Reality Check of the Garbage Man

                  From El paso 9/1979

Now I will ask you a pointed question.  If you had a chance today to live in a city with the finest medical clinic, finest hospital and the finest educated doctors in the world; but no sanitation department.  And the other choice you had was to live in a town that didn’t have a doctor one, in it nor a hospital, nor an infirmary; but had one wonderful sanitation department – which one would you move to?  

(Sanitation Department.)

I’ve traveled into cities where the sanitation department is on strike; and the garbage was piled everywhere.   I’ll take the one that didn’t have the doctor in it if I had to make that choice ‘cause I haven’t used the services of a doctor in more years than I care to mention; but I’ve used the sanitation department every day – every day.  So who’s the biggest man around town, the garbage collector or the doctor?   Tell me that.

(Garbage collector.) 

But you know we look down on the poor garbage collector and to the doctor we kowtow.

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