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Excerpts - "Cinderella"

as told by Dr. Bob Gibson 

Corona Del Mar, 1973 – Tape 7b 

The ending of Tape 7b was damaged. No audio exists for this last portion. 

Do Cinderella? Well, I like Cinderella, then we’ll call it a day. I just love Cinderella. So Cinderella was a lovely little girl. She was the heiress of apparently departed parents. You can’t find them anywhere – they’re not mentioned except that she is important. And she does have a stepmother, so her mother died before her father did.

And so little Cinderella is the heiress of this great castle – this one here. But in the course of events, there’s a stepmother and two ugly old stepsisters – whatever ugly may mean. Now that, of course, is the Four Dual Basic Urges is the stepmother because it’s a false purpose of living and the two stepsisters are the “A” and “B”.

And so little Cinderella was shoved out in the back alley – poor little thing – scrubbing the ashes and scrubbing the pots and pans; they didn’t even let her in the kitchen. She was clear on back beyond the dishwashing department out in the room where the steam cleaner is.

And so there is a great party; and of course the sisters and the stepmother get to go to the party, but nobody says anything about Cinderella. So she’s sittin’ back there moanin’ and cryin’ like a not-I always does when it is victimized by suggestion and hasn’t taken on its own.

So while she’s going through her turmoil, a lovely little fairy which represents the Teaching came and said that she could go to the ball, the great party. But she said she had no clothes so a tap and her rags became a beautiful gown and there was a pumpkin sittin’ there and it made a beautiful coach. And some mice came running by and they were made into white horses and something else ran by...

(A rat.)

A rat and they made him into a livery man to drive it there. So you really have everything if you change your attitude and begin to see you are in heaven instead of in the trash barrel – in the ash heap out in the back.

So she went to the party. She had only one limitation – that limitation was that she was to be home by midnight which means don’t go around yakkin’ off what all you’ve learned to anybody else. Keep it to yourself because otherwise you drain all the energy out of it and all you have is the shell and you have none of the inner.

But she slipped a little bit. She had to brag a little bit I guess to the lovely prince that she met which represents X – that’s what she is to union with – so she starts telling how smart she was; and of course the bell went off at midnight and she had to run and she lost her little glass slipper which means clear understanding.

So at least they went to look for whoever it was that owned the glass slipper. Well, they tried everywhere and of course, the old stepsisters tried it on – “A” and “B” tries it on – they don’t have any clear understanding. Everything they put out is illusion anyway.

And obviously the old stepmother couldn’t get it on because she has a bigger illusion, but when they finally hustle out this kid out of the ash barrel, sure enough she could put it on. She had clear understanding. And of course she married the prince, which is union of X and Awareness – a conscious union, but now it’s a conscious union and then of course they lived happily ever after. Isn’t that pretty? But that’s the way the story goes. So you will find those stories everywhere if you care to read parables, teaching stories, fairy tales, etc.

Castle: The living being
Stepmother: False purpose of living, also known as the Four Dual Basic Urges
Stepsisters: “A” side and “B” side of conditioning that creates illusion
Cinderella: The Awareness Function
Ash heap out back: When the human being is asleep, feels like a victim
Great party: What’s going on right now.
Fairy: The Teachings
Magic wand: A change of perception; a change of attitude
Be home by midnight: Don’t talk about what we’ve learned in the Teachings to others; it drains the energy out of it, leaving an empty shell.
Prince: X
Glass slipper: Clear understanding
Marriage of Cinderella and Prince: Conscious Union of X and Awareness

May I suggest you make you a Picture of Man and then use it for a bookmark when you read the stories? And I think you’ll find they’re self-explanatory as long as you have the Picture of Man there to read with so you can see where the characters all fit in.

It really is that you can see that what makes up any individual is: a dirty old witch, some evil little rogues, and a victimized prince or princess or a sleeping beauty. And there comes a fairy, which is the Teaching, and wakes them all up, or gets them out of their spell, or changes the frog into a beautiful prince or whatever the case may be. Or it raises the dead to the life again. Or takes a lonely fisherman and makes him a great being – a healer and everything that could be – a man of power.

Whatever you want to take out, it’s the same story – in what prevented destruction when an evil princess or an evil witch or some other spell had been cast on the whole community – whatever it is, of course that’s conditioning or false beliefs. And the greatest false belief of all time is that circumstances determines my inner states and that will put you sound asleep, paralyze you, and make a frog out of a prince and whatever you want to make it out of. That’ll do it very definitely.

And all these stories say one big misconception – the witches ___________ is when a person believes that circumstances determines my inner state, that I am victimized.

Now we may suggest that for the next wee bit of time – maybe for the next couple of thousand years – you practice taking charge of your inner state at all times. Start with it early in the morning as soon as you get out of bed and take charge of it through the day; and whenever you spill something on it – you know, suddenly something happens – wipe it off, clean it up, and go on again.