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Excerpts - Story of Jungle, Justice, Love, & Purpose

From El Paso 9 / 1979

So the first one that I will use this afternoon will be an ancient story about mankind; and I may fill you in with one that’s a little more recent. They say the same thing essentially; but they do sound a little bit different. 

Now the ancient story is that mankind is not an original inhabitant of this planet. Now it says that he came from somewheres else and that there is plenty of evidence to verify this point. I don’t know the evidence, I’ve checked on it a bit; and the evidence does indicate that mankind is not an original inhabitant of this planet. 

He is the only creature on this planet that has to have his food processed in order to live on it fairly well. Everything else just goes out, catches it and eats it right then and there, and that’s the end of it. If it does anything to it – it buries it for future reference; but he doesn’t do any cooking on it. It doesn’t skin it and it doesn’t peel it and it doesn’t mash it up or any of these things. But mankind apparently cannot totally live on all the food as he just catches it; and a big part of it has to be processed and that’s what this building here is – a business that is processing food so you can eat it. Most of us have a little place in our habitation called the kitchen; and the kitchen is where we process food to make it fit for human consumption. Now I don’t think there’s very many people here that could – even if you sliced it up like a T-bone and pitched it out, you’d eat it just like that, You want it processed a little bit. Is that right dear? 

(Most things.)

Would you eat a T-bone just like it come off of the critter. 

(Not quite.) 

Not quite, okay? So all the natural habitats do. Now we’re also the only creatures that must have shelter at all times. Most everything else just when it gets ready to lay down and rest, it does so. If it happens to find a hole in the ground, it may crawl in there; but we’re the only thing that goes around building shelters to live in, is that about right? 

A beaver builds one for his kittens; but that’s about it – he don’t live in it very much, is that correct Howard?


So we go around buildin’ things. We’re also the only creature that feels entitled to have transportation. That seems to relate way back – the rest of the things can be born, hatch out and live in a given area and stay there. If they do migrate, they pick ‘em up, lay ‘em down and go; flap their little wings and go. But mankind must have transportation. 

So there is many many reasons to indicate that man is not a natural habitate of this planet. He is also the only creature that I know of that wears clothes besides what grows on him, is that also correct? 

(Yes, that’s it. That’s correct.) 

 That’s the only thing. Now the rest of ‘em you see got hair where we don’t have hair; and they don’t have hair where we do have – laughter – so we’re kind of put together a little different than the natural inhabitants of the planet for some reason or another. 

Now the story is that long ages ago, people lived on a planet which was compatible with their makeup – they didn’t need to wear clothes, they didn’t need to build shelters, they didn’t need to process the food. 

So it got so that they lived so perfectly – in other words they practically had that nondisturbed state. The wiser ones amongst them decided that this people with this tremendous capability – a brain which was extremebly well developed would never evolve to use anywhere near their capabilities as long as they stayed where nothing need to be bothered with. In other words you didn’t need shelter. You didn’t need clothes -- the climate was right -- the food was the kind that you could eat in it’s natural state. You didn’t need to have a kitchen. You didn’t need to cook, you didn’t need to build shelter -- you didn’t need to make clothes. 

And so the wise ones amongst this group of beings said, “Look, they will never actualize their tremendous capability without some stress.” So they sent out a scouting party and found this mud ball here that could support life – not of the kind that humans were, but similar. They breathe oxygen, they could use protein carbohydrates, fats, etcetera. 

And so they decided to establish a colony with volunteers that would set up on this alien planet and be freely subjected to second force, if you please, to resistance so that there would be an incentive to actualize their tremendous capabilities which they had absolutely no reason to do where they were. 

So volunteers agreed and how they transported them I know not – they didn’t tell me that; but they got ‘em transported and got ‘em set up on planet earth.

Now obviously the first thing to do was to make as many arrangements with the environment as possible so they could survive; and that took a good many generations I suppose we’d say. 

