Initiative Resistance or Passive Form and Result

Initiative, (resistance can be passive or active and is called second force), form, and result

[From Marsha….It can be a challenge to see the above form in all things, but certainly worthwhile to observe so that we see the fallacy of cause and effect. Most look for the cause, blame it, and have not had the opportunity to delve deeper into what’s really going on. While transcribing through the years, I found this description given by Dr. Bob. Unfortunately at the time I was not indicating what tape it was coming from. Nevertheless, the description is applicable to events of the present time, place and circumstance. The tape begins with a question from the audience.]


(I’m having difficulties with the four elements of the cause and effect that we don’t see and finding the other two?)

That’s the initiative, passive, the form and the result.  This is in the study and hard for many people to always see.  They say if you can see these four in all things, there is no mysteries left.  Well, obviously you’re not going to see them everywhere you look right off the bat — but again, if you are observant and keep at it you’ll see more and more… 

(For instance, the result is a race riot, ok.  I can see that.  They all have different causes.)

An adaptation is going on.  Before that there was all sorts of people all wound up full of energy to be nervous.  Before that they had to have a feeling of emergency that they weren’t being treated well — and that they were the victims of circumstances and so on.  Before that, there had to be a misconception as to “rights”.  Now do you want to follow it around? 

You take any group of people and tell them that they have “rights” and that their “rights” have been denied by something or someone; and you get them in a state of emergency.  Then you keep that up a little bit by encouraging that they do something about this.  Next you get them all up into chemical imbalance and neuromuscular highly agitated state; and then say, “Tear that place down over there because they are the ones that are keeping us having what we want.”  And you watch that whole building get knocked over there.  There’s a cycle there.

(What would be the initiative and the passive?)

First off was the initiative — that was the misconception or suggestion that they are mistreated.  The passive was the person who was sitting there waiting without critical observation of the “mistreatment” suggestion given to them.  You see, most people are very receptive to suggestion if you tell them they have been mistreated; and that they should look after themselves — you have a very passive audience right there. 

If you say to this passive audience, “You are responsible for yourself and everything in your circumstance.” now you will have a most antagonistic audience.  They don’t hear you at all. 

But if you say, you are the most wonderful people in the world; and you’re downtrodden because these people at one time or another took all your rights away from you; but if you are in the force of power it will bring your rights back to you; and you got an audience that will listen to you day and night.

(They get high on it?)

Oh yes.  But if you walk out there and say, “Look everything you’re doing, whatever you’re experiencing is a balance — you are responsible.  If you don’t like this, change what you’re doing — change your attitude/action; and you could begin to bring about an entirely different situation.

(But in the case of a riot, what is the form?)

The form is the crowd, the number of people. And, of course, the result is the riot.

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