“Where Am I”

We have often heard of self-remembering and the four valid questions — “What Am I?” “Where Am I?” “What’s Going On Here” and “What Can I Do?”     Great questions to experiment with.

But there’s an alternate answer to “Where am I?”. We can observe where our attention is in the present moment.   If our attention is somewhere in the “past” either in regret,  accounts receivable or self pity, then we are not in the now – the present moment.

If our attention is in the “future” and pondering “what if this happens” or “that happens” or in “planning”, we are looking for comfort, pleasure, attention, approval and feeling important in the future or we are trying to plan for an escape from pain, feeling ignored or rejected, or escaping a sense of inferiority, not being needed or important. Then, again, we are not in the now – in present time if you please.  It could be said that we’re “out of time”.  Can you “live” in the past?  Can you “live” in the future?    Nothing can be done in the past or the future – only now!

So in answer to “Where Am I”, I can say “I am here.”

It can jog me out of my reverie or my day dreams which are all illusion and fantasy.

Therefore, I can say, “Here I am – I’m listening and watching.” What better place to be – here – now!  I’m living this moment fully with rapt attention.  (definition of rapt: completely fascinated by what one is seeing or hearing right now!)  I’m on the job reporting to my partner within – X.  It’s an experiment worth working with today.

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