They had to get rid of anything that was remotely similar to themselves on the planet because there would be the danger of innerbreeding and making some kind of hybrids – you know half hairy ones and half unhairy and so forth; so they didn’t want that to happen. So it was to eliminate those kind of beings around which is why that you can find all sorts of things which would be relics from the past, almost humanoids; and so the assumption, of course, is gradually arisen that we are evolved from some subhuman type of creature and that we will continue to do that automatically just through the process of time -- which, of course, has been somewhat of a hindrance to the original purpose to have these human beings evolve to a higher state of being because they had the capability and were subjected to what we would call today “second force”. 

Now various and sundry times, they have seen what the purpose was; but little effort was put forth to bring it about. 

It seems that they’re told that the original purpose was to develop a community of conscious beings in rather adverse circumstances so that they could have a community of beings of a higher order than would be possible otherwise. 

In other words the major interest is always in possibly the group ones as well as the individual. To see “what can I do” for the whole show here. 

So these things went on and gradually over the eons of time, the original purpose of this colony has been totally forgotten; and every so often somebody comes along and tries to remind to get ‘em started on the way in which they were originally intended for the purpose of the colony. 

1st way “The Law of the Jungle”

Now when they first arrived on this planet, there had to be the law of the jungle. So that was the first way which was just pure survival – the law of the jungle. So you could say that was the first way that man tried to survive on the planet which meant he killed anything that got in front of him that was about to interfere. It was the survival of the fittest and this went on for many eons which was an attempt to subdue the wildness of the planet and make it fit for these human-type creatures to live. 

2nd way “The Law of Justice”

After many thousands of years – came along a man and said, wait a minute – there can be another method and we’ll call this justice – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. So that would be the second way. In other words commit no more violence than is necessary. If somebody kicked your toe, kick his toe – he hits you in the face, hit him in the face, but then quit. Now this went on for quite a length of time; and, of course, only a certain number of people subscribed to this new way – as usual – and most of ‘em went on with the law of the jungle. And we can see remnants of both ways still around – I guess we would call it our system of justice whatever that may mean – that we have in the courts and all sorts of things; and you know, stick up for my rights, some very basic decisions are there. 

3rd way “The Way of Love”

So then after thousands of years of this, come along another person who kind of saw somethin’ about it and said: well man can evolve a little further – some of em can at any rate; and he started the third way. 

Now each of these ways is to be about what the colony was originally formed for according to this story. The third way was there would be a way of understanding of the other which is frequently referred to as “love” – that the other guy is doing the only thing he can do – that “you understand he’s doing what he feels is right, proper and justifiable with whatever light that person has.” So this is called the third way. 

Now more people are still involved with this [justice way] than they are with the “love” one; and still more are still involved with the “jungle way”; but there is a few that have taken this to look at. 

4th way “The way of a new purpose”

In very recent times come along another set of teaching material that came from the same place; and said now then you’ve gone far enough at this – theres a few that can understand this – the fourth way. 

The fourth way says that you would be aware of what the purpose was; and that you could will to do it. Now if you understand “what you are”, “where you are”, “what’s going on here” and “what you can do”, you would be relatively conscious. 

Number one, you would be aware of all the struggle constantly to keep one involved in these various ways back here [previous ways mentioned]. There would be something that’s always workin’ on you to do those. And they say uh uh, that’s not quite it. 

Number 2 -- Now what I am is a human being which is a very special type of creature on this particular planet – I’m an alien here; and I have a purpose to be about. And if I’m about that purpose, then I would know what I am. I would know where I am and what I am is an alien on a mission. 

Where am I -- I‘m on the planet earth which is a little bit of an alien place for me to live, so I’ll have to spend a certain amount of my time each day makin’ a little effort on the environment to make it fit for me to survive in as well as my neighbors and my loved one and my friends. I’ll have to work on that a little bit – so that’s where I am. 

