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Excerpts - Romantic Love / Marriage (From Going Forward CD6)

A woman says:

(I’ve got something, it’s really not a problem.)

Well that’s all right—it’s a situation.

(There’s one thing that I haven’t been very good at, and that’s called the institution of marriage.  Ok?  It doesn’t seem to be ok to just……..)

It’s not up your alley, huh?

(I feel like that--I’m a relatively good person to live with and easy to get along with.)

Well, I would think that would be nice…..

(I just haven’t done very good at it.)

Well, I don’t know that anybody does very good at it.

(Ok.  That was my question—and it doesn’t really matter.  Nothing really turns me on or nothing really turns me off, it’s just kind of ok to just be, but  then I really don’t particularly want to live the rest of my life by myself……. )

I doubt if you will.

(Well, what do you think about marriage?)

I try to never think of it.  You know most people have a great idea of marriage as going to do things that it won’t do, ok?  If you saw it as something that it is possible for it to perform, that would be one thing, huh; but most people think marriage is going to make them happy—that it’s going to be a state of eternal bliss—both the boys and the girls—they start in on it with that idea in mind.

Now if I were to consider marriage, I would see it as taking on a big responsibility.   I would decide that I’m going to only contribute one thing to it—I’m going to contribute to a pleasant harmonious mood—whether I’m at home or away.  I’m going to contribute to a pleasant harmonious mood.  Now in that, I think I’d be rather careful as to who I decided I was going to play house with.

(That’s my problem.)

Yeah, because we were talking this morning about these four names that have been translated into love, huh?  (Pia, Eros, Phelia and Agape—use search engine at the bottom of the page.)

So, it’s awful easy to decide to play house with somebody because they give you a thrilling feeling which we’ve been taught to call love—it’s really eros (the mating attraction).  If we knew that was the case; and that eros is not exclusive—eros is not eternal—in fact it is rather transient; and it can certainly be with more than one person.  So, it may be very high today and very low the day after tomorrow, ok? 

Now if we know these things, then we would probably be more careful, of who we would play house with, ok?