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By Anon.

“Where shall we hide the Spirit from man?” the gods all cried when he was made. 
“How can we guard our secret now?” they asked each other so afraid. 
“Hide it in the earth, and he’ll mine it. 
Hide it on a mountain, he’ll climb it. 
Even in the sea, he’ll find it. 
Where, oh where, shall we hide the Spirit from man?”

Quite beside themselves they cried,
“This little guy will take our throne. 
We’ve made him far too smart not to claim our heaven home. 
Hide it in the wind, he’ll pursue it. 
Hide it in an atom, he’ll view it. 
Even in an act, and he’ll do it. 
Where shall we hide the Spirit from man?”

They thought of stars and outer space and in the nature of a tree. 
But they knew that man could solve each and every mystery. 
Hide it in matter, and he’ll analyze it. 
Hide it in water, and he’ll crystallize it. 
Even in hell, he’ll surmise it.
“Where shall we hide the Spirit from man?”

Then they saw the mystery of how the frightened gods should win.
The wisest said, “Let’s take the Spirit and hide it deep inside of him. 
Hide it in his heart, and he will doubt it. 
Hide it in his mind, and he’ll live without it. 
Even if we reveal it and shout it,
he’ll never, never believe the Spirit is deep inside of him.”

Shared by Dr. Bob with anyone interested in the Work.