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School Talk 17 - Regeneration

Today we said we were going to talk about regeneration. So first off, we’d better talk about generation for a moment before we can talk about regeneration. To generate is to make something new from the word genisis. Genisis is to make something new, create or whatever. (see note at end of transcription) Regeneration, of course would be to recreate or to make all new again and from looking around, most of us could stand a little of it, so maybe we could try.

So we’ll talk about regeneration. Now regeneration is much like integration, it’s not something you gain, it’s something that you get rid of that allows the natural state—the natural state of the human being is to have all cells new every few moments.

Now none of us have any soft tissue cells more than about three or four months old at the utmost. They only live about that long. We shed thousands of them every day and new ones take their places; but the new ones live in a medium, the medium inside the human being is much like the ocean. It’s a water fluid and each little cell throws out its waste products in it, and it also picks out of that little ocean all the things that it needs to function well.

Now if that internal medium, that ocean in there, full of water which we call sirus circulation (or probably lymph or whatever word you want to use for it)--if it is contaminated or polluted, (I believe is the present good word to use), if it’s polluted, then each cell almost on its being new today begins to show signs of aging. It is somewhat wrinkled a little bit. It doesn’t function as fast because of the polluted environment it lives in. Now the heaviest things that we do to get that environment mixed up comes from our inner feeling.

Our inner feelings are basically highly conditioned from all the things we’ve heard to do; and of course, we’re struggling away to be non-disturbed--which is something we may not want to do if we know how much price we’re going to pay for striving to be non-disturbed. Usually we’re unconsciously paying for it with our life and that’s a high price to pay.

We also, of course, complain a lot because we don’t have our way instantly which is adding some more pollution to the strain. We stick up for our rights and get angry which adds a bit more to the pollution. We attempt to please everybody, not because we want to—basically—but because we’re afraid not to.

I get lots of calls from all over the country and that’s one of the favorite ones. I have to do this and I have to do that in order to please people, but they’re resenting it very much. So that makes a lot more pollution in this ocean of water. And of course, we have to use quoting our proper authorities in order to convince every body they should give me my way and then, of course, we try self improvement, we’re totally dissatisfied with ourselves and we should be totally different and of course, finally but not least by any means, we try to find what’s to blame for everything we don’t like.

Now all of these add in a tremendous amount of stress products into the human stream, that fluid that goes through every little new cell that lives in it, so the cells begin to function less well then they did before; and a lot of other things go along with it. Then of course, we can live in environments that are not the best thing around. We can live in contention and noise and many other things that people seem to think are necessary around the household at all times. Some places never have the boob tube off long enough for the tissue cells to slow down a minute. Some have other kinds of noise going on, sometimes its contention. Then, of course, we have nutrition. Now no body knows exactly what the best nutrition is, but we have figured out that if you allow yourself to get really hungry, you usually know what you’re hungry for.

Now if it’s just eating because it’s the time of the day to eat—one will choose anything, but if you’re really hungry, the body usually tells you that you are hungry for a certain thing and that seems to be what the body needs. So we could use that until we find out more. The other course is activity.

I’m certainly not an exercise “bug” as everybody that knows me knows. My idea of exercise is that if you don’t have to walk, stand still. If you don’t have to stand, sit down. If you don’t have to sit, lay down. But somewhere’s in there we get a little activity going; and if we keep enough activity going, why it seems to be well enough. It doesn’t have to be overdone or underdone. So those are some of just the high points.

But let’s spend a little bit more time on the idea of what goes on in our inner feelings which is the kingpin to our state of being.

Now to regenerate is the natural state of the body—everyday of the world, it’s attempting to regenerate, to have all new cells and have everything going well. If we’re loaded down with fear, it’s not going to regenerate very well. If we’re full of anger, it’s not going to regenerate very well. If we’ve got a combination of anger and self pity and a few dozen other emotions, it doesn’t regenerate very well.

We have a very lovely lady that just walked in that has done a very remarkable job of regenerating in the last two weeks. Two weeks ago, she looked like a reject from a funeral home and now she looks beautiful and going on about her business. Possibly the heaviest thing to be done was to get a fear out of the way—is that about right? The fear was making her look like a reject from the funeral home. The main thing that was dropped was fear. Now it wasn’t something she gained or something that was done for her or anything of that sort. Nobody attempted to put her in a great state of being or anything else. Just get rid of the fear and when the fear went, the body got well on its own accord. It came out in a big hurry.

So this is the thing that we all look at whether we’re talking about regeneration or whether we’re talking about just simply integration, is that we get rid of something, rather than gain something.

