Two Experiments

When we go to a typical school, we are told to read the material, memorize it, “learn” it, and be able to pass a test.   When we hear the Teachings, perhaps we associate this with school as we knew it.

So when we encounter the Teaching ideas, many of us think we have it because we read it, memorized the words and can speak it. It’s not enough.  We are encouraged to experiment with these ideas and see what happens.

To experiment with an idea has been said to disprove it.   When we experiment with an idea not only can we experience a difference, the idea can stay with us, becoming a new choice – like keeping the mood up, or contributing to a pleasant mood.   The more we use it, the more it becomes part of our daily life and serves us – we live in what we radiate.

So below are a few experiments that can be run to see what happens. And an experiment means there is no failure.

Experiment #1

Work on seeing all events, circumstances and people (including self) as just fine the way they are.


  1. I don’t know what I need
  2. I don’t know what ought to be
  3. I don’t know who or what to blame (or the cause of anything)
  4. I don’t know the future

When the not-I’s take charge and one feels angry, fearful, guilty, insecure, self-pitying – remember and repeat the above. Then WORK with it to discover – what’s the illusion I’m operating from right now?

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