From Marsha:

Competition is one of the ideas of the man-made world that is fine when agreed upon that we’ll play a game, and one of us will “win”; however the urge to competition is often carried unconsciously into many other areas of life such as “I am right” and “you are wrong” and the argument is over an “opinion” rather than fact.  Below is a contribution from John.  He found conflict within and “checked it out” with the teachings.  Below are his discoveries.

From John:


Man likes competition because he thinks he’s going to win (vanity).  He’s going to be proven better than others (at least momentarily).  Competition is a form of violence based on the belief, “If you have it, I won’t have it.”  It is a form of greed in that one is trying to keep another from getting what one wants for oneself. That’s his expectation….an ideal which eventually leads to disappointment and the necessity for adaptation (vicious cycle). Once Man is no longer in competition within, he will eschew competition without.   The absence of violence is peace.  Cease competition and begin to do what you want for the joy of doing it!  “Culture” is a state where there is no competition, where people do what interests them, where they are cooperative and independent.


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