Now in the world in which we live, the whole idea about everything is if you “get something”, everything will be all right. If you can “get more money”, you can “get more friends”, you can “get more prestige”, you can “get more fun”, you can “get more this”, “more that”, “more the other thing”--so we are all “getting” sort of people. We think we can carry that over into regeneration or to a number of other things.

But the point is, if we begin to see what it is we’re carrying around within every day is slowly but surely filling up all the sirus circulation in the body with pollution, then we would start seeing what we could get rid of.

Now let’s see some of the things we could get rid of. For one, we could get rid of the total urge to be totally non-disturbed. Now I want to be as comfortable as I can possibly be and you can come up with that. I want to be comfortable, I don’t like pain any better than anybody else does, I don’t like being ignored, I don’t like being rejected, I don’t like disapproval and I don’t like not being appreciated whether I earn it or not. But the point is how much are you willing to pay for it. How much are you willing to pay for non-disturbance? I’m willing to provide anybody and everybody I know with simple good manners and being kind and considerate and that’s enough--after that let’s quit.

I’m not going to stand on my ear in a corner or crawl under doors or any of those things because if you don’t like me, there would be no way I could please you anyway.

I talked with a gentlemen this morning that said he didn’t like his wife. I said she never does anything right, does she? He said she hadn’t done anything right in two years. So that pretty well answered that question. He said how’d you know she didn’t do anything right? I said, “Well, if you don’t like her, absolutely nothing she does will you like.” She never does anything right. If you don’t like them, they don’t do anything right, at all. That’s it. So we could eliminate that little thing as to how much we’re going to pay for a minimum amount of disturbance as possible.

I know that as long as I live on this earth which I hope is a few million years because I kinda like the joint, I would want to be as comfortable as possible; but I do know that I’m going to have a certain amount of discomfort here, there and elsewhere. I know that before I even start. I know that not everybody is going to stop everything they’re doing to please me. If I go in a place of business, I don’t expect them to drop everything in order to please me. You know what I can do if I don’t like that place, I can walk out the door, forget it. I don’t have to try to make them over again.

By the same token, all the people that I work with, I don’t expect them all to kowtow and understand me and to do everything I say. I expect them to take several years to get around to even getting rid of complaining. So I don’t expect everybody to drop everything and do as I say. So that’s all right.

We can begin to look at it and maybe slow down the disintegration. Possibly if we were going to say how would I regenerate, the simplest thing would be to stop all disintegration, because when all this disintegration comes to an end, integration is and when I stop all this disintegration, regeneration is because it’s there, that’s what starts.

We didn’t have to do anything to regenerate, did we? The old body was trying that every day of the week. All we did was stop the heavy disintegration and regeneration begins to take place almost immediately. Very quickly the energy level is up, the looks are up, the beauty is up and everything goes on the way.

Now all that is need is that we stop the thing that was destructive. So if we look at the things that are destructive, we can begin to eliminate them.

The same would be true in nutrition. If I see that every time I eat sugar very heavily, I get dizzy and fuzzy like I’d been drinking vodka, it doesn’t take me too long to figure out that maybe I’d better leave the sugar where I found it. I can find something else to eat. Besides that, I don’t like feeling like I’m fumbling around in the dark, so I can leave that off. If I find that every time I eat scallops, I get bad dreams; I’ll quit eating scallops for a while. You know there are all sorts of things to eat besides scallops. I don’t have to say how unfortunate I am and keep trying it. It really doesn’t matter.

So the same thing would be true of activity. If I find that when I do no activity I feel logy and tired and beat up; and I find if I do a little walking and wiggle my fingers a couple of time a day or stretch a little bit, I feel more energetic, then that’s not too hard to do. I can leave off the laziness for a while; I think that’s what I would lay down. If you indulge in laziness for a while, you don’t feel too hot. So regeneration is the natural state that you could be experiencing constantly every day of the week if you would only stop the disintegration.

But we do get addicted to our disintegrating factors, so it’s like a lot of other things, we get addicted to them. We get addicted to our fears, our self pity, and our angers. Do you ever hear people brag of what a wild temper they have? I hear it quite often. Also I’ve noticed that some people are very addicted to self pity; and no matter what’s going on, they find a way to feel sorry for themselves. So we talk about dropping emotions--that we can’t afford them. And we can’t afford them if we want to stick around here, and I said I’m better acquainted here than any place else I know of, so I guess I’ll stick around here a while—at least as long as I can. I know somewhat about the system here and don’t want to have to learn a new one, or maybe none at all—I don’t know.

So let’s consider that if we’re interested that we are eliminating something, not gaining something. Now I know there are all sorts of ways for a person who doesn’t feel good to feel good. You can take a few shots of morphine here and there and that’ll help you feel good for a little while. You can take some cocaine and you’ll feel kind of high for a while. You can try to get the appropriate amount of booze, not too much and not too little which is hard to keep balanced.

