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Definitions - One Aspect of Love

The Four Aspects Encompassed in "Love"

  1. EROS--Physical attention(a natural feeling)
  2. PIA--Parent to child(a natural feeling)
  3. PHILO--Approval(a natural feeling)
  4. AGAPE--Understanding(a deliberate use of the mind)

From The Place Of Language In The Teachings
by Rhondell

One Aspect Of Love

The "Teachings" take the word love and break it down to four words. One of those words is "Agape" and is defined as:

AGAPE- the understanding that whatever anyone is doing, has done, or will do, that at the moment of doing, he feels that what is being done is right, proper, or justified according to the light he has at that moment.

The "Teachings" are not interested in self-improvement (Ah, what a relief!). The ideas are used as a tool to observe without criticizing or judging, and to see

"What's going on" around and within us.

Sometimes when I "wake" up and find I am judging myself or another, I remember this definition. At that moment, I can speculate as to what "justification" "I" am -- or "They" are using. I may not ever truly know, but it at least the speculation puts a stop for the moment of the "not i judger" that a moment before was creating an unpleasant mood within me.

We will also be discussing the other Aspects and will include practical examples and experiments as we progress in this discussion.