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Definitions - Ideal VS What Is

Many times we use words and have different meanings. The "Place of Language in the Teachings" gives a
definition of the words and how they are being used by my teacher.

IDEAL - An imaginary thought of what should be.

WHAT IS - Experiencing that which is going on at this moment

We have all been conditioned to hold "ideals" in high regard, thus we all believe that we know ""what ought to be" for ourselves and others and all circumstances.

When we believe we know "what ought to be"-and all reality is what is--and inasmuch as what is is usually much different than our idea of "what ought to be," we feel frustrated and have the need to struggle and to resist what is.

One can drop the "ideal" by seeing that it is merely a fantasy and that we could not know what ought to be unless we knew the future, knew the outcome of every situation a week from now, a month from now, a year from now, and so on.

When we concentrate on the idea of the "ideal" for a little while, we can drop all belief in the "ideal". We then find self in the present and quite capable of dealing with the present moment. We will find we are free to experience what is from moment to moment and to respond instead of "react" because things are not as we fancied they "ought to be".

Being free to experience whatever comes our way today is to be free of conflict, struggle and resistance. Conflict, struggle and resistance is the only human problem

One cannot believe in their "ideals" and be free at the same time.

One starts with being free to experience whatever arises in one's way today, then one is free of conflict, struggle and resistance. Freedom is real being, now.