Stepping out of society

[Very often we get caught up in the suggestion of “What will people think”. When this occurs, it creates “conflict and competition” not only within self; but also with others.   It is interesting to discover how often this occurs just by being aware and observing. Below are some thoughts about the trap.]

What will people think is our biggest competition item, isn’t it? I’m afraid you will think I’m kinda dopey, so I will have to begin to compete so that you will think more of me than you do Ever watch that little game?

So I will compete for “what will people think”; and I will try to get you to think more approval of me than you do of him or her, huh? And here we go. Is this society? Do you wanna live in it?   There’s nothing but war and death that’s in it – you can observe it in conversations, actions, and thoughts which is in the realm of relationships – it determines whether the relationship is in harmony or conflict.    Often this is just ideals, opinions and conclusions we have that don’t agree with others.   It all starts off with competition. The division in man brings about division between man and man.

There’s also “What do I think of me”. This can create an internal war within myself called conflict which sooner or later can then manifest itself it in conflict with others. For instance, if I am working at “self improving” me, then eventually I want to “self improve” you – I think I know what you need or what you ought to be – in other words, be more like me..

Competition and worrying about what people think is an internal thing first; however once one is no longer competitive within self – he sees the whole idea of competition as a fallacy, and steps out of the illusion. He will not compete with anyone; and consequently, he won’t be invited to join in anybody’s conflict.

But you see we seldom step out of society. We’re always gonna fight it and make the other side work better. In other words if I’m a good A I’m gonna make the B’s get in line to be A’s. And if I’m a good B I’m gonna try and make the A’s get in line to be good B’s, so it’s still competition isn’t it?   So we see competition everywhere. (see illustration of the Picture of Man on the webpage of A and B sides.)

Now can you just step out of it? To step out of it is to become noncompetitive not only within oneself but also with others – to be at peace. How much effort does it take – we just observe the decision or the reaction to do it and see the fallacy of this. Can you see that the division starts within the person? The conflict can then escalate to the point of violence.

Now if I get out and organize a group to demonstrate against the establishment, have I stepped out of society? No, I’m still right in there competing and still expressing my division within myself. And then I can say I’m opposed to this, but somebody else says we’re opposed to what you’re doing and the fight’s on.

But now let’s say that I’m just not interested in either side of that little noise; and I just will not compete – I’m gonna do what I’m interested in. I won’t be invited to be in anybody’s conflict.   Can you kinda see how that could be.   I think you can if you’ll think just a minute.

But, you see, we like a certain amount of this competition because we always think we’re gonna win. I’m gonna win out over the others. I wanna make it all my way; and we’re gonna win in this competition; and so we like it because it gives us a sense of power.

That’s the story of Animal Farm. Did you ever read that little book?   So then I’m just saying well the pigs will run it better than Farmer Jones – is that right? I’m the pigs of course, huh? And so we will organize and do. Now did that end any competition?   It didn’t end a bit. You’ll get carried away with vanity and pride in your self discipline. Now you will try to force it on me and so then I’m liable to buck it, and again we got a fight.

How about just steppin’ out of society?

But you see we compete all over the place. How about just letting that all come to an end – end all competition and say I’m gonna do what I love to do. I’m gonna do what I like to do and I don’t care how much more you have or how much less you have, I have no concern with that.

Now to set up a culture, it starts with one individual who is noncompetitive. Then two people might see each other; and they might say, “All right, I’m non competing and you’re non competing.” That way we could kinda operate in the same area a little bit. Would the thing be then that we would start cooperating or would we have the very minimum of cooperation. Which would it be? Would we cooperate or would we set up as our purpose to cooperate a lot or to be the very minimum of cooperation – which would it be?

A very minimum because if we’re gonna cooperate then I’m gonna have to have competition as to which one is doing enough; and then I got to get somebody else as judge to watch between you and me then, don’t we? So, if needed, we’ll cooperate to dig the ditch out there; and then you can go back and do your thing and I’ll go do mine – so it’d be the minimum of cooperation. Could there be peace in such people then? Somebody else might come along and see the value of doing likewise.

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