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Definitions - X

Excerpt from May 24, 1980 Workshop*
(*Audience participation is in parentheses--notations in brackets have been added for clarification )

We join the workshop when Dr Bob says, "We will not use the term "mine."

The word "mine" has been twisted around so many times, I wouldn't want to state how I'm going to use it, so we'll simply use awareness. You're aware of what's about you. You're aware two plus two equals four etc.

Then there is something in "beings" that we will refer to as X. What it is, is Life. Life, if we observe it, is a great intelligence. It knows how to take two microscopic cells and in 280 days produce a human being. Then it knows how to take the baby and in a few years increase it's size 7, 8, 20 times without hardly any effort and with no one hardly noticing. Bones get larger, tissues are all getting larger, new functions are coming into being. All this is happening continually without any effort on your part--it's just doing it.

If you get a cut or a scratch, it heals in a few days. If you break a bone, it will grow together. Even if you don't set it straight, it will grow together--it's better if you get it straight.

You can have 101 little bugs attack you and aggravate you for a while; but you get along all right with them pretty soon. So there is something super intelligent [within each being.]

It knows how to take a ham sandwich and in a few minutes, turn it into human flesh and blood, and human energy. I haven't found a scientist yet that knows how to do that in his laboratory.

So Life is a very very super intelligence; but we don't know what it is, but we can sure tell when it's there and when it's not. If you take a look at a body which has no Life, you are well aware of it quickly. It doesn't matter if it's a blade of grass, a tree, or a human being, a dog or cat.

[What we refer to as X is within each individual. It not only takes care of the body; but also takes care of the "how" of anything that we report accurately on. This explanation was put here for those who are looking at the excerpts before the basic pages are read.]