(Ha ha ha from the audience.)

About the time you think you’ve got enough, you say to yourself. “Now I got it about right, but I’ll get a little more and then you’re over the hill.” So all these things are pretty hard to handle..

So attempting to gain life is pretty hard. We have Life as a natural thing and disintegration or the degeneration of mankind is not from something that he has to “get” to prevent the disintegration, it is something he gets rid of.

So let’s think of some of the things that we would just as soon get rid of and see if we don’t see some visible signs of regeneration very quickly and certainly. If you’re not interested in total regeneration, possibly you could at least take a slower rate of degeneration. Just go at it a little slower. You know there’s no mad rush to get out of here. I read about some old guys that lived a long time ago that lived 800 years, 900 years and said they begat sons and daughters all the time. They must have been having a ball, and so if they were having all that going on and they were at 700 years, 800 and 900—some old guy made it to 968 or something like that, I think.

I don’t think that that is an impossible situation by any means. I know today if you were to talk to someone about living 800 years, what would he say to you? He’d see if he could tie you up and put you away somewhere; but I don’t see that there is anything. . . . . . . . I have had considerable study in psychology and all that good stuff—and there isn’t anything in there that says because you’re 60 years old you should be falling apart at the seams.

Had a guy in here the other day that said he was 37 and he said, “I’m over the hill—it’s a downhill run from here on. Good grief, I must be in a hell of a mess. So he thought he was all done, he was washed up at 37 years old.

Now I know we all have these ideas—in fact we have legislation even to the effect that you’re supposed to quietly crawl in a hole and pull your head in after you as soon as you’re 65, is that right? Rudolph and Rudolph is still going strong and has more fun than he ever had in his life, and I think he’s a little past that somewhere aren’t you; and having more fun and doing more creative work than most of us get done in a lifetime. So I doubt if very many of you had the occasion to meet many people who have signed a U.S. Postage stamp, have you? Well, Rudolph, raise your hand up. We just got a new one coming out with Smoky the Bear and Rudolph gave birth to him.

So there is no reason because you are X number of years old to begin to think you’ve had it. We wrote an article one time of how to be sick in spite of your doctor; and one of the things we put in it was to be sure to take whatever age you are today (even if you’re as young as Mathew) and decide what’s old then. Now probably to Matt, 30 looks pretty ancient at this stage of the game. Is that right Matthew? Somebody 30 years old—they’re gone. But some of us could pick 40 and 50 and 80 on. But whatever age you are, subtract that from what you have decided is old and then see how quick that’s coming up. It will put you in one terrible state, right quick.” So if you’re 36 and you’ve decided 45 years is old—you subtract 36 from 45 and it’s 9 years and it doesn’t take 9 years very long to go by and you’re old then and you’ve had it. That should put you in bed for at least two weeks--maybe even from now on. So whatever age you are subtract that from what you have decided is old and then see how quick that is gonna come up. That’s a good helpful hint for disintegration. But we can begin to see that if we wanted to generate, there is a certain lightness or intensity with it that comes from having a very good time. If you’re enjoying yourself, you don’t have time to think about how miserable you are--is that usual case?

So we frequently recommend that somebody would try making a contribution to a pleasant harmonious mood and that doesn’t look like it’s such a terrible hard chore. That’s not rough at all. Anybody can do that. Even Jeff does it every now and then. You contribute to a pleasant harmonious mood.

So that’s the least we could do and we probably would see that regeneration is not something you need to work at. It’s the reasonable natural state of man when he isn’t tearing himself apart, degenerating or disintegrating which ever word you care to use. Generation and integration means exactly about the same thing.

Now we could kid you and get you all high on coke this afternoon and everybody’d feel wonderful for how long? That’s the shortest live kick there is they tell me. That wouldn’t last very long, would it? Then you’d need a shot of booze to get over that one.

Ok. I’ve talked long enough; now let’s have a little conversation around here. Who’s got something to contribute. Who wants to challenge or question—you can knock it down or put it together—whatever.

Glenda, you’ve been involved in this one specifically, you should be able to yak a little on this one.

(I think the interesting part, I was asked in the beginning when the body started feeling weird, was I willing to get out of the way and let life do what it needed to do and let X do what it needed to do. I agreed to do that to the best of my ability and I slid around with it a bit, but………..)

………with a few interferences like being scared half out of your wits and a few 100 other things. Yeah, just get out of the way, but let me have my fears and my anxieties and keep on worrying and doubt anything and everything. That’s bought because getting out of the way and letting Life do what it needs to do is probably just a tactic to pacify me while I’m dying.

