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Excercises - First Step to Higher Consciousness

Excerpt from Life is the Teacher, Side 4
(notations in brackets have been added for clarification )

[We start out with a question from the audience…Marsha]

Ok, fire away with the questions.

(There are times when I am acting out vital interest and enthusiasm or as you gave us, the exercise to think, act, feel; but I feel like I have a blindfold on. I'm doing it, and I'm not sure what I'm doing.)

[*see webpage under "Exercises" for Think, Act, Feel]

May I ask you something? What are you doing it for?

(What am I doing it for?)

Yeah, why are you acting enthusiastic and etc? The fact is you're doing it so you'll gain something from it-like non-disturbance, -or you will gain friendship or to gain a love relationship.

You see you cannot be in higher consciousness…….. Well, I will give you one little statement here. You can't get there until you see that you already have everything. Otherwise you are trying to use it as a means to be non-disturbed.

So a person in anger will try to use enthusiasm or vital interest in order to be non-disturbed; and it won't work because they are not in higher consciousness; they're only putting on an act when they are still down here in the lower consciousness levels. You got to get to contentment before you've got the springboard.

(Don't you act it out?)

Now I said you get to contentment because you begin to see certain things. I went through that this morning-to see it. When you see it--you're contented. Number one, I see that I already have everything. I have had food, clothing, shelter, transportation, interesting things to do, interesting people to be around, delightful companion--all my life, is that right? Or at least I have it now. Huh? And when I see that I don't need anything, then I can go here (vital interest). But as long as I think I need something, I'm not to contentment yet. Did you hear me this morning? I said you got to get here to take off, ok?

Now as long as I feel I am short something or other, then I'm not contented, is that right?


So the first step is to get to this level, and then you have a springboard. I already have everything. You do a realization first to be in contentment. I went through that first hour this morning. We're doing it again. Thank you for bringing it up. You get to contentment because you see that you already have food, clothing, shelter, transportation, interesting things to do, you're alive, huh? You're put together pretty well---not falling apart yet?

So when you're contented, then you can think act feel for these higher states of vital interest and enthusiasm. But if you try it when you're in the lower states of consciousness, all you're trying to do is to gain non-disturbance. It's then that you get all these weird feelings you talk about.

We're all at a big party where there is all kinds of interesting games to be played. We can play them or not play them to suit ourselves. I can associate with the other guests that I want to, and I don't have to associate with those I don't want to. To see that is contentment, and that is the jumping-off place.

From contentment, you can either go back down to the lower levels of consciousness because you think of something you don't have or you can use that state of contentment to realize that you now know what you can do.

[see "Levels of Consciousness" on webpage, Tape 7 under the heading "Basic"]

You can think. You can act, and then you can feel any way you want to. There no reason to bother with the lower states.

The think, act, feel starts with contentment; and contentment is a realization on your part. Now let's do the realization--then you won't have any repercussions; and you will be here on the tone scale. If you're using the think act feel exercise from some standpoint down here, you'll hear some not "I" say, "Well, try it from here," but you will wind up with chaos, ok?

Anything that's done down here with the lower states is chaotic. Do you see? Hell is a chaotic place. That's what the word really means-it's chaos, it's unorganized, it goes in all sorts of directions-you can't use anything down there, you can only get yourself out of it-use realization to get to a level of consciousness so you can make a choice as to which way you want to go.

(Say you are performing according to purpose; and everything is fine---BUT you've really laid a burden on us because the rent is due and it isn't there, You haven't got any money to buy lunch with. That's what is.)

I've heard that. But aren't you thankful that you're still capable of eating lunch? And aren't you thankful you are living in a place whether the rent's paid or not. OK. You can get to this. You see this? When we take a trip down here, we say we forget how to get out, ok? You're telling me about all you are experiencing while in the lower states of consciousness. Yes, I know that the rent's due and all these things. That's all a part of the lower consciousness. But there is a way out.

Now would you want to use the way out, or do you want to wait until all this straightens up to your ideal so you'll feel like getting out?

(It's hard to be in contentment when what is says you're necessities aren't there.)

I'm aware of that. I didn't say it was easy. I said it was simple, but I didn't say it was easy. I said that's the ONLY way out. Now the only way out of the pit is back up the stairs you went down to it, ok? You can't dig out the bottom of it because the next level down is called the sub-pit. And it's more miserable than the pit. Ok? A lot of people dig down to the bottom thinking they're going to get out of it.

(A change of overview would lead me to believe that all is fine if you know who you are.)

Well, I don't know who you are because I don't have your geneology; but I know what you are, and I think you forgot for a few minutes, ok? How about remembering what you are [an awareness function.] I don't care who you are. I know you're Mary. Isn't that the only way to know who someone is--is by their geneology? You know who you are all the way back to Adam, is that right?

(Well, not quite.)

I know what you are without all that, ok? You are a priviledged invited guest here on planet earth who took a weekend trip down here one day and forgot the way out. I'm trying to remind you to get out today, and you'll see that all these things take care of themselves by Tuesday morning, ok?

(laughter from the audience)

(Which Tuesday morning?)

You listening?-next Tuesday morning. Today's the 26th-27, 28th, ok the 28th. Are you ready, do you want to come out?


At least try to prove me wrong, would you please?

(All right.)

Don't just sit there and contend with me, try to prove me wrong by coming out and seeing what happens, ok? Come on back up here where you function much much better Miss Mary. You took a trip down here and forgot the way out; and then you're sittin' there like all the rest of the people in here telling me there is no way out. You can't sell me on that. I dun tried it-I know all about it.

[When listening to the teaching tapes, there is so much information that I often miss some of the basic steps. I add this excerpt by itself because it might facilitate remembering. I have been using the idea during preparation of the documnet for the webpage, and I have found it valuable to remember to look at what I already have…….Marsha]