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Excerpts - Energy-Generating or Dissipating Energy (Tapes #5-6 & #9-10)

Excerpt from Newport Beach Workshop in Maryland*
(*Audience participation is in parentheses--notations in brackets have been added for clarification )

[I have noticed that when I am vitally interested in doing something--usually music oriented--I get enthusiastic and have a lot of energy to do something. I also notice that some days I feel depleted of energy. I always thought it had to do with how much I had done the previous day or whether I was tired or hungry. Surely that has some influence on how I feel; but being a musician, I am often required to be "up and enthusiastic" when the day's activities aren't conducive to such an "inner state." In these cases, I must look to another source. I have also noticed that when I am around certain people I feel depleted of energy. I never understood what was going on. This excerpt can give you something to observe about "energy" as you go through your day to day living…..Marsha]

[Now we'll join the first part of the workshop #5-6.]

We're going to talk about generating energy. We're talking about human energy, of course, not electrical even though they tell me that human energy is electrical in nature--did you ever hear that?

Anytime we don't have it; we're in a bad shape. Did you ever feel you were totally devoid of energy? How about you? How about you?

So we can generate energy just like we can dissipate it. Now the way we were created was to generate and use it immediately. That's the way we were designed. So if I were to stand up on the chair and decide to jump off, I would generate exactly the amount of energy it would take to hold what I weigh this moment so I would hit the floor and not be injured. [This is a miracle in itself if you never stopped to think of it.]

Ordinarily we do a lot of generating of energy when there is nothing to do. We also dissipate a lot of it when there isn't anything to do. Therefore, we frequently find ourselves in an unbalanced state of energy. We either got a lot of energy that hasn't been used which has to be burned up, or we find we have burned up a lot of energy unnecessarily and we are not generating any and then we find ourselves depleted, is that right?

We find lots of people that dissipate a lot of energy. Now energy is generated in response to a feeling and it is also dissipated to a feeling. There are certain feelings that generate energy.

The feeling of anger will certainly generate a great gob of energy; and consequently a lot of people enjoy being angry because they generate energy and they feel better than they have felt for a while. You could understand how that works. You can get very angry and you generate a lot of energy to fight. Now fear and anxiety generate a lot of energy because that is also the energy you would use to run with. So we could use anxiety or anger to generate energy; but we need some place where we can immediately use that energy in an appropriate way--that's the appropriate thing to do with energy from anger. What would that be?

(Fight! Fight somebody!)

Now do you like to be around people that are very pleasant? And a pleasant person is full of energy, is that right? They generate it because they are thankful. Now when you're very thankful and you are feeling very alive and showing off your pretty wines; people like to come, don't they?

(You bet!)

And when you're down in your dumps.

(They don't come.)

We have talked about this in relation to a business. If you're running a business and you're generating a lot of energy from a very high mood of enthusiasm and thankfulness--plain downright gratitude that you're alive--people flock to your business for some reason--they don't know why. From way off over there, they will come because they are attracted to that feeling. Most of us are unaware of what's attracting us to a place. I have people tell me "Well, I just stumbled into that place." Then they keep going back all the time. Now they didn't just stumble in, maybe they did--but something attracted them, and they kept going toward it in spite of themselves. They had no particular intention, but you follow things where there is energy level of a certain kind.

Now if there was an angry bunch of stuff going on--a bunch of worry, or a bunch of contention, even though you meant to go to the place, you basically would not get there. You would keep finding excuses not to get there. Maybe that's the reason you sometimes get there a half a hour late.

(It could be.)

There is a certain energy in that place--a kind of it--say it's anger energy or contention energy or something, you find a jillion little things on the side to distract you hoping you won't have to go in the first place.

(I went to a place this Saturday, and I decided that I'm not going back.)

Now then, you found out about it. See there's a form of energy there you didn't like, that correct? So it could be anger energy or resentment energy or "what have you." Now could you generate not only energy, but also the kind of energy you want to be around? I prefer to generate a certain kind of energy, not just energy. Now you'll feel good if you've been depleted and you get real angry. You'll feel full of vim; but nobody wants to be around you. So I much prefer to generate an entirely different kind of energy which you would like to be around, huh.

What kind of energies do you think you'd like to be around? Let's assume for a minute that everything that attracts you or repels you is a kind of energy. Would you go along with that?