(I didn’t realize there was very deep fears in there. I mean…..)

I know we don’t pay any attention to those, we have some so common that we think they’re natural. Obviously its human nature ok?

Paulette. You have any haggles here little lady.

(Well, I was just thinking about the things we’re getting rid of instead of what we’re gaining.)


(We’re getting rid of all…………..)

……………those little demons that float around and keep us put down all the time, huh? But you know the old feeling was you “ought to gain something”, is that right?


And you didn’t know what it was you were trying to gain except non-disturbance and we never admit to that one, ok?

Darren, you got anything to add to this situation here?

(Is it not true that when you get rid of a fear, that you gain something else?)

No, I don’t think so, it’s already there. You only allow it to actualize. You see, the human being has everything he needs, everything that’s necessary except that he’s carrying around a lot of excess baggage that is constantly dragging him down; and the only way the reality that’s already there can actualize is to get through the obstructions. We frequently use remove the obstruction and nothing else is really necessary. You already have an awful lot of things you haven’t allowed to actualize because they were obstructed by whatever conditioning we carry around—ALL OF THE URGE TO DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST BEING MISUNDERSTOOD.

We call that being defensive--I think is the good word. You can walk up and say good morning to some people and immediately they go into a defense of trying to prove that maybe you really shouldn’t have said that.

So there is a tremendous amount of material that goes on that we’re totally unconscious of. So what we’re working at, of course, is to remove the obstructions to consciousness. There’s no way anybody can go get you a bottle of consciousness and bring it to you.

(Well, why not?)

We could sell you a bottle of 101 pipers and you might think you had some for a while, but you generally find out in a while that that was a fooler. It didn’t work. Of course that doesn’t prevent that there is 1,000 of people every day of the world looking for the magic something that they could take in or get or a new phrase or a new something they could gain and that is supposed to make them have what they want; but they don’t really even know what they want. They talk about many things, but they wouldn’t know what it was if they met it coming down the street. So basically, all that is necessary to do is to remove the obstructions to the full expression of life and it is already there.

So you already have integration, but it’s covered up with a deep layer of conditioning so that you cannot experience. So you have many obstruction to it being expressed.

Now the same thing—the body is attempting to regenerate the living unit—the human being is attempting to regenerate right now, but there’s obstructions to it. So all we have to do to have about any level of consciousness or Being is to remove the obstructions.

Nobody can say, “Well, I’ll give you higher consciousness.” We could go over here and get you a bottle and say this is a great elixir of higher consciousness, but we can’t give it to you. It’s not there because you already have it, but you have obstructions to allowing it to express. You simply cannot—it’s already there and all it needs to do is be given the space to actualize itself.

The tone scale which some of you are familiar with is an attempt to open various levels of consciousness that is available to a person. Well, the first six or seven of them you can have with no effort on your part whatsoever. They just handle that with the greatest of ease. If you remove obstructions, you begin to have the others. You cannot be vitally interested in anything if you were fearful—about right? You certainly couldn’t be enthusiastic if you are fearful or angry. You might say you were enthusiastic about killing somebody, but actually you were all excited about it.

(You can’t be fearful if you’re really enthusiastic about it.)

But you can’t get the enthusiasm until you get rid of the fears because it just won’t work. You certainly couldn’t go to exhilaration or to bliss or to any of these while you’re carrying all the emotions around—so they are the obstructions to those higher levels of consciousness and higher levels of consciousness is another way of saying regeneration and any of the other things there we might have to say. So it could be the higher levels of consciousness or another word for regeneration is integration, and you’re not going to have them as long as you have the obstructions.

(The body in this state, does it naturally ________________________)

The body is always trying to survive and enhance—that’s the natural state of the body, but the obstructions to it are fears, angers, guilts, insecurities and all the other emotions that come along.

So people try to go out and find an answer to that, and they’re going to find the magic formula or some other way of doing it very quickly, but you can get foolers, but you’ll never get the real thing until you drop the obstructions………

(………ideals, conditioning, fears, angers, accounts…..)

Ok? So you can leave the obstructions in the nearest trash can you come by except that it’s not quite that easy.

You have to pay attention because you may with all your heart want to lay down all your fears, but you’ll find they’re still talking tonight somewhere’ and you may want to lay down something else. So you have to look at it and take charge of the fears and the angers and all these things.

When you are in charge of them, and can do them deliberately, if you so wish to, then you can quit doing them; but, you have no control over, and most of us maintain we have no control over whether I’m angry or fearful or guilty. We maintain we don’t have control over it, ok? We’ll call it a day.

*Audience participation in parenthesis

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