Wanting to be safe

[from Marsha:  In these times of 2020 and the coronavirus with conflicting information from many sources about masks, social distancing, washing hands frequently, not touching face, fear of people coughing or sneezing, no hugging, no touching outside activities being safer than inside activities; and everyone in conflict about what’s “safe”. Seems they are accepting beliefs that are “logical to them” until necessity drives them out to do what they need and later want to do despite the constant warnings of illness and death.

And so I come across this little parable told by Dr. Bob in a workshop. It is interesting to contemplate.]

Building the tower for safety

Now I heard of a man who wasn’t free to have any discomfort occur to him, so he went out and put himself in the middle and began to build a tower. So he kept building it up and building it up; and he could see that danger could still come from above so he finally completely enclosed it over as a dome on top. He had lots of bricks and mortar inside. He completely closed it over. Now he couldn’t have any doors or windows in this thing because danger could come through those. So, of course, when he got it all sealed up, you can imagine that very shortly he used up all the air in there and he smothered…..

[from Marsha: This is only a physical parable that can be used to observe what goes on within mentally and emotionally.]

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