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Excerpts - Experience plus Knowledge plus Valuing equals Wisdom

From Video Vancouver

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Our whole purpose here on earth is to gain experience. Now, experience plus knowledge is the first part of the process, and experience and knowledge will equal wisdom. That's good stuff to have--a little wisdom. [from Marsha another key to experiencing is doing it freely without opinions, conclusions, justifying and condemning. Etc.]

Without experience, we couldn't have any value system whatsoever unless we are just philosophizing on one. So the function of awareness Is first to sense-but that's just part of it. We sense it, then we experience it, and then we value. Everything we've ever run into, we have placed a value on. Most of us have totally forgotten that, but we do, ok? You do place a value on it.

You place a value on certain people. You place a value on being away from certain people, right? You don't want to be around them. And you place a value on various things that you have found interesting or delightful to you. You even find a certain kind of food, you decide it was delightful to you-maybe you find a certain brand of something you like; and you put a value on having that again, that right? You might put a value on never getting it again.

So the awareness function is where we do the experiencing and the valuing which turns up finally with having wisdom because then it can receive directly from X, or the Life Principle, or Spirit, whatever word you want to use; but it can only receive from X when the awareness function can be still. It can only be still when it's no longer trying to be non-disturbed.

When awareness, is still, there is a flow here, there's a flow here, there's a flow here and there's a flow here. [from Marsha….The flow he is referring to must be the arrows we see in the picture of man from awareness to X, X to physical body and physical body to awareness.] And we call that integrated, whole or transformed.

Now the way of being in contact with X, which is the Intelligence, is that you have to have a quiet mind. Now you don't have a quiet mind when you are struggling to be non-disturbed. Also, that includes the idea that if you're not disturbed at the moment, you're afraid you will be. So there's never a quiet mind going on; but it can happen when you're free to experience. That's called peace-that's peaceful. It's considered the greatest attribute of the human being because that's the only way you can be in communication with the source of all being which is Life. Life, X, is so polite that it's not going to come barging in and start saying, "Hey, listen to me."

(What is wisdom?)

Well, I'd say that's one you need to experience, not get a definition of the word; but wisdom is possibly seeing things as they really are, not through old conclusions.

A man called me the other day from over on the east coast with this sad voice saying, "I'm gonna die." I said that's something everybody does-we all have a fatal disorder-we were born. He said the doctor told him he had three months to live. He had been getting along fine until he went there. He got a diagnosis. I said, "Well, I wouldn't quite buy that, I'd go see another one and see what he says."

So two days later he calls me and says he went to another one. Now that one told him he's had six months to live. So I said, "Well, I'd still get a third."

So he went to see another one, and that doctor said he'd live at least a year. So when he called and said he had a year, I said, "Well, you're sure getting' better fast." "You went from 3 months to live, to six months to live, and now here two days later you've got a year to live.

He said, "Well, I feel like I went to Las Vegas and won the jackpot." He's getting better every day. So now he's liable to go for 5 years, I don't know. So that's experiencing.

Now with experiencing, you learn to value. So real learning is learning how to learn-learning from experience which you are experiencing freely-not under duress. You don't learn anything when you experience under duress, or while you're not conscious of what you're doing. But from experiencing, you learn a valuing system. That's a part of it. The awareness sees there is a camera there or there's a lovely baby over here, or there's a man over here taking notes--it is what we are experiencing from those things that determines what value we're coming up with.

X could care less what you value or don't value-that is If you value eating caviar, or if you can't stand caviar--it'll go along with either. If you like country music or classical music-it'll go along with either of those too. And X uses the valuing to express activity with.