What’s goin’ on here – we’ll say there’s a great experiment in consciousness. There’s an effort to make a human being have a reason for evolving which if he had stayed in his natural habitate, he didn’t have any purpose. But here he has enough “second force”. He’s gotta work to make shelter so he can live in this alien environment. He’s gotta have clothes so he can live in it. He’s gotta process food; and may be the food never is exactly right for us – maybe that’s why we all take so many vitamins and all that good stuff. Maybe it isn’t exactly right anyway, but we get along with it. 

And that this experiment is on it’s way and really nobody seems to be workin’ at it very much and really being conscious. So we’ll put that out. And then the last one is What can I do? What can be my purpose – intelligently. Now I said that obviously people have forgotten all this and so they would have to be reminded. So he would remind them. 

Now I’ve told this story in a little bit different form a good many times, so I will repeat it slightly. 

The story is that What am I? I’m a priviledged invited guest here. Now none of us did anything really to get here – that’s for sure and certain, is that right? You just found yourself here one morning. And so Life invited us because only Life can put us together. So we’re privileged invited guests…. 

Where? At this lovely estate called earth which may not be up to snuff where our ancestors originated; but it’s certainly well enough for us to get along on. It is pretty with a little modification here, there, and elsewhere; and we do seem to be very busy modifying it. We’ve changed the rivers; and we tear down the mountains; and we fill holes up and we put water where there was no water; and we cultivate land. Did you ever see any animals out cultivatin’ the natural habitats here? They don’t do that. They don’t irrigate and all this kind of stuff. 

So what’s going on is that mankind is playing a lot of games. He plays the traffic game. He plays the marriage game. He plays the family game. He plays the business game. He plays the political game. He plays war games. He plays all sorts of games. And that, then, it would appear that everybody is a guest here; and that you can finally get down to answerin’ the question of what am I – I’m a privileged invited guest. Where? - this lovely state called earth – what’s going on here? There’s a big party. 

So in the other story, the ancient story says it’s a big picnic, you got sent out on a little trip; and they forgot to take you back. So they left you on a permanent picnic, and you’re kind of having to fix the picnic grounds up. So I think it’s about the same story anyway. 

Some at the end says it’s a new purpose for us “doing” instead of “getting”. 

Later in tape 

Now I gave you two stories, you check em out and see if you can find an error in it. Now I didn’t say they were true; but I’d like to disprove either one of em. I will stick that one out. But until you find a way to disprove it, you might as well say it has a reasonable degree of probability. This is science. When you come up on a proposition, you always try to disprove it; and if you can’t disprove it, it has some degree of probability of being correct until I can get more information – is that right? Is that the appropriate way of approaching it? Jim you’re in the scientific field. 

You’re wonderin’ what it’s all about and so forth. All of that ends. You know what it’s about – at least until you get more information; and I’ve been workin’ at it for a great number of years; and I haven’t found more information on the subject yet. That don’t mean there won’t be; and I haven’t found any and diligently lookin’ for it – that one or the other or both of these stories, or some version very similar to it is the actual state of affairs. It doesn’t matter a whole lot to me which -- one way or the other is fine, but at least there’s an end to conflict, struggle, resistance and this stuff. I have an idea of what I am, where I am, what’s going on here – I can see that pretty plainly along with what can I do. 

Now there’s no use of me tryin’ to do something I can’t do. I can’t take charge of all circumstances….period. Can’t do that, so there’s no use of me getting all frustrated and getting off in that corner, right? I can’t take charge of em – everybody’s got a finger in em. Besides that just plain nature’s got a lot of influence in the way of weather, the planets and the tides and hurricanes, I can’t take charge of all that. So I don’t have to, don’t need to. 

I can take charge of my own inner state and at the same time make a decided contribution to Life – whatever that may be or whatever it’s purpose may be; and it looks to me like the purpose is to either have a delightful party or the same sort of thing – make a community where there is conscious beings instead of unconscious ones scrappin’ and bitin’ each other all the time and especially themselves, okay?