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Excerpts - The Story of the floundering town And Cloak of invisibility

From Dominion--School Talk #58

So, we can begin to place light in the world.  We don’t have to be a missionary.  We don’t have to be any of these things.  We don’t have to tell people what we’re doing. 

So, I can begin to take dominion over me, and I can decide that I’m going to actualize--something that’s already in me.  We all have a little dab of it. 

We all have a little dab of tenderness, right? 
We all have a little dab of compassion. 
We all have a little dab of humor. 
We all have a little dab of caring for other people. 
We all have a little bit of space that we could call love or understanding for other people. 
We can also all have little affection possible within us. 

Now  I can begin to actualize that, simply because I’ve taken dominion over what I want to project or what I want to show exists, or simply because I feel better, it doesn’t make any difference.  If I begin to project that, have I taken a great big contribution and given it to all mankind, huh?  It’s called wearing the cloak of invisibility.  You do it, but nobody knows what you’re doing.  Now you’re not out there trying to convert the world to you’re particular viewpoints.  You’re not trying to make people see things your way.  But you are really lighting up the whole world.  You’re lighting up everything around you—and, believe it or not, it lights up for a long ways.

Bill Nunn and I experimented one time of putting on a very good mood 35 miles out in the country and at the end of a dirt road on a horse lot. (See Cattlemen’s Restaurant)   People came from all quarters of the earth, is that right?  We had a little guest book and we had people’s names in there from Switzerland, from New Zealand, from Korea, from Japan, from all the countries in Europe and all the state in the United States, and the Provinces of Canada and an awful lot of Mexico.  So how far out does this good mood or this light radiate?  It’s not just the ones we run into and talk to, but it radiates on beyond.  Maybe somebody picks up your light and sends it on beyond.

We also at one time took a whole town that was in the doldrums.  It was in a great depression, right?  The whole town, right Bill?  And we put on a little show and put on a good mood and kept it going, and in some time the whole town came alive. 

One day we left and the town died.  It’s still dead.  I was back there not too long ago.  It’s still dead, the buildings are falling down and the whole bit.  But as long as there was light put into it--and the light we’re talking about is not what you pay the utility company for—you just turn it on yourself.  It made all the difference so that you could comprehend it in the whole community—the whole area, is that right Bill? 

(That’s the way it works.)

That’s the way it worked.  We’re not talking about some theoretical something.  We’re talking about something that’s actually been applied many times over.  What do I do?  I put out light.  I don’t let anybody take dominion over me.  If they come in with sad, woebegone feelings, they can keep them.  I don’t care.  Let them have those emotions.

But you know something?  If you ignore it and start putting out light, they get a lot lighter in a little while.  They will brighten up a bit.  So it is that you’re making a contribution where nobody notices it, but everybody experiences it and feels it and gets along better with it.  So it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re always either taking dominion over yourself or you’re trying to take dominion over other people.

Now when you are trying to take dominion over other people, you have an awful lot of struggle.  You have an awful lot of conflict.  They resist it.  You push a little harder.  They push back a little harder.  So you got feuds going and this doesn’t do quite well for humanity.