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Exercises - How To Be Miserable and Sick Any Time

By Rhondell

The following instructions are given that any person by
following any one of them can and will be miserable and sick.

This is true although one may be using the services of a wise
and skilled doctor.  By following any one of these instructions (one does not need to use a combination of them), you can also make your doctor miserable.

Please remember that just any one of these sets of instructions that appeals to you will do the trick.


DISEASE (usually called “health” articles)

One a week will do, however one a day is better.  Any dis-
ease will do, because at least one of the symptoms can be
made to fit you, and give reason for alarm.

Alarm or FEAR produces glandular reaction to prepare the
body to fight or run; you neither fight nor run, but just fret.

These glandular products are not used in your metabolism,
consequently there must be symptoms of unusual cellular
activity to use these products.  These unusual cellular activities
are symptoms and give further cause for alarm and fear.

This is an excellent method and when used even haphazardly
is guaranteed to keep you miserable and chronically ill.


Another method used by millions with unfailing results:


Look the skin over carefully, looking for areas of dryness or
slight discolorations.  Inspect the tongue minutely.  Feel of all
joints.  Look between the toes.  There will usually be at least
one thing that will seem to be in some way abnormal.  Then
keep a close watch on it, and feel of it several times a day.  Be-
come informed about such conditions.  Get the low-down on it.

This is guaranteed to keep one’s mind entirely on self,
with fear and anxiety producing misery and sickness. 



Another good method that is used by an army of individuals
to keep themselves in bondage, is to:


Look for the hidden motive in things.  One reads where some-
one has given a million dollars for research for world peace.
Be sure to know why he did it, probably to keep from pay-
ing taxes on it, so the poor people have to support the govern-
ment; know that prices are too high without reason; just to
make an extra profit off people.  See people crowding out in
front, not waiting their turn in line.  See the trucks tearing up
the highways.  See how big business is ruining the country. 
See how it is raining too much, or the sun is shining too
much.  The list is endless.  One doesn’t have to look for an-
noyances.  They are everywhere and they are all aimed di-
rectly against one.  Don’t ever fail to recognize them for what
they are, think them over, and become annoyed by them.
One doesn’t have to try at all to get oneself stressed.  STRESS
is the best known method to stop the free flow of life in the
body.  This is the start of misery, whether it is expressed as
disease, unhappiness or lack.


A method used which never fails to produce stress and all
that goes with it, is to develop a habit of:


Eat in a rush; why take time to chew, when one can wash it
down with coffee or coke?  Don’t take time to order a meal,
one can eat a sandwich more quickly.  Don’t ever be satisfied
to be doing the job which is at hand; be thinking of some-
thing else that needs to be done.  Don’t wait for another per-
son to finish their sentence, finish it for them, you know
what he or she was going to say anyway.  Why not show
them?  Drive a car in a hurry; if every other driver doesn’t
give the right-of-way, then tell him a thing or two.  This
builds up stress very rapidly.  Get and keep that drive.  This is
the QUICKEST way to be miserable.


A method which is being used to maintain misery in every-
day living by countless thousands, is:


An excellent infallible way to develop this uninterested state
of  being is to state and believe “All a person GETS out of life
is a little to eat, a place to sleep, pay taxes and die.”  Just take
care of the first three of these.  If one is invited to take part in
or do anything, just ask the question: “What is in it for me?”
It works.  You are soon not interested in anything except,
“What’s in it for me?”  The answer is then obvious.  Boredom,
sickness, lack, friendlessness and dried up old age.


This method is so old we hesitate to include it, but since we
are giving only tried and proven methods to produce and
maintain misery and illness, it must be given it’s rightful
place.  This one is just good old-fashioned temper or:


It is easy to develop and hold something on which to pride
yourself (“I am hot-tempered”).  It gives something with
which to keep the mind busy (ways and means to get even).
This is a very potent one; not only will it wreck health, but
also business and social life as well.  Like the other methods
that have been given, it is simple and easy to do.  Somebody
has sometimes done something you didn’t like.  Decide NOW
that you will not stand for it, decide to stick up for your
rights.  Just dwell on it, and think up some good nasty things
to say to him or her, or better still, about them.  Just keep it
up and look for new opportunities to stick up for your
rights.  Then watch your health, happiness and possessions
take wings and fly away.


This method has been tried by uncounted millions without a
single failure, and will work for everyone just as surely,
This one is called:                                                                                                  


Simple, just sit down, slump down, let the corners of the
mouth droop down, and begin to mull over all the times that
you have been mistreated;  how little everyone thinks of you,
how much you have done for others and how little has been
done in return, so little in fact, that you may as well forget it;
how hard you have to work, and how little you have to
show for it; how bad you feel and how little anyone does
about it and how much less they care.  A little time spent at
this can put you in bed sick, or on the street broke, and all
alone and miserable. Want to try it?


Here is a method proven beyond doubt by a great number
of volunteers from every walk of life, to produce intense
stress; consequently to be sick and miserable.  This is to


Read all sensational news stories and keep repeating, “The
world is going to the dogs.”  One murder among the 160 mil-
lion of people in the United States proves it; three or four
hold-ups daily among 160 million people; rotten isn’t it?  Disc
jockeys accept money to play new recordings, how terrible
can it get?  Juvenile delinquency stories about the New York
east side, five kids involved, kids are all rotten these days.
Then watch six or seven crime stories on TV.  Watch the
criminals get killed or caught in the gunplay.  Read the stock
market reports, see the impending financial crash and the
coming depression.  Be assured that you will be real good and
stressed, as well  as settled in your mind that there is only evil
and that the world is going to hell with it’s back broke, and
since you are bad off, why bother?


This method has been used by all mankind an has never
failed.  Need more be said regarding it’s effectiveness?  It is so
easy that no instructions are necessary.  Just this simple re-
minder: just:

state your age, and subtract it from whatever
age you have decided is OLD….

28 from 36, 36 from 44, 45 from 56, etc.  It is really a frighten-
ing study of the illusion of time.  It is easy to visualize your-
self as wrinkled, stooped, with knotty joints, a grembling
wobble, too late to take advantage of opportunities, and too
old to do anything about it.  This frightening thought produces  
STRESS and glandular reaction to fright, hence you can
very soon be enjoying aches and pains, and the signs of age-
ing.  This makes it even more easy to visualize the whole hor-
rible picture, truly a working illusion of time.


This method is so easy that most people who use it don’t
even know that they are.  So you can see that it will be no
effort on your part to use this method to be miserable and
sick.  Just sit slumped, stand on one foot at a time, with the
other one out of the way, lean on something if at all possible,
let your chin hang forward and down, watch the floor or the
ground; learn to do gymnastics with your eyebrows up-down-
and clamped together.  In other words,


You will feel weak, worn-out, discouraged and miserable.