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A Short Biography

Dr. Robert Rhondell Gibson
(“Dr. Bob”)
July 25, 1916 – December 18, 1994

Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob always cautioned that, “It’s the contents that count, not the container.”  Yet we felt that just a few words about the “container” would be appropriate, especially for those who never had the privilege of meeting him.

Dr. Robert Rhondell Gibson, simply known as Dr. Bob by his friends, students and those who loved him, was born in the hills of Kentucky.   He left the medical field to dedicate his life to bringing the “Teachings” to those who asked.  Over time, he touched and changed the lives of thousands around the world…without ever promoting himself or the Teachings, without claiming authority, without encouraging followers and without ever once claiming credit or ownership for the material he presented.  He was funny, light, respectful, humble, powerful, infinitely kind and loving.  He was a walking demonstration of Agape, a true living Teacher.  We are deeply grateful for his bringing the Teachings (also called “The Work”) to us at this point in time. 

Regarding a brief history of the Teachings, he said one time, “… the Schools practically went out of existence.  But one was carried on an ark.  Now through the ages there's always been certain resistances to it.  But there's always been an ark, which means that there is somewhere that the Teaching material is kept alive.”  This website is dedicated to that aim.