Now if somebody attracts you it is because they are of a certain kind of energy and you like to be around it. If somebody repels you or leaves you blah, neutral, it is a kind of energy that you either don't want to be around or really doesn't give you a lot of interest. What kind would you be most attracted by?

(I like it when you're serene.)

That's a pretty good one. That, of course, is vital interest. The person is vitally interested, they're serene, peaceful and it's kind of nice to be around them.

Now "enthusiasm" is not quite as serene and peaceful, but it's more alive, it's more vibrant. So that's like the music's turned up just a pitch on the volume. What kind attracts you Margaret?

(More of the same)

Like she said. Now what repels you most?


A downer.

What would repel you the most?

(Frantic energy.)


(No well.....)

Confusion? You don't want to be there around confusion. Now confusion does create a lot of static. It'd be all different kinds of stuff going in different currents. It's not pleasant to be around. Have you ever been around a business where there's lots of confusion? Have you ever been in a household where the confusion is going on emphatically?

Have you been in a household where there has been serenity and have you ever felt love going on? You like to go there again? I thought so.

Can you by your own efforts, and your own intentions, generate the kind of energy you want for all the rest of us to be attracted to or repelled by.

What kind of energy do you generate on Sunday?

(We're enthusiastic on Sunday.)

Do a lot of people come?

(You bet.)

They are all having a very good time and want to come back and they talk about what a wonderful place and a wonderful feeling there is here.

(That's right.)

The next day what kind do you generate?

(I'm dead.)

There's nothing of interest, but if you had the same thing goin' you could still have a lot of business. So people are attracted and repelled by forms of energy. We're told that all energy has a certain vibratory rate. I think the energy Chris told of was like scratching fingernails on the blackboard, you don't want to be around that because there's all kinds of cross currents and discords and everything seems to be striking together. If it is smooth and rhythmic you feel real nice there, ok.

Can you by taking charge of your own action--thereby producing a certain type of feeling--produce an energy you would prefer to present to the world. Can you take charge of your energy and generate the type that attracts people. Now just generating energy is not quite all there is too it, anybody can do that. But there is a lot of energy that you sure wouldn't want to be around.

[A sample of generating energy]

A friend was with me down in New Mexico we were driving and looking for a motel. But in a certain area down there, there was none. He got very tired and he is a man that has to have a minimum of 8 hours sleep every night. He said he just couldn't go any further.

I said (to myself) "Well, I don't want to sit out here in this swamp, so we're gonna go." I began to generate tremendous amounts of enthusiastic energy. Well, very quickly he felt like driving all night. He did drive all night and when I got him to a motel early the next morning and got him a room, he came aknockin' on my door in a couple of hours. He was all fired up wanting to write a book about generating energy.

I said "Well phooey, I just use it, I'm not going to write a book about it." But when I generated a certain kind of energy all his fatigue went. All his need for sleep went--right then and there!

(I believe it.)

But you can do that. Now what kind do you want to generate? Remember that each of us is a point of generation, or dissipation. I'm not going to try to tell you. Like the young man yesterday said he liked to be angry--I'm sure he does. It generates him a little of energy.

This is what you [actually] present to the world is you're energy vibratory rate--now that chart of the different states of being that we drew yesterday [refer to "States of Consciousness under "Definitions" on the web page]starting with the lowest state of "coma" and going on to "exhilaration" is only different rates of vibratory energy. Believe it or not resentment is a higher vibratory rate than fear, and anger is a higher vibratory rate than resentment. And boredom, believe it or not is a higher vibratory rate than anger--and on up to exhilaration. There are higher rates of energy generation, but we're not going to talk about them. We might give them if we see that people use the ones we've given.

You are in the business of generating energy waves. Now do the ones you generate attract to you or have things repelled by it. You can do either one--just as simple as that.

You're running a business up on the hill as well as living there in this glorious layout huh? You might as well attract people that come in to buy your wares.

(I'm doing that.)

I know you are, but you could attract them seven days a week.

(We just decided to stop working, two hours ago.)

Well, you don't have to work, you could play. You don't mind playing all the time, do you? You can see work as play.

What kind of energy waves to you want to be around?

(I want them to be smooth.)

Do you want the energy to be serene and inviting? Is there anything in this world that prevents you from doing that?

