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An Introduction

A Definition Of Teaching:

The describing of those ideas, ideals and beliefs one has accepted as true
which are obstructions to liberation.

From: "The Place Of Language In The Teachings" By Rhondell

I've been a student of what is called "The Teachings" for approximately 40 years. I was introduced to these ideas via cassette tapes with a few workshops with the teacher--ideas which no man claims credit for and ideas which are are not advertised commercially. They come by word of mouth only, are not associated with any organization. They can only be received from person to person or "lip to ear" or presently through the internet.

We who study do what we call the Work--the activity of inquiring into and experimenting with the teaching ideas and concepts to see what happens when they are applied to one's everyday life. Students are scattered all over the world. We endeavor to use the ideas to study the "self". We are aware we can create a new purpose of living rather than continue reacting mechanically to all the events, people and circumstances around us. We discover that when we are unconscious, we continually strive for an illusionary non-disturbed state of being.

Since my teacher has passed on, my purpose in this web site is to continue to make the teachings available to those who have previously studied with him, and those who somehow find their way to this site,have a desire to grow spiritually, see the value, and are able to work with the ideas herein. It is my way of being able to contribute understanding and harmony to this potentially beautiful -- but sometimes confusing and frustrating world we live in.

For those of you who aren't familiar with any of this, let's start at the beginning with the first idea I worked with; and surprisingly enough, still find as valuable today as it was 40 years ago.

That is:

The "self" experiences many thoughts which lead to feelings or "emotions".If they lead to feelings, we are:

  1. vitally interested we want to accept a challenge
  2. we are enthusiastic

If we allow the thoughts to lead us to emotions:

  1. we are "angry, fearful, guilty or insecure".we "find fault" with everything and everybody
  2. we often say and do things that aren't to our advantage

What are thoughts and where do they come from?

The Teachings say that we think in association. In addition we see, smell, taste, hear and touch. These sensations also associate with a past time, place and circumstance. From the association which we rarely recognize, the thoughts then play a game with us of "then is now". In this mix within, there are many ideals of how things and people "should be". So much is illusion and the Teachings give us a way to sort out the real from the imagined.

So we can begin an idea of the Work by . . .

  1. Seeing that we are not our thoughts. . . (derogatory thoughts about self, others or circumstance are called "not i's".We can observe those "thoughts" without criticizing or judging them. . . . that is to say just allow those thoughts to be there and "pass on by" like traffic on a highway without feeling that we have to act on them.
  2. While all that is going on, we can still be in the present moment--where we are--seeing what is going on at the moment and seeing what is to our advantage to do.

Thanks to the Teachings and working with them every day; I've always found it to be to my advantage to Keep the Mood Up and make as unimportant as I can, the things that are going on that I don't like at the moment. I can also see what value there might be, in the present moment, for me--sometimes it is an opportunity for observing "self", sometimes it's an opportunity to use the ideas of the teaching as an experiment in the current situation, and sometimes it's an opportunity to use a skill or talent I've developed.

These teachings provide an opportunity to grow spiritually which affects all other aspects of the human being--the mental--the physical--and the emotional. I've found it particularly valuable because I can study by myself and not be dependant on someone or an organization. For this reason I've been able to stay "with it" for a considerable number of years and find the words and ideas are always fresh and new, and applicable to the events in my life today. For those of you who aren't "computer literate", the items in "blue" will take you to that topic in depth and what has been transcribed. You can then print it out for further study. Have fun!

-- Marsha --

J O I N   U S

 You will notice a menu item above (and on each page) labeled "Basics".  That link will take you to these 48 Lessons.

In the 60’s and ‘70’s, Dr. Bob created several “Schools” where students of the Teachings could live, attend talks, do practical work, and participate in circumstances that brought to light the discovery of the mechanical self.  Unable to provide as many Schools as there were people interested, he decided to put a “School” on cassette tapes so that anyone, anywhere could attend.  Though technology has changed, they are still affectionately called, “The 48 Tapes”. These Lessons are the basic ideas of the Teachings, designed to be used in numerical order, starting with the first Lesson and proceeding, one at a time, for 48 weeks.

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