Condemning or justifying what we see within

[From Marsha   When I was first introduced to this precious work, I treated it like all the other events in life including school, church, parents and peers to mention a few.   That is to say, I felt I must self improve to fit what they were trying to teach me.  The ideas, however, are very different.   May this excerpt  be of value so that you can avoid this common trap.  Dr Bob refers to the idea of observing what goes on in our daily events while we  use the Picture of Man (see illustrations on the website) to discover what’s going on in the inner man and the inner state of being….]

Here he says:

There is an idea of surrender.  We would say live with what we observe within as we use the Picture of Man without judging, condemning or justifying what we see—just live with the fact without condemnation or justification.

When you observe a not I within, there isn’t anything you can do about it because if you try to “change” what you see—let’s say “complain to get your way”, all you’ll do is flip to the B side and try to “please everybody”.  If you try to quit  “sticking up for your rights” from the A side, you’ll just start living and quoting your “authorities” from the B side.  If you try to quit “living by authorities”, all you’ll do is begin “sticking up for your rights”.  So all you do is jump around the Picture of Man – A side to B side and back to A side.   If you try to quit “being different”, why you start “blaming everybody”.  And if you try to quit “blaming everybody” you’re only trying to “be different” or “self improve.

So nothing is gained by condemning or justifying what we observe—it’s just live with this fact and see that “I am living by the infant mind”.  That  infant value was set up by my ancestor — a little baby born back in wherever you were born.  He/she didn’t know very much.  He was naked, helpless and a whole bunch of other things, but he was pretty sharp, he made all these decisions–which was appropriate for him at that moment—necessary to survive.  He “had to complain” because that’s the only way he could get his parents to notice him—he had to beller and let them know he was hungry, wet or hurting in some way.

But nobody ever gave him the opportunity to know anything about himself, and he grew little by little and never noticed that he got to be a big man or a big woman and was still working on these infant methods of getting his way or escaping the for dual basic urges (see website)  So he only expanded these infant methods a little bit.

So he sees that he can live with this and there isn’t any use fightin’ with it.  Now sometimes it takes a little while to discover that we cannot alter it by main strength and awkwardness, okay?  So that’s all we can do is observe and live with it.

[From Marsha…You can go through the 48 basic tapes on the website to discover more about the Picture of Man and how to apply the ideas alone with many others.     The discoveries are well worth the diligence and effort.]

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