(Only myself and the not i's)

Well, you're not going to prevent yourself. You told me that's what you wanted to do. And listen dear, we're all doing what we want to do. Now if somebody here said "I want to be sailing" and you're in here, you're kidding yourself; because you wanted to be here, or you wouldn't be here. Now there's no use of my saying, "I'd rather be some other place today." because I'm doing what I want to do and so are you, and so are you, and you and you. Now let's don't kid ourselves. If you really want to do something, you won't stand in your own way. Don't say, "Well, I stand in my own way." If I wanted to get outta here, I won't stand in my own way and step on my own foot and say I can't get this foot out of here. I get up and go do it! Doesn't everybody do what they're really wanting to do?


You're being all agitated because you to feel if your agitated you're really busy doing your thing and earning your way and maybe you'll be capable of having the place. You want to feel that you earned it, that you are justified in having it, you don't want to feel that it just fell on you. So you go through all that. We're all doing what we want to do.

What kind of energy do you want to put out? You don't have to wait until the old man does it or the kid does it or somebody else does it. You can decide and set your own energy; and people are dramatically drawn to it. Even the folks that bury people are drawn by these kinds of energy and not those. Don't expect Charlie to do it--Charlie's liable to have something else on his mind. Can YOU generate that kind of energy? You can do it here; you don't have to wait until you get back home. You can be all depleted and "fuzzed" out [but when you make up you mind to generate an attraction energy] all of a sudden, you're feeling fine.

Energy, they tell us, doesn't quit. It's like a light wave, once it starts, it doesn't stop--it just keeps goin', ok?

(I've got a question. You told us we could do something and I don't know how to do it. I was visualizing having driven all night long and all of a sudden I decided I didn't want to stay in that swamp, I wanted to have somebody else drive on most the night; and so I'm supposed to get enthusiastic and generate a lot of energy?)

I didn't say you were supposed to.

(Well, to do what I want to.)

Oh, ok, you need a little assistance on how I get the energy? Ok. I'm gonna write a "how to" book and I'm gonna put a hole in the corner of it with a string around it, maybe a little chain and we're gonna say the book that should have been around your neck when you were born. We're gonna put [that little book you previously needed] on at a later date. You get one with your car and one with your kitchen aid, and you get one with your dishwasher, but not when you're born.

(Owner's manual.)

Now you got this [book]--surely you can use it.

First off, I don't like to drive in the middle of the night, especially in Mexico; I don't do it anywhere if I can get out of it; so I let the other guy drive. He was the exhausted one. I'm not too exhausted anyway because I don't need a lot of sleep. I get along with a minimum of it for a good many days.

So I begin to tell interesting little antidotes while raising the pitch of the voice with enthusiasm until I had the energy in the car so high that he was practically picking it up by the steering wheel.

(So you got enthusiastic about something.)

Oh, I can be enthusiastic about nothing. I told him all my little stories. I gave him descriptions of how things worked--much like I'm talking to you. I just did it very enthusiastically. I tell a story with a bit of enthusiasm. So that's how it works. When you do that everybody around you has tremendous energy, including me--I was just wide-awake. When I got to the motel, I was ready to turn the "switch" and lay down. He was so wound up, he's still wound up.

The point is you can do it any time--it's done with what?--you really feel wonderful about something. You like to tell people. You like to let somebody in on it. You like to tell somebody how wonderful they are. You want to have somebody really get interested in what you're talking about. You don't sit there and drone, "I could really get to like you." "If you stayed at it a few years, you could really rub off on me." I don't think that would really get enthusiasm going.

(Let's talk about being serene)

Well, being serene is being vitally interested in whatever is around you. You are acting it out. That is serenity. So it's just a form of energy. Let's say that there's little waves like this, and there are smoother waves like this. We'll say that there are some waves that go like this, and that there are some that goes way up there. So you can have any kind. The point is, which ones do you want to dish out. What kind do you want to put out for the world?--Static ones?

(Smooth ones.)

Ok, there's nothing in the world keeps you from doing that. Doesn't matter what. You and Gaye could change that? Gaye was the guy she used to work for. He used to generate waves she didn't like. Right Beth. Instead of fighting about somebody else's energy waves, you just get one notch higher and generate the kind you would like for them to put out, and that will do it.

Who's responsible for the household's level--you or others?

(I'm responsible for mine.)

You can take yours two notches higher than anybody else's in the house, and everybody will follow, ok?

(I didn't believe what happened.)

