Mushkil Gusha

There has always been turmoil in the world.  However, of late we observe an escalation of destruction, anger, fear, hatred and blaming – not just in the US, but across the globe.

Could a group of like-minded people concentrating on one thing for 20 minutes, once a week, affect this?  Could this exercise contribute peace to each of us, to the world and make even a small difference?  We invite you to join in and see.

For 20 weeks, every Thursday from July 7th through Nov. 17th, we’ll be sending you an email to commemorate the evening of Mushkil Gusha.  And every Thursday at 8pm in each of our own time zones, we hope that you’ll join us in reading out loud or telling the story of Mushkil Gusha. Our aim is that someone will be reading/telling the story about “The Remover of All Difficulties” in every time zone of the world.  If everyone reads at 8pm their time, it will be a moving wave of Light, taking 26 hours to cross the globe, from Eastern New Zealand to Western Alaska.

We encourage you to reach out to friends or family to join us. If they want to be added to our list (private, blind, and never shared) and receive weekly reminder emails for this project, they can contact us at

This is an ancient story, read for hundreds of years on Thursday evenings.  It is a reminder and an encouragement to allow wondrous change.  “If you do this, the people who are in real need will always find their way.”  We hope you will join us!

*** Note:  Find the story:

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