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Definitions - The Four Dual Basic Urges - The Primal Purpose

This Being always does that which will bring about "it’s" concept of what is good. The primal (baby’s) decision that the purpose of living is to be non-disturbed, is experienced first on the physical level, then after a few months, also on the psychological level. Later, it is experienced on the emotional level, and still later on the transcendental level.

Level Gain Escape
Physical Comfort and Pleasure Pain and Discomfort
Mental Attention Being Ignored or Rejected
Emotional Approval Disapproval
Transcendental Being needed; Feeling Important; Appearance of being important Inferiority: Insignificance

The 4 dbu’s are not right or wrong, good or bad—they simply are. I can observe (without criticizing or judging) just how these urges work in everyone, including self.

By Rhondel