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Exercises's - What Am I Radiating

Bill Nunn and I experimented one time of putting on a very good mood 35 miles out in the country and at the end of a dirt road on a horse lot.  People came from all quarters of the earth, is that right?  We had a little guest book and we had people’s names in there from Switzerland, from New Zealand, from Korea, from Japan, from all the countries in Europe and all the state in the United States, and the Provinces of Canada and an awful lot of Mexico.  So how far out does this good mood or this light radiate.  It’s not just the ones we run into and talk to, but it' radiates on beyond.  Maybe somebody picks it up and sends it on beyond.

We also at one time took a whole town that was in the doldrums.  It was in a great depression, right?  The whole town.  And we put on a little show and put on a good mood and kept going and the whole town came alive.  One day we left, and the town died.  It’s still dead.

I was back there not too long ago.  It’s still dead, the buildings are falling down and on and on.  But as long as there was light put into it--and the light we’re talking about is not what you pay the utility company for—you just turn it on yourself.  It made all the difference that you could possibly comprehend in the whole community—the whole area, is that right Bill? 

(That’s the way it works.)

That’s the way it worked.  We’re not talking about some theoretical something.  We’re talking about something that’s actually been applied many times over.  What do I do?  I put out light.  I don’t let anybody take dominion over me.  If they come in with sad, woebegone feelings, they can keep them.  I don’t care.  Let them have it all they want.

But you know something?  If you ignore it and start putting out light, they get a lot lighter in a little while.  They will brighten up a bit. 

So it is some little something that you’re making a contribution where nobody notices it, but everybody experiences it.  They feel it and get along better with it.

 So it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re always either taking dominion over yourself or you’re trying to take dominion over other people.  Now when you are trying to take dominion over other people, you have an awful lot of struggle.  You have an awful lot of conflict.  They resist it.  You push a little harder.  They push back a little harder.  So, then, you got feuds going, and this doesn’t do quite well for humanity. 

 Now we can take all the dominion we like over things.

We want to keep the equipment up nice or we want to keep the building clean, or we want to keep the car washed and shined and detailed and all that good stuff.  You can do so.  That’s dominion over things. 

If you want to take a plot of ground and increase it’s fertility, you can do that.  If you want to breed crops and bring them up to where you got a specialized crop or specialized cattle, you can do that.

 If you want to work on machines or make new ones—what’s the reason--for labor saving or to make more money—I don’t know.  I don’t think we need too much labor saving when we get so “plooooop” that way.  But any rate, they’re all nice and interesting devices to you.

We can take all the dominion we want over things.  We can take all the dominion we want over animals as long as we don’t abuse them.  We can take dominion over plants.  Look at the people who have taken various scrubby plants and by selective care and breeding (one old guy said he just talked to them a lot) and we got a lot better produce.  We gotten a lot better producing crops and etc. 

Those are legitimate dominions that we can have over things.  Now most of us aren’t farmers, but we have dominion over a given area of living space to say the very least.  We have some dominion over that.  And most of us have dominion over a cat or a dog or something of the sort. 

But back off on dominion over people.

Now that is a very easy trap to fall in because it is so easy to obtain.  Most everybody wants to turn over responsibility for themselves to somebody else.  They ask you to tell them what to do, and they’ll do it, ok.  But I’ve found out that that doesn’t work to well at times.


I’ve observed that we don’t take very much self-dominion over our states of health.  We turn it over to a professional’ and then if he doesn’t do right, we sue him and sometimes we get millions off of him.  That’s slipping these days a little bit, thank goodness. 

That’s why I quit the trade.  I got to looking at everybody that walked in the doctor’s office--wondering when are they going to sue me.  So pretty soon I didn’t want to look at people that way so I just quit—it works a lot better.  I don’t think any extra bunch of people passed out of the world because I quit.  So I guess it wasn’t doing too much anyway. 

But nevertheless we don’t have to try to have dominion over people even though there’s all kinds of people wanting to give it to you, is that right?  You can have all kinds of people wants to make you responsible for their state of being.  No matter when or where, there is somebody trying to pass off responsibility.  So they can tell me what to do and what not to do and then if it doesn’t work out good, I’ll have somebody to blame.  You know, I’m not responsible at all.  You told me to do it and I went on and did it, and look what happened.  So it’s all your fault.

So when we begin to see that we can take dominion over this one, then we begin to look to see what attributes of me I will take dominion over and express the most. 

Now I haven’t found any great value in trying to have revenge or greed or envy or violence towards anyone, Have you?  Feels like it would be good sometimes, huh?  Feels like it would sure be good, but it doesn’t work. 

So you can take the liberty to try it out, of course.  Work a few weeks at trying to get revenge at somebody or trying to take advantage of them.  After all, they want somebody else to be responsible, let’s do it and take good advantage of them; and then we can probably make a few extra dollars, ok?  But you’ll find it doesn’t work if you’re doing it as an experiment--not just as an unconscious reaction.  You can find out very well.

 I’m not telling anybody what to do except to find out for yourself; and I’m pointing out some different things that we could actualize or take charge of within ourselves--have dominion over within ourselves.  That can change, we know, not only our own life, but everything around us a bit.  

Now I’m not saying that that’s what anybody should do or not do, but I say it’s worthwhile checking out—real well.  Ok?  Check it out.  And when we start checking it out, we begin to discover what a joy there is in actualizing certain potentials that everybody has.

Now you have a certain place of tenderness within you, right?  You also have a certain amount of compassion for people who are having difficulties or troubles.  You have a feeling of love for at least somebody in the world, but it can expand until it’s for everyone.  It doesn’t have to be localized.  We all have at least some of these potentials.  Sometimes it changes in midstream to something other than love; but nevertheless, we know that that capability is there. 

By the same token, we also know that we have capability of actualizing revenge, hate, greed, lust, and we can name of a whole slew of those.  There’s plenty of room for all those things in there too. 

So we have the potential of using that which I choose in me.  Now I can’t ask for you to do it.  It’s none of my business.  I can’t come and say, “now you should do this,” and “you should do that,” and “you should do the other.”  You should treat me thus and so.  It is an experiment for you to run and watch the results.