Pictures in the Mind

[from Marsha

Have you ever noticed that there are pictures going on in your mind?   Do you have pictures in there from the past, pictures predicting tomorrow and on into the future – pictures of arguments and unresolved conflicts? Are those pictures accurate?    Below is a condensed verson of the topic from Dr. Bob.]


So are we responsible for the pictures that float in the head – they don’t just float – we floated them around because we weren’t payin’ any attention to what they were doing; and so the pictures got made.

One day I saw a pretty lady sittin’ in her automobile on a parking lot; and she hadn’t even started her car because she couldn’t decide whether to stay or go — it was snowing very heavily. She had two pictures in her head and didn’t know which was the “right thing to do”. So I gave a push to one of ‘em. I sat with her a few minutes and made one picture look better than the other one.   I added a few little pictures on it and put color in it so one looked better than the other.

Now you see when you get two pictures in your head and you’re “scared of both of ‘em” which way do you go? That’s called freezing. When you make two and you “want both of them”, then it’s called catatonic – you can’t go either way.

Okay, let’s talk about some of the pictures that you might have made that you did not accept responsibility for; and you finally see that those two pictures made problems?   Who made the pictures?

(I did.)

But you forgot about makin’ ‘em, huh? And that’s when we say we can be aware of the picture makin’ behavior.

Now one of our most used bits of behavior is makin’ pictures in the mind – You’re making pictures when you’re doing everything else — even while you’re doin’ dishes, walkin’, drivin’, shopping — while you’re doin’ everything and anything.

So the most used behavior of mankind is the picture makin’ ability of the mind. Now that is where it pays very well to pay attention to that behavior because that is the most common behavior we have is the picture makin’ of the mind.

So if I see I have made two pictures, I can look for an experiment to run — I can then collect information as to whether the picture will work or not, okay? .

So this is when you begin to take responsibility for illusion and not saying, “Well I conceived it, now I’ll just do some positive thinking and it’ll happen magically?” But if I just think positive and sit and wait in the house for the miracle to occur, tell me how long it will take? Forever – no matter if you treated 16 times a day, right?

Now if you remember, you are making the pictures, you stop and say “I’m making this picture” then you’re remembering the self; and you don’t have much problem – that’s all there is to it. You can’t make a problem now – you start laughin’ at yourself every time you start makin’ a problem.

You’re good at makin’ pictures and holdin’ ‘em.   Huh? But….you got a couple of scenes going on in there that’s in conflict So you hold the picture — hold the thoughts – hold the illusion for who knows what.

Do you remember you’re makin’ the picture or do you forget all about it and suddenly get yourself scared of the picture?

Okay, so let’s do it deliberately — on purpose.   Consciously make all kinds of pictures. Then, sometime when you’re makin’ these pictures and you really weren’t paying attention; maybe you’ll quickly remember that all pictures in the mind are made by who?

Now if you self remember, you can be aware that you’re doing that and stop and say “I’m making this picture” then you’re remembering self – and you don’t have much problem. You can’t make one now – you start laughin’ at yourself everytime you start makin’ a problem.

The most wonderful ability of man is the ability to create an illusion —is that right?   However, I am saying take responsibility for it and conceive every kind of picture you want and know that this is the ability to create – that which makes man god-like is the ability to create an illusion and also to let the illusion go after while. That’s what makes him god–like is his ability to create – but take responsibility for the creation. I would not say any illusion in the mind was either good, bad or indifferent – only thing I said was take responsibility for it, is that right? I didn’t say quit making illusions. The ability to create illusions is the most valued creation of man – the most common behavior – that which makes him a human being which makes him a god in disguise.

So when a god disclaims responsibility for his creating ability, he’s gonna get scared of the worlds he creates and try to run away from them so fast that he forgot he created them. So one could drop the pictures made of the past and see only the probability of future events instead of believing the picture in the mind. Then one could be in the moment.

Now when all struggle after illusions are gone, the mind gets quiet.   When you’re totally unconcerned with how and why things happen, it’s pretty wonderful – there’s a whole bunch of ways.

If you want to know something, just shift into the attitude of listening. Try it the next time with “What’s goin’ on?” instead of how or why did this happen ask “What’s going on?” You kind of relax; and you got a quiet mind. Normally you see something and you wanna know why and then change it into what you think it ought to be. How about just lettin’ it remain quiet by inquiring as to “what’s goin’ on” if you wanna ask a question.

When you have a quiet mind you have more perception. So you can call it a voice or you can call it a thought — or you can call it any number of other things. Why not leave it as is, okay?   Just stay in the quiet.

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