Balance by doing something nice

[From Marsha:  Long ago a fellow student and I did an experiment we had heard in the teachings concerning the Law of Balance instead of the idea we all have heard of Karma.  The dictionary says:  “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences”. But the idea was presented to us that there is only the Law of Balance.   So the experiment in balancing says if someone was mean to us in some way that we could balance that action by doing a kindness to someone or something else.   Sounds pretty far out, but we did the experiment for a while and like other ideas forgot it after a bit.  And so here’s that very idea again and certainly worth reviving and checking out.]

Dr. Bob says:

So you said, “you have any number of moods.”  Well, let’s say that I looked at things and said, “Well I think what I will do as my purpose today is work with balancing everything that comes along.”

So somebody comes in and gives me a hard way to go.  Well, the balance to that would be to do something rather nice for somebody  I meet through the day and give them a compliment, okay?  Somebody steals somethin’ from me, I go give somebody somethin’.

I read in a book that if somebody stole your overcoat, go give him your suit coat – or give somebody else your suit coat, I guess.  That kind of balanced it up – you can just keep on givin’ it or else you create more of an imbalance: and it’ll have to come back – I don’t know which.  I’m not talkin’  as that’s what you ought to do or not; but it would be the way that I would see to establish a balance.  And I find it works pretty good because it keeps you reminded that all these unpleasant situations that come along, you can do somethin’ rather nice for something or somebody – doesn’t matter, you just threw it out there, doesn’t matter where it goes – it keeps you aware of your purpose.

So here comes an idea that is only one purpose; it doesn’t go into the unconscious purpose from birth of only being non-disturbed; therefore; it doesn’t have all these methods of complaining, sticking up for rights, blaming or any of the others from the picture of man.  (See picture on the webpage)

With this purpose, the function comes out as something rather constructive, hmm?  It’s not something or someone you get even with, it’s not something to avoid.  It’s not something to fight.  And it sets up a whole different mood that we have talked about with your whole situation and everything around you.  It does all the things we have talked about — that is to say that what you radiate is the environment you live in.  This is a conscious purpose.

Now you can talk about being a conscious individual because you have consciously chosen your purpose.  And once you have a purpose, you don’t have to figure out how to execute it.  In fact it can be fun to figure out what you can do with balancing by doing something nice for someone or something.

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