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Illustrations - The Mushkil Gusha Story

We’d like to share a gift from our Friend, Bonnie Bernhard.  As the story stayed with her, she put paint to brush and four moments within the story became the four beautiful paintings below. You can Click on each one to view a full-sized version.

Mushkil Gusha Story
"He used to go every day into the mountains to cut firewood which he brought home
and tied into bundles.”

Mushkil Gusha Story
"He started to ascend what seemed to be a staircase.”

Mushkil Gusha Story
"A few days after they first met, the princess took off a beautiful and valuable necklace
and hung it up on a tree just beside the stream.”

Mushkil Gusha Story
"The other man went and bought a few dates and they sat and ate them together."

Here is a Link to the Mushkil Gusha Story.