New Workshops Posted

Check out the latest Workshops posted on the site by clicking the Workshops menu button above.

You will see Rodey, NM – 1979, Roswell, NM – 1975 (just posted yesterday) and Santa Ana,CA School – 1977

So keep checking the website for new materials.

Also we have added a new feature to the “Basics” in that we are in a process of completing verbatim transcriptions of the original 48 tapes and adding those transcriptions at the ends of the original pages.  To date we have done the first 3 tapes.

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Happy 2016 and Welcome to Project Preservation!

We’re starting the New Years by getting in touch with all our Friends of the Teachings to let you know how thankful we are for your continued interest, support, and feedback.  And also to let you know about some delightful changes and additions to the website.  Check out:

1)  A beautiful picture of Dr. Bob and a small homage – click on the tab named “Dr. Bob Bio” at the top of any page.

2)  Click on the “Basics” tab and you’ll see “Books” in the drop-down menu.  Five of the six books Dr. Bob had printed are there in pdf or web page format.  If you prefer to have a beautiful hold-in-your-hand book version of Life’s Word, it can be purchased through Amazon at this link:’s%20Word%20by%20Anonymous&qid=1450887235&ref_=sr_1_42&sr=8-42

3)  The “Transformation” poster from 1978 is now available under “Definitions & Illustrations”, a drop down menu under “Exercises”.

4)  The “Workshops” section has new workshops, faithfully transcribed from the original audio file to retain Dr. Bob’s unique style of talking.  (We now have extra proofreaders that are making this go much faster, so check back frequently for new material.)  The newer workshops are set up as “read alone” or to be read as a companion to the audio files themselves.  And that brings us to a major change in what is available to you.

5)  Click on the “Links” tab;  under “Project Preservation” you’ll find links to DropBox and YouTube where you can listen to audios or watch Dr. Bob.  What a treat for everyone, especially those who never had the privilege of meeting him.

This and the materials to come are accomplished under the umbrella of  “Project Preservation”.  We’re scouring the 4 corners to find every workshop, video and paper that Dr. Bob ever created.  Eventually most everything will be available in written as well as mp3 format.  We still have a huge amount of material to complete, but could be missing something you have.  If you notice that, let us know and we’ll check our files.  Also, if you’d like to contribute in some way (so appreciated!), please contact us.

Before Dr. Bob left the Party, he asked that the material be made available to everyone.  It is to this aim we are concentrating our efforts.  Project Preservation makes this site the “Ark” for these gifts given so generously to all of us.



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An Experiment – Reporting with Feeling, not Words

So many of us think of reporting as words:  “Hank is feeling sorry for self,” or “Mary is angry,” or simply, “That’s a not-I,” thinking that saying the words will change the feeling and we’ll leave our “funk”.  And though the words have value so that the intellect can recognize and define, what gets reported to X is the FEELING, not the words.  It’s fine to say, “I’m feeling guilty,” or “Jerry is feeling guilty,” yet just saying or thinking the words isn’t reporting to X and the feeling of guilt usually remains.

The feeling is what’s reported to X.  For example, if one is feeling fearful, that’s what X gets (no matter how much I say to myself I’m confident or thankful).  However, we can report with feeling accurately and X will do the appropriate thing for the information received.  The first step is to recognize the “what is:”  (Ok, I’m feeling pretty fearful about _____.)  We can then ASK ourselves, “Is this to “my” advantage?  Do I want to stay this way?”  If we do, that’s perfectly fine.  If we don’t, we can CHOOSE another feeling a little higher up on the Tone Scale where it’s not so hard on the ole’ bod.

One good, simple, work-a-day feeling is Vital Interest.  We can always get interested in something – even if it’s cleaning a closet or doing the dishes or running an errand.  We can get vitally interested in situations, people, animals, conversations, work, anthills, scenery; the list is endless.  So if we choose Vital Interest as an inner feeling, what’s next?

ACTION.  Set a timer and for the next 20-30 minutes, ACT the way you want to feel.  Getting the body involved is the key here.  The inner feeling will change (from fear, self-pity, guilt or boredom, resentment, anger, anxiety or worry, feeling “better than” or “inferior to”) to a feeling of Enthusiasm or Vital Interest.  And as we ACT, so shall we FEEL.  And that’s what X responds to.

Submitted by Tian

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Two Experiments

When we go to a typical school, we are told to read the material, memorize it, “learn” it, and be able to pass a test.   When we hear the Teachings, perhaps we associate this with school as we knew it.

So when we encounter the Teaching ideas, many of us think we have it because we read it, memorized the words and can speak it. It’s not enough.  We are encouraged to experiment with these ideas and see what happens.

