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Excerpts - Law of Balance

From Salt Lake City workshop in 1974 from Tape 2 of Donna’s library

[…from Marsha…I heard Dr. Bob talk a couple of times about Balance.  This is an excerpt where he explains the phenomena of balancing.  He said that nothing really stays in balance--it is always balancing.  There were questions and comments from the participants (which are in parenthesis) that were too far from the microphone and are indicated by a line.  It is an interesting idea to be aware of and look to see if we can find the relationships.  We join the tape as follows…]

Balance is the Law of the Universe.  So we can do anything over here.  We can perform an act, but there is a balancing activity—all through the universe, not only in man, which is one set of balancing, but the balancing is man to his environments, his ecology and much more. 

So we can go out here and cut all the trees and the plant life off the side of the mountain, and Life, X, Awareness, God whatever word you want to use comes right along and establishes a balance to it so we have a whole new ecology—the balancing will possibly be very unpleasant to man while it’s taking place, but it will establish the balance.  So, you can’t break Universal Law, you can break yourself on it all you jolly-well please.  You can kill yourself with it, but the Law is going to remain as a balance. 

Now I could go around “gritching” constantly, griping away, finding all manner of fault, and I can gossip and complain from morning, noon to night, and X will then build me, (let’s say in order to adapt that balance) a most beautiful carcinoma.  Now, to me, I’ve had terrible things; and somebody standing off here looking from a very limited viewpoint says, “He’s all unbalanced!”, but I’m balanced exactly to my behavior.  This is the idea within the tone scale which point out that

attitude plus action equals condition

In this way,the balance is maintained. 

So the attitude action creates a state of unbalance--then the physical condition immediately brings back the balance here.  So all Life Function is a balancing activity whether it be in the individual or whether it be in man.  So we don’t break the Law, we misuse the Law.  And when we misuse it or do not understand it………..)

(Is this what we have called punishment?)

Yes, we’ve called it punishment.  It’s not punishment.  It’s purely impersonal—it’s balance.  God doesn’t punish us, and he said that it’s not the will of God that any man should perish, but that all should repent--know the Law and live—forever.  He said that the gift of understanding is life everlasting--not a little jump over here and “well, all right, we’ll live and then we’ll die, but those over there are all good folks so, it must be that they’re going to live somewhere else”. 

It didn’t say that.  It very emphatically says otherwise.  That you can have life everlasting and it says the “wages of sin” (which is to not understand the Law, and missed the mark of living by the Law, and therefore require an adaptation that will destroy you)—the “wages of sin is death”.  So we’d have to say that the only things that produces death in this world is sin which doesn’t mean immorality but just “missed the mark” which would include that.  When I miss the mark I did what I thought was appropriate but I didn’t understand the Law, and so I break myself on the Law of Balance.  If I go do a bunch of things I can get myself knocked off.  Does that help answer your question? 

(Whether we understand or know the Law or not, we’re still _________________?_________within ourselves as will as with the environment.)

The staying in a state of imbalance is destroying us because we are erring in attitude and action without consideration of Law.  If we understand that the Law of the Universe is balance, then I’m going to be conscious of what attitudes I tote with me all day because I know I’m going to get a balance to it.  I’m going to be a little more careful and considerate, shall we say--think a little bit about what action I’m going to have because my actions and my attitude is going to be balancing. 

The Law of the Universe is not going to be broken due to my misinformation and lack of information.  So then I will begin to look at the misinformation and lack of information within.  This is what we mean when we say I’d like to live in a world full of consciously selfish people because they are considering their attitudes and their actions before they “throw” them out here.  They know their attitudes and actions are going to be balanced. 

Now we have been taught to believe that all the things that happen in the world is because of a vengeful God that got “teed off” at us somewhere or because the neighbors did something they shouldn’t do, so they brought it upon everybody. 

They believe that somebody was attacked by illness because they read that somebody was a victim of arthritis and that somebody else was attacked by cancer.  This is all language that says we live in a world of “chance”—not balance.  That we’re living in a world of chance where there is a capricious god that says, “Well, there’s ole Darrell, I think I’ll bite him this morning—he just bugs me some way.”  “I don’t know much about him, so I’m going to turn loose a whole bunch of ______ on him and let them eat him up.” 

So we believe in chance instead of understanding the Law of Balance.. 

We even talk of insurance salesman who comes around and says, “Well, you never know when illness is going to strike.”  But I’ll give you a little bet.  Dr. Jim and I can tell you when it’s going to strike before it strikes, ok?  I can tell you when you better buy your insurance if you don’t want to spend a lot for premiums and you want to buy just before the time it hits.  I’ll let you know--Jim will too because you can tell who’s going to be sick.  You can also tell awful close what he’s going to be sick with because you can see him building up the A or B side and you know the balance is coming right over here to keep the body going, is that right? 

(We work on it in prayer.)

So the person in the attitude of prayer changed their attitude and their action.  Now if they change it slowly then the recovery is slow—it’s still just balance, but you can say recovery is slow.  If they change it instantaneously, this changes instantaneously—to a great degree.  In other words, this is what is sometimes referred to as a miracle. 

Now a miracle is just that we don’t understand what power is in the attitude action.  If a man sits down and begins to pray, or he asks somebody else to pray for him; and he gives up all his false feelings of emergency, what’s going to happen to the cycle (the vicious cycle and the living cycle).  Look at the cycle and you will understand it.

[later on in the tape]

(If you don’t follow the Law, the Law falls on you.)

I never remotely said that. 

(You intimated something the Christ said once that he was rejected and that…………)

I didn’t say that one either. 

(I said that, but what you said reminded me of this and he said those that will follow the stone will be broken, but those who don’t will be _______.  I don’t know the exact words he said, but whatever you said reminded me of this.)

I said that the Law did not punish you—I said that you might break yourself on it—you might run into it, but Law will not be broken.  You will find it in the book of James—it says you are under the perfect law of liberty which is another way of saying balance.  You can do anything you jolly well please, but I got news for you, you’re going to get the balance. Ok?

(I understand it now.  When Christ said what he said, did what he say—is that the parable on four levels and I understood the very first one instead of the second or the third one?)

That’s more than likely correct sir.  Most every statement in the Bible has four different possible levels according to where your level of understanding is.  All of them are valuable, all of them are valid, ok?  All of them are valuable and all of them are valid. 

So perhaps we could begin to observe the Law of Balance in action all around us and see what we can discover about it so that we will have more understanding about how it works in us, in others and in the environment.