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How To Avoid Prosperity

By Robert Rhondell Gibson

1. Be sure to take the RIGHT occupation.

2.  Always look to see how you can help people.  You pay the price.

3. Put off what is, until tomorrow.

 4. Look for all the big deals, the guaranteed money-makers – the sure fired       way to prosperity.

 5. Be sure any associations you make, you look important and superior in some way to them.

6.  Always be interested in doing something you don’t know anything about.    Be sure not to have sufficient data, but pretend you know all about it and go ahead and hang yourself.

7. Use and be sure to abuse credit to the fullest extent.

8. Expect that it will just happen – your ship will come in some day.

9. Try to be different from the accepted usual.

10. Be sure to act out and act on all your inspired ideas – especially the ones you get in the shower, the bath, while shaving, or on the toilet, or while driving the car, etc.  Don’t bother to check up on them because they are inspired and you can trust them.

 11. Think positive.

12. Don’t let the work before you interfere in your personal, inspired visions.

13. Don’t keep any records of any kind.  Do business out of your hip pocket.

Any one or a combination any of these are guaranteed
to bring you financial failure
and keep you on the road to poverty.