Happy 2016 and Welcome to Project Preservation!

We’re starting the New Years by getting in touch with all our Friends of the Teachings to let you know how thankful we are for your continued interest, support, and feedback.  And also to let you know about some delightful changes and additions to the website.  Check out:

1)  A beautiful picture of Dr. Bob and a small homage – click on the tab named “Dr. Bob Bio” at the top of any page.

2)  Click on the “Basics” tab and you’ll see “Books” in the drop-down menu.  Five of the six books Dr. Bob had printed are there in pdf or web page format.  If you prefer to have a beautiful hold-in-your-hand book version of Life’s Word, it can be purchased through Amazon at this link: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/1442157585?keywords=Life’s%20Word%20by%20Anonymous&qid=1450887235&ref_=sr_1_42&sr=8-42

3)  The “Transformation” poster from 1978 is now available under “Definitions & Illustrations”, a drop down menu under “Exercises”.

4)  The “Workshops” section has new workshops, faithfully transcribed from the original audio file to retain Dr. Bob’s unique style of talking.  (We now have extra proofreaders that are making this go much faster, so check back frequently for new material.)  The newer workshops are set up as “read alone” or to be read as a companion to the audio files themselves.  And that brings us to a major change in what is available to you.

5)  Click on the “Links” tab;  under “Project Preservation” you’ll find links to DropBox and YouTube where you can listen to audios or watch Dr. Bob.  What a treat for everyone, especially those who never had the privilege of meeting him.

This and the materials to come are accomplished under the umbrella of  “Project Preservation”.  We’re scouring the 4 corners to find every workshop, video and paper that Dr. Bob ever created.  Eventually most everything will be available in written as well as mp3 format.  We still have a huge amount of material to complete, but could be missing something you have.  If you notice that, let us know and we’ll check our files.  Also, if you’d like to contribute in some way (so appreciated!), please contact us.

Before Dr. Bob left the Party, he asked that the material be made available to everyone.  It is to this aim we are concentrating our efforts.  Project Preservation makes this site the “Ark” for these gifts given so generously to all of us.

Marsha:  marsha@marshasummers.com

Tina:  drbobark@gmail.com

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