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Excerpts - Teachers in Disguise - Scottsdale, AZ 1969

Excerpt from Workshop:  Scottsdale, AZ 1969 – CD 4 of 5

But the teacher is the person who most annoys you in your everyday life – that’s your teacher.  And the Host provided that teacher right there for you.  And he’s always standin’ right here, you know, the Host keeps him up with you all day long – he’s on the Degree Team.  So the person who most annoys you is doing exactly the same motive as you are – he’s just using a little different method, you know?  So, if somebody gripes a lot and annoys you, you can be sure that you’re griping or doing something for the same purpose that that person’s doing their griping for.  So then the best teacher we have is a person who most annoys you. 

And it’s a peculiar thing that once you recognize that and see that that is a teacher and that he is doing what you’re doing and you quit doin’ it – you know, that person doesn’t bug you anymore.  He works on somebody else then. 

But you’ll get another teacher for the next game.  [He laughs.]  Suddenly the Host has another teacher there to teach you the next thing up, you know.  So you do a lot of worrying or you’re highly suggestible to people’s worries and aggravations.  You’ll find there is one comes right up and starts suggestin’ worries to you.  And peculiar thing, when they’re doing that, you must be suggesting worries to other people a little bit, you know.  Yours, of course, are different from the ones that they’re using; but the same method is to control.  

So as long as we’re trying to control people, there is a controller sittin’ in me.  And when I see that and no longer try to control anyone by any means, by selling or otherwise, then all these controllers suddenly don’t bug me.  They’re not in my existence anymore; they departed.  They went somewheres else.  They got another guy to work on, you know?  I’m sure they don’t get relief, they just keep on but they go to work on somebody else right away.