Aim and What Ought To Be

Excerpt From Santa Ana School Disk 2

(What’s the difference between an aim and what oughta be when you’re trying to do something?)

Well, an aim is just what I’m playin’. I’m having fun.  I don’t care whether it happens or not – it’s just a direction I’m choosing.  Did you ever go out and shoot tin cans?

(No, I throw rocks at them.)

Ok, same difference. So you aimed at the tin can, but nothing really depended on whether you hit it or not, did it?


Ok, that’s “aim”. And what ought to be, everything depends on it being like it ought to be.  If you don’t believe it, watch everybody scream and holler and the turmoil they go through.  Right.  Everything depends on things being what ought to be.  Now what I intend to do – I’m liable to change my mind before I really get started on it, you know

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