Making it unimportant

[From Marsha… All through the years ever since I began with the teachings in 1975, it has been said, “Don’t make anything important and keep your mood up.” How often I made something important and then tried to drop it and it just wouldn’t drop. So I decided to ask myself and people around me “What Could I Do?”  So here’s some ideas.]

1.  The mind attaches to the importance, but I can take charge by putting my attention on something else—something that requires concentration and creativeness.

2.  When people say something derogatory, sometimes I remember an idea that I’ve been given from time to time that says “they are projecting onto me what they don’t want to see in themselves”.  I can check to see if it’s something I really need to change because it is an unnecessary disturbance to others.  If it is not, I can just consider the source and let it go.   So it is to consider.

3.  Sometimes it helps to change my activity.  Perhaps go for a walk. Dr. Bob told me to walk until I didn’t feel the anger anymore. That’s to “walk it off”. 

4.  Another idea is to ask myself if this is going to affect my life 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years from now.

5.  Ask “What is the ideal?”   If I could get the ideal, what do I think it would give me. Look up “ideal” in the dictionary — Ideals are illusions created in the mind.

6.  Notice if what is being made important is something I am wanting right now—perhaps seeing that it can be had eventually—perhaps it’s a process and will take a period of time.

7.  I’ve also observed that at times when I’ve made something important and been blocked, that it was the best thing that could possibly have happened.  I have realized that and sometimes it took years!

8.  Change perspective.  Imagine other ways of looking at it—perhaps the way someone I respect and admire might see it.

[From Marsha…This at least gives some ideas to work with. And if all else fails read #26 Motion under the school talks where Dr. Bob suggests beating the bath tub with a wet towel – and I’ve used that one on several occasions and found it to be very valuable.]

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