to it. Now it didn’t have a brain hooked on to it, so it didn’t get any worries or no tellin’ what would have happened to the thing – it’d probably had all kinds of disorders on it, but as it was, this piece of tissue kept on pumpin’ for all those years. 

So they decided there was no need to run the experiment longer because they had demonstrated that tissue cell is in a continual state of regeneration as long as you don’t pollute it or stress it. Feed it properly, don’t stress it, and keep the pollution out of it. So it would seem that there is physiological evidence – not only that one, but many others that you could stick around and remain fairly youthful; and that you wouldn’t wear out and become an old wreck just because so many days had gone by.

But we have bought that idea very solidly and all these levels so we fear old age, is that one of the big fears? 

[And as a fellow student, Sibel, who is proofing many of the transcriptions said: It covers “the heart of the matter” keeping the inner world uncontaminated …]

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