To experiment with an idea has been said to disprove it.   When we experiment with an idea not only can we experience a difference, the idea can stay with us, becoming a new choice – like keeping the mood up, or contributing to a pleasant mood.   The more we use it, the more it becomes part of our daily life and serves us – we live in what we radiate.

So below are a few experiments that can be run to see what happens. And an experiment means there is no failure.

Experiment #1

Work on seeing all events, circumstances and people (including self) as just fine the way they are.


  1. I don’t know what I need
  2. I don’t know what ought to be
  3. I don’t know who or what to blame (or the cause of anything)
  4. I don’t know the future

When the not-I’s take charge and one feels angry, fearful, guilty, insecure, self-pitying – remember and repeat the above. Then WORK with it to discover – what’s the illusion I’m operating from right now?

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What ought to be

Excerpt From Santa Ana School Disk 2

I want to see if you have looked at all at what we talked about, ’cause I said it will be absolutely no value to you unless you begin to catch on to the tremendous joke that’s been played on you that you have an absolute certainty that you know what ought to be. And that consequently it leaves you most of your day – not all the time – but a lot of the time that you’re in an inner state of some degree of struggle as to get what ought to be.  Or you’re resisting what is because it’s not what ought to be, or that you are in a conflict because what is, is not what it ought to be.  Now this is not bad, good or any other way, it’s just that it’s unnecessary – totally unnecessary.

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Suggestibility is when a person is – we could use the same one here. Could we go ahead and use this one.  A guy going from A to B, and the other guy that’s going here – the traveler.  The traveler’s not suggestible because he’s not trying to get to a goal.

But now if I had a goal or an ideal down the road and you told me there was some way to get it that you’d heard of, huh?   Then I’d be very quick to buy the suggestion that you laid out.

But if I’m just traveling, it really doesn’t matter, you know, so it sounds good.

Some people called me from Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon and told me about a wonderful opportunity they had to invest funds. They wanted to know if I had any and I told them thank goodness I was broke so I couldn’t invest in it.   They can put in a minimum of $5,000 or anywhere up and get 2 1/2% per week return – that’s per week now, understand?  In other words $125 a week to get a return – every week now; they get paid weekly on this.  And then at the end of six months, they get 12% so it’d be another $600 come off of this.  So you get this for $125.  A week for 26 weeks times 6 is $3,250. You’d get back on the $5,000, plus your $5,000 back, ok?

(You get that back?)

Oh yeah, you get the five grand back too. So at the end of the month, you get $8,250 for your $5,000 investment.  Now a couple of them was selling their houses so they could go in heavy – like for $25 to $50,000 (they hold equity in their house.)

(They became trippers.)

They became trippers… well, no they’re very voluntary, they was working hard to get the funds so they could get into it.

Now they were highly suggestible, huh? Some guy come along which we ordinarily… in my terminology would call the shill.  But the shill went around and told them all that he’d put in X number of dollars in this company down in Phoenix and in six months he not only made this, he’d made a big bonus on it.  It was fantastic – he got like some $50,000 back.

Now of course, they couldn’t wait to get in on it. Now if your goal was to get rich, make a lot of money without working, then you’d be highly suggestible.

Now when I listened to this, I thought of a gentleman by the name of Ponzi who did a little game on people some number of years ago that he… Mr. Ponzi offered fantastic returns on an investment and he gave them to a number of people because he was keepin’ new people comin’ in. As long as you had enough new ones comin’ in, why you could pay these fantastic returns on ‘em, right?

Now this guy could do this – if he gets enough new people comin’ in, he could pay several of them; but then of course, you’re five and your suggestibility would go wild and you’d put your house in, go mortgage your house and get all the money you can get – mortgage your apartment house and get all you can on it, borrow all you could from the relatives and whatever else and get in on this thing. Now that is suggestibility, is that right?

But now he was a tripper – they’re all trippers just wantin’ to get on this.   Now I told them a gentle little story about Mr. Ponzi while I was talking to ‘em; but they didn’t want to hear about Mr. Ponzi, see.  They figured that was, you know… I was an old kill joy and so forth like this.  An opportunity of a lifetime to get in on a deal like this, you know.  So there’s only a limited number of people, of course, they can accept as clients.  You understand that also.

(Those that don’t have connections with the police.)


Or somethin’, somethin’ like that. But anyway, they were very excited over their great game.  Now I would say that’s being highly suggestible, huh?  Now it is said that a person is suggestible if they have some burning desire of some sort, like to get rich or to do this, or to have power, or have ability, then they are highly suggestible.  Now if you were just a traveler  …..

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