You thought if they would shut up then the energy level could go up.

So let's say somebody is generating anger here. The next one above that [on the "States of Consciousness] is boredom; the next one is contentment. Even if you only generated contentment, they will shut up in a very short order--it quits, --it really does. Don't take my word for it, go try it out.

(Can you generate enthusiasm without saying anything? Let's say you're in a restaurant situation.)

Yes, without opening your mouth--that's true, I can do that. It even travels at a distance, and you don't hear a word. Yes, having run restaurants, sometimes they're very noisy. There's certain people come in--especially if they've been waiting in the "holding pen" in which they've imbibed a certain amount of alcohol--they're very noisy. I don't like noisy restaurants. I like a pretty smooth hum.

I've walked out in the middle of the place, leaned against the post and generated a serene state.

In about 15 minutes, the pretty hum is back. All you gotta do is generate "serenity" there over the level of the booze talking. That's all it takes. And you can do it without saying a word to a single person--but you really got to be feeling it! So I can act enthusiastic without ever opening my mouth.

Now in my case, the mouth usually get involved in it because I'm "as Margaret says" a storyteller, I'm liable to start saying something right quick. In many cases, I just go stand against a post and generate serenity to calm it down, because the noise level is getting "out of hand" when it gets a lot of static. If I don't, the next thing they do is start complaining--and when they start complaining, they cause other to people to start complaining. So we go out and generate a wonderful bit of enthusiasm and the "noise level" all comes down to the nice pleasant hum that you like to hear in a restaurant where everybody's very happy with what's going on--all the customers are happy. That is a very decided asset. You don't have to say a word; you act the body to the feeling you've decided to generate. In other words you can wear a smile, you can stand up straight, like you were feeling so vibrantly good that you could barely keep your feet on the ground--you could levitate. That's the way it works, and it will happen it very quickly.

(And you generate that with a feeling of thankfulness or gratefulness.)

Enthusiasm is one you could generate. I'd start with at least being very thankful, yes--and I could go a little bit higher. You can go up to where you are feeling decidedly enthusiastic about something. But definitely start with the level of being thankful, ok. And you got to "act it out," not just talk about it. The body is involved in these things--not just your head now, cause I've never seen a mind running around by itself and I've never seen a body running around without some sort of a vital system in it. I've never seen the vital thing running around without a body. So don't think you're a mind and a body, you're a human being and that includes both of them and both got to work or you're not generating. In other words, if you had the greatest dynamo in the world and you had a great waterfall to run it with; but you didn't have the water pouring on the paddlewheel, you wouldn't generate any electricity.

So all of us got to be involved in it. In other words, I think this is what is meant by commitment. It's easy to think about something, but unless you act upon it, it is totally worthless--it has no value, no push, no punch, no nothing else. If you act without being aware of what you were doing, it wouldn't have any punch either, ok.

But you are a unit and all of you has got to be involved in it. Now it's very easy to sit around and say, "I'm thinking positive." I'm thinking so positive, it's bound to happen--and it's not gonna happen, I'll assure you. You've got to act upon it, and that is only when you have committed yourself in doing something that you are totally involved with, right? Now you can't leave the body in Potomac, Maryland and take the mind down to New Smyrna and build a house, is that right? The whole thing has gotta go. The whole thing's involved in anything.

So suppose you sat around somewhere and thought how much you loved somebody; but you never did act on it--I'm thinking all these beautiful thoughts in here. Do you think you'd be impressed with that?

(I want the body to go along.)

You want the body to go along--you'd better believe it. Let's get these things straight so that we're totally involved--that's being committed.

Now are you committed to being top of the world, Miss Marilyn? If you do you take the mind and the body together on that commitment--then you'll have it. If you're only going to think about it and forget the body with such thoughts as, "I'm so tired this morning, then the flies are all over the ointment. The only point I'm making that is when you're going to do something, all of you goes--not just positive thinking, or acting--but you're totally committed to do something then everybody better get out of your way.

Tape #9 & #10

(Can we go somehow Bob from this [negative] kind of energy to energy that is creative and.....)

That is very true and we have talked about that through the week that you are enthusiastic or exhilarated or vitally interested, you generate tremendous energy which not only is effective for you, it affects everybody around you--everybody that comes near. People are attracted to this--the other kind you repel by. If you're angry, you generate a lot of energy; but everyone wants to stay away from it.

