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Definitions - States of Consciousness (Tone Scale)

[When we are going through our day to day living; we may be aware we're angry, fearful, or some other emotion; but we may not have thought of these as "states of consciousness". These have been identified in the Teachings series of 48 tapes, which I haven't completed on this web site. Since the "states of consciousness" are referred to in some of the workshops, I consider it valuable to add this information for quick reference. If one is aware that there are such things as states of consciousness; it is possible to observe it and bring about a change.]

Sleep - bed sleep (one is not "responsible" and some dreams are recalled and some are not recalled.)

Waking sleep - one is working in a "conditioned state" and is "mechanical"

Self aware - one is paying attention to the self as an object

Objective awareness - One sees everything freely without identifying with anything

One has no ideal to compare the present event or person to


Coma -

Behavior: apparent death

Physical: unconscious

Walking Sleep

Apathy -

Behavior: regrets the past, dreads the future, tells lies to get pity, anxious about self, refuses to listen,

Description: (one is totally under the control of suggestion)

If a suggestion from within or without says, "You are paralyzed." you are.

If a suggestion from within or without says, "You are in a pitiful state," one feels pitiful.

Talks piteous about self, slumped mouth way down,

Head to one side or other as though unable to hold it up,

Begs for pity by sad stories about self, blames others all the time, cries,

Makes moaning sounds, says, "I hope so" as though "what's the use, everything will turn out miserable anyway."

Physical adaptations: chronic illness if not one thing 2 others, malfunction of all organs, irregular discharge of body waste, sighing breathing, skin hangs from flesh. A person looks terrible, won't smile, the flesh hangs and one has sad eyes.

Fear -

Behavior: tries to prove others wrong, anxious about the future, flips hands away from self when talking,

Description: One thinks every dread thing is going to happen such as inflation, Illness, catastrophes, joblessness, no food and etc.

Stooped mouth down, head down, always hurries, doesn't look directly at anyone, Doubts any idea that's new, likes and dislikes being alone at the same time,

Talks of the past with regrets,

Looks for some way to criticize the motives of others, voice rises and falls,

Physical: chronic glandular and nervous disorders, headaches, digestive upsets, Rapid weak heart action, breathing fast and shallow, fatigued, hungry, accidents and many serious illnesses, subject to mental disorders,

One in this "anxiety" will oftentimes be overweight.

Held Resentment - (combination of fear and anger.)

Behavior: gossips, makes insinuating remarks, talks of the past, says, "I can't", Doesn't accept as true anything told, speech halting, forgetful, says, "I just don't know."

Description: One is "angry" but "afraid" to do anything about it. One thinks he has been mistreated. There is continual internal seething, fighting in imagination and thoughts of getting even.

Dishonest with self and thinks others are dishonest with them,

Poor ability, tense, never relaxes, walks, stands and sits leaned forward,

Mouth set, looks out to the side.

Physical adaptation: the person is often skinny. Fast heart action,

Spastic conditions, skin disorders, cramps, muscular soreness, seizures, accidents, Low grade infections, never feels good, serious illness frequently,

Serious respiratory conditions, dry and underweight

Anger -

Behavior: antagonistic without reason, finds fault with everything and everybody, talks of death, war, and punishment, believes all alarming statements.

Description: continually sticking up for "rights".

One feels mistreated and entitled to revenge, usually blunt and rude,

Often successful and has accumulated properties from running over people.

Keeps shoulders set, squints, keeps teeth clenched, neck rigid, fast loud speech, Tries to control people by threats, takes over conversations by butting in, Invalidates all new ideas without investigation,

Physical adaptation: fast heart action, blood pressure high, arthritic conditions, stones, gall bladder and kidney, constipation, gas, eye and ear trouble,

Congestive disorders, has potbelly and ruddy complexion.

Boredom -

Behavior: sloppy in personal habits, lazy, likes crude humor,

Description: One has achieved some comfort, pleasure, attention, approval and power over others; however, it didn't deliver what was wanted.

Becomes disinterested in anything.

You hear a bored person say; "I've heard all that before."

Doesn't do much because they believe everything is the same.

Looking for excitement and often turn to excesses,

Doesn't see much or hear much, not interested in new ideas, doesn't want much, Doesn't want job with responsibility, posture sloppy, leans on things,

Grumpy most of the time puts things off until tomorrow,

Frequently says, "I'm going to do that when I have time."

Physical adaptation: has occasional acute illness,

Usually respiratory or digestive disorders, accidents, always tired,

Much below par, getting old, has infections from even slight wounds,

Contentment -

Behavior: likes people that like him allows others the right to their ideas, talks on personal interest subjects

Description: One has recently gotten all attention, approval, comfort and pleasure. They're not overly interested in being a student of the "Work."

They just want to enjoy success.

They believe they are 100% conscious and have 100% free agency.

Enjoys self most of time, looks neat, seldom grumpy, usually sober, kind,

Does work well, not apt to study for improvement?

Keeps attention on present time and place, inclined to let well enough alone, Inclined to let unfinished jobs accumulate,

Physical adaptation: general body tone tends to be flabby, tires easily,

Seldom sick, recuperates quickly; however generally below par and aging

Awareness of Self-Objective

Vital Interest -

Behavior: likes people, likes to investigate and discuss new ideas,

Mostly talks on serious subjects, looks, sees, listens, hears, likes humor,

Accepts responsibility for self and betterment of environment,

Description: sees others without condemning or justifying.

Can be untold understanding.

Can get "caught up" with experiencing this "state", think one has "self improved" and begin to say, "I did all this," and fall back down the line to a lower consciousness.

Erect, sober, pleasant, sees reason in events and behavior of all people,

Has pleasure in creative work and play, continues on a job until finished,

Physical adaptation: no sickness, very few minor accidents,

General body tone firm, endurance moderate, few signs of aging,

Exhilaration -

Behavior: loves mankind, (agape) grants independence to all,

Recognizes other viewpoint as sincere, sees relationships,

Talks on any subject, sees difference in people and things

Description: is in a state of bliss. No conflict, no obstruction

This "state" is short-lived.

If one identifies with this "state," they may make it important and fall back to apathy, fear, etc.

Creative, gentle, spontaneous, speech strong, swift,

Listens and understands the other's communication, erect, balanced,

Smiles most of the time, looks and sees balance in all events,

Likes good music and art

Physical adaptation: no illness, near accident proof, great endurance, excellent General body tone, no signs of aging--ageless.

Artist - One sees relationships never seen before. This state can only be experienced; one can't bring it on.


There are other upper states that are not listed here because they can only be experienced.

Physical: a state wherein there are no obstructions to creative action.