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Definitions - Initiative-Resistance-Form-Result - The Four Forces

The Teachings Tapes # 11*
(*Audience participation is in parentheses--notations in brackets have been added for clarification )

[Anytime we start to do something, the four forces become involved in it and it is interesting to observe what is going on in that.]

INITIATIVE: Something I do; something one wants to originate, and then there is always

RESISTANCE against that; whether it be gravity, distance or weather, whether it be someone or whether it is a given event. So second force comes along to obstruct in someway or resist what the origination was. But without this second force there would be no strength or power. It is the same as if you tried to mold a ceramic dish without a mold of resistance to pour the liquid ceramic in so it could harden into the shape one wanted.

Then one would have a

FORM, so with initiative and resistance comes about the form and then the form provides a use, so we have four forces:

INITIATIVE, RESISTANCE (which may be either active or passive) then the FORM and then the


Now most of us see all second forces as something frustrating, something that interfered with the "ideal" of things being like I wanted them to be, like they "should be," and of course sees second force as misfortune, as evil, as something bad; and of course, the person resists that second force and thinks it "ought to be" without it, and this is one of the things that brings about the idea of what "ought to be," the "ideal."