(But you indicated that there's a lot more energy from the other.)

Oh, there's a lot more and it is creative and it affects people and attracts people from a distance. You have some reason you want to go there; and you might wind up meeting somebody in a certain place that was very delightful--and you say, "Well, I just happened in there." You didn't happen in there; you were drawn there. You were following something.

(........For the wine?)

They didn't even know there was a winery at Hecker Pass, but they just wandered in there for looking around--thought they were looking at the house or something.

(They didn't know why?)

They were attracted by a level of energy. You can either repel or attract--I prefer to do the attraction bit--why not have the pleasant delightful energy. You generate a lot of it; it energizes everybody around where this other "stuff" upsets everybody. It still is an energy, but energy's, energy and it's what you do with it--what any individual does with it is to its nature.

It's like electricity, you can use it to cool a house or kill you. Energy in itself is neither good, bad or indifferent; but it will respond to whatever feeling you give it, X will generate that kind of energy. X is the generator, and if you're asking to generate hate energy, it will sure do it; but it will run people off.

(It starts off with a feeling of "enthusiasm" and what you're saying, can be directed.)

Oh it will be directed in all directions. I would say yes you can direct it or you can leave it just to radiate; and it certainly does attract people and attracts other interesting things that go along with it and so forth. Where if you were full of bitterness, we would say, you wouldn't attract anything, any person or anything--they'd feel repelled, and all these strange phenomena (like poltergeist) would occur--not always by any means. It will be like breathing poison. You would feel very depressed, and feel drained of energy. You can go through certain areas in a city and come up with that kind of a feeling, and there is nothing going on. A lot of people say, "What did I do?" You didn't do anything; you just went by somewhere. Now there's certain people you can go around that you will find that all your energy is just gone. Then you don't have enough energy for anything.

Well, I have done that and I do it freely because I know somebody is really needing some. I can go off somewhere's and generate me some more right quick. I know how to generate. So I'm happy for them to have it. It will make them feel a little better for a little while anyway.

So when you work with troubled people a lot, you better know how to generate your own energy. If you don't, your tank's going to be empty most of the time, because they do grab it.

(Can you share with them how to generate more energy.)?

We talked about that all day yesterday so I'll give you the tape.

The type of action determines the type of energy. Only X does the energizing. It builds it, but it always does the appropriate thing for the information it receives. So if you're very energetic and enthusiastic and so forth, you're going to generate some energy. If you're angry, you're going to generate some energy, but it will be a different variety, it will be bitter energy, and it will adversely affect people. If you're real pathetic or you're depressed, you're short of energy and you will sap it out of other people.

(Do you use physical means to augment energy like eating or not eating or sleeping)?

Nahhh. I sleep because I get tired if I don't. And I eat because I like to eat, I think. I hardly ever get hungry. But I like to eat a little bit now and then. No, that's not the energy. It's only what X can use to make energy, but I can't. X does the energy and I can do it without any food.

(I have had people come up to me and say that they could feel the energy.)

Oh yes, they feel a lot better.

(So X is the source of........)

X is energy, I'm pretty sure.

(And it is part of us)

We are an aspect of, yes.

(X is the source)

X is the source, yes. X is the energy, but it will dish the energy out according to the information it receives. Now if you sit all day long and you were "self pitying," or you were thinking"what's the use" a little apathetic, then X doesn't generate any energy and pretty soon you're depleted of energy.

If somebody comes by that is very energetic, they go "whoooooot"--like that. The person that was all depleted feels better for that energetic person coming by. If the one that felt pretty good walks by the "depleted" person, he will feel kind of whipped out. If you've been around a "depleted" person, you can go away and generate some more--so what's the difference. I don't mind.

(Some people have purpose and will together and decide to take action and generate energy. Some people just never make that decision; they just go along......)

They go along with whatever life has to offer and sometimes they're generating and sometimes they're depleted; and so they're like a ship out there on the sea, a sailboat with it's mast broken off, and nobody on board--there's just a hull out there. Sometimes it will go east, sometimes it will go west, sometimes it will go north, and sometimes it just sits there. What makes the difference? I wish I knew I only talk to those who are interested. I wouldn't waste time on the others. The answer about whom is in the "I don't know" department. I know that some people are interested, and some people aren't.

(Where does the impetus come from?)

